Kaidi Tatham – In Search Of Hope

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Here is the new year, and it is Kaidi Tatham who deserves the first article of 2009!

It was shortly after Christmas, when the long expected copy of In Search Of Hope finally arrived. While writing this, I noticed how lucky I was, as both LP and CD are currently sold out at Juno Records (Rush Hour still has copies!).

What could one expect from Freedom School, the young Japanese label that brought us two masterpieces from Mark de Clive-Lowe and IG Culture so far. Ever since I read the first impressions from Dego or Daz-I-Kue, I was hungry to find out, impatiently waiting for the moment when the needle would first drop on the vinyl.

The biggest surprise was how unpredictable this album is, being different from everything I have heard from Kaidi so far. Even though one could get a first impression when some tunes showed up on podcasts and radio, this shows a whole new side of the man they call Hands.01. In Search Of Hope pt. 1
02. Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid)
03. Do What You Gotta Do
04. Could I Ever Know
05. He Laughs She Cries
06. So Amazed
07. I’m High
08. Simiya
09. On A Vibe
10. These Things Will Pass
11. In Search Of Hope pt. 2

Apart from the tracks I’m High and Do What You Gotta Do (a favourite!), In Search Of Hope is an instrumental album. Kaidi on the Rhodes, Kaidi on the flute, the drums and all the other keys I couldn’t name. There are strings too! You read somewhere that Kaidi calls this “computer music”? Production-wise that’s true, but the sound is 100% organic. This sound stretches over the entire record, consisting of mellow, yet playful grooves. Listen again and you will discover other details each time.

At the end of the day it’s still computer music. We’re trying to make it as live as possible but it’s still computer music. I just can’t wait until all this stuff goes live, man. I can jump up on the flute; two or three keyboard players; two percussionists; badboy drummer. I want people who can play more than one instrument so we can alternate around.
(excerpt from an interview) After my first listen, I instantly saw him sitting on stage, wearing that smile on his face, like a child playing his latest tricks. Kaidi knows all the tricks! This album not only deserves to be brought on stage, it also taught me why instruments get played, not operated.

Apr 08, 2009 yesasia.com has the album on stock for only €20 or $27!

Jazz re:freshed presents Kaidi Tatham



For the final Jazz re:freshed session of the year, it’s no other but Kaidi Tatham returning to London’s Mau Mau Bar to present his new album In Search Of Hope.

This Thursday we will be having a party to celebrate… so expect lots of incredible music played by our resident Jazz re:freshed Dj’s and some very special guests…. PLUS Kaidi will be there with his keys and goodness knows whatever else!

Also, you will have the opportunity to buy copies of the new album on CD and LP, rather than paying for the expensive import from Japan, where the album is now available.

Interview with Kaidi Tatham

It’s almost every week now, that Freedom School drops some news about the upcoming Kaidi Tatham album In Search Of Hope, which will finally be available in about two weeks. This week we get an interview with the man, conducted by Zaid Mudhaffer from Spine Magazine.

via Brownswood

On the Kaidi Artwork

Photographer Adrian Wood is the man responsible for the cover-artwork for In Search Of Hope, the upcoming album from Kaidi Tatham. On the Freedom School website he speaks about the shooting, where he first met Kaidi.

Kaidi Tatham, photo by Adrian Wood

We had to wait a while to get in the recording studio, but when Kaidi and Akwasi finally arrived it was all good. As soon as we stepped through the door, Kaidi dropped his bag and jumped straight on the drum kit and started banging out drum patterns for about 20 minutes straight! They were good rhythms too!

Then my assistant and I set up the lights and Kaidi jumped on the Rhodes and started vibing, almost forgetting about the camera, it was totally natural and organic. As we all started to get into the rhythm of the shoot he started telling us stories about Japan and why we should go. He was making us laugh, we stopped shooting at one point we were laughing so much! Said that the people there really submerge themselves into the music and also said I could pick up great rare vinyl and even rarer trainers, a perfect combination! (Freedom school, where’s my ticket!)

In between shooting, Kaidi would disappear and watch jazz videos on youtube and listen to music, I could hear him engaged in deep musical conversations with Akwasi about music, stuff that was way over my head.

He’s definitely got lots of energy that the music seems to absorb in a positive way. I’m a fan of his and the whole bugz crew, so it was a pleasure to shoot him. I hope the pictures do the amazing music justice.

Kaidi Tatham.
He’s a music man.

Adrian Wood

More pictures from the shooting can be found here, unfortunately only in thumbnails size.

Voices on the Kaidi album

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

As the release date nears, more details to In Search of Hope emerge. First there’s finally the cover artwork to see, a beautiful photograph of Kaidi on the keys. Then there are voices from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Daz-I-Kue and Dego.

Japanese label Freedom School also confirmed the availability on both LP and CD, both coming on December 13. It is yet unknown whether the vinyl will feature bonus tracks, like the IG Culture album did before. Pre-orders can already be placed through HMV Japan and Tower Records.

The best album for 2008, 2009 and beyond. A classic has been made from the fastest fingers in the west.

Kaidi is like George Duke crossed with alien breakbeat masters zapped down from the far reaches of outer space. Masterfully and magically created.
(Mark de Clive-Lowe)

The dynamic moods the tension the soul the groove and pace all are felt on an lp that the world of jazz,funk and soul needs.what is great for us listeners is KAIDI has only just begun!

And there’s even more good news! This weekend I got a confirmation, that a Blakai album is already in the pipeline and will be released once label issues have been resolved.

More on the Kaidi album

Either we got fooled by the joker, or HMV is simply wrong about their announcement of the new Kaidi Tatham album. As previously reported the longplayer In Search Of Hope is supposed to be released at the end of the year on Freedom School (they confirmed). However, HMV Japan has announced the new album under the name of Future Black Fusion. Though Kaidi surely has enough good material to fill up another album, think it’s likely to be a mis-information.