Maddslinky – Further Away (Ishfaq Remix)

I’m not always into Zed Bias and it’s usually his Maddslinky output I like best. His 2011 single Further Away featuring the wonderful Tawiah already came with a bunch of remixes, but that didn’t keep Ishfaq from giving the track his own touch.

You can download the remix for free, just make sure to leave some feedback on his SoundCloud. And as Ishfaq pointed out, make sure to check out the Kahn Remix as well.

Bugz in the Attic – Booty La La (Ishfaq remix)

Ishfaq‘s remix of the Bugz in the Attic hit single “Booty La La” has been around for ages, but I’m taking its recent upload to SoundCloud as an opportunity to give it a rewind.

This hip-hop paced remix followed shortly after the release of Bugz’ original version and preceded the probably more popular Ishfaq remix of their second single Move Aside.

Don’t let me leave it unmentioned at this point that the second remix compilation from Bugz in the Attic, Got the Bug 2, will be released next week!

The Roots – Criminal (Ishfaq Remix)

You might have heard of Red Bull Music Academy participant Ishfaq for his remixes of D’Angelo or Bugz in the Attic. For the latter he produced a great remix of Move Aside, a personal favourite of mine in the Bugz remix contest. Following a release on Scribble Records and the production on Stee Downes album (Sonar Kollektiv!), Ishfaq is back with a remix for the ongoing The Roots remix contest hosted by Indaba Music.

With only five days remaining, I hope I can win you to vote on his Criminal remix. Only the top 25 tracks will make it to the next round, in which the jury around  ?uestlove will have to pick the winner.