Soul Power

Zaire 1974. Former world champion Muhammad Ali challenges George Foreman to regain “his” title in a fight known as the Rumble in the Jungle. More than this, Hugh Masekela and Stewart Levine convinced boxing promoter Don King to combine this event with a music festival with soul greats James Brown, Bill Withers, The Spinners, the Fania All-Stars and many more.

Soul Power is more than a movie about boxing or music; it captures the journey of some of the most popular Afro-Americans to their motherland, Africa, where two different cultures of the same origin meet, and are able to forget about their problems (racism on one side, dictatorship on the other) during a historical event.

Bloodfire – Funky President (Yes We Can!)

Well, you might’ve heard that America has elected its new president last week. You might aswell heard that fellow Daz-I-Kue has moved to Atlanta earlier this year. Having produced reworks under his Bloodfire moniker before, Daz celebrates the election of the countries first Afro-American president by mashing up James Brown‘s Funky President with the now famous Yes We Can! chants. Seven minutes of funk, horns and beats.

via Incubator