Sounds of the Season: Spring 2016

Sounds of the Season is the new series highlighting some of my favourite records of the current season – albums only, no single tracks! And while this year progressed rather fast before I really enjoyed a record, the Spotify playlist starts at eight LPs and will be updated throughout this season.

You can press play, but make sure to scroll down for some details about each record!

Clark – The Last Panthers (Warp)

The first record to conquer my heart this year, the soundtrack to British television series The Last Panthers.

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Dalhous – The Composite Moods Collection Vol.1: House Number 44 (Blackest Ever Black)
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Max D – Boost (Future Times)

Strong new solo LP from one half of Beautiful Swimmers and Future Times founder Max D aka Maxmillion Dunbar.

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Leon Vynehall – Rojus (Designed to Dance) (Running Back)

Not what I hoped to get after the mighty Midnight on Rainbow Road, yet a strong dance record. Designed to dance, he says.

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Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Borderland: Transport (Tresor)

If you ever liked these two cats, you can’t go wrong with this album. Very consistent quality and an overall nice build up.

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Mark Pritchard – Under the Sun (Warp)

Never underestimate this man, such a great record.

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Carlos Niño & Friends – Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! (Leaving Records)

Leaving Records in 2016 – WOW! One of many great releases this year from Carlos Niño with friends Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Kamasi Washington, Madlib, Dexter Story, and Iasos.

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Jameszoo – Fool (Brainfeeder)

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and give another round of applause to this young man, Jameszoo. Well deserved, man!

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Jameszoo – Flake

About a month ago, Dutch producer Jameszoo spilled the beans that he signed with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, with his debut album to follow in May. Today, it was revealed that album will go by the name of “Fool” and a first teaser was shared. You can hear it above. If it sounds familiar, you’re one of the observant kind, since the track made an uncredited appearance in the fantastic Dekmantel Podcast, which is already four months old.

I can’t say how excited I am for the record or how happy I am for James, erm, Mitchel. Also, in my humble opinion, Brainfeeders yet strongest signing from the old continent. Looking forward to listen to the full album when it drops on May 16th. Have to say I’m slightly worried about the missing vinyl option on the NinjaShop, but you might not be. Go, pre-order!

Cid Rim – Charge (Jameszoo Remix)

Vienna’s Cid Rim has a new record out on Monday, this time released through his hometown’s Affine Records. Among the three tracks you will hear Cid’s trademark synth-lines and complex drum layers and a bugged out remix from Amsterdam’s Jameszoo, which is easily my favorite on the record. You can pre-order your copy today on Bandcamp or pay a visit to your favorite record store next week.

Awanto 3 – Opel Mantra pt. 1

Steven de Peven has always been the somewhat quiet partner in Rednose Distrikt, maybe simply overshadowed by the solo work of his colleagues Aardvarck and Kid Sublime. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, that he started putting his own name on the musical map, most notably through collaborations with fellow Dutchmen Tom Trago and San Proper. That is about to change with his first solo album under his Awanto 3 alias, forthcoming on the renowned Rush Hour label.

The vinyl version of “Opel Mantra” will be split over three discs, the first part seeing the light of day on next Monday, February 24th, and featuring a remix from Jameszoo. Pre-order from the label’s own store or Clone.

Red Light Beat Battles: Jameszoo vs Paul White

Amsterdam’s Rush Hour is one of the best record stores I’ve never been to (but ordered from countless times), and an excellent label. Unfortunately, their website isn’t anywhere near as good as their various doings and one of its more overlooked sections, because it’s easy to overlook, is their mixtape page. Here is a mix I came across the other day, and despite being two years old already, it’s worth checking out. It’s titled a beat battle between two of our favourites producers, Jameszoo and Paul White, runs for over two hours and features their own productions and records close to their heart. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

Jameszoo – Kreem Kund

As mentioned before, there’s a new EP from Dutch producer Jameszoo under way, in fact it will be in stores after the weekend. With a release date this close, James shared another teaser on his SoundCloud page, you can (and should) listen to it above. A comparison to Dimlite seems inevitable, and I don’t say this lightly or to downplay Jameszoo’s work, in contrary: here’s a genius at work. Can’t wait to pick this up, loving the artwork as well!

Jameszoo – The Clumtwins

Dutch producer Jameszoo returns to Amsterdam-based Rwina Records with a new EP, already his second on the label following last year’s Faaveelaa. Titled Jheronimus, it will see the light of day on July 1st, 2013. Above you get a first listen in the video directed by fellow Dutchman Niels de Haar.

Pixelord – Lucid Freaks pt. 2 – The Remixes

Think the first part of Lucid Freaks runs a bit short? Don’t worry, because Error Broadcast has just unlocked the bonus-levels featuring 11 stunning new reinterpretations.

The first part of the record stays faithful to the blips and bleeps of the originals, while on the second half the bass and the beats are predominant. With DZA, Demokracy, OL and Miracle Libido, a lot of Russian producers made their way on the record. Also featured are Dutch Jameszoo and Coco Bryce, Americans AshTreJinkins and Chocolate Girl, and Austria’s Abby Lee Tee.

Lucid Freaks part 2 is now available as digital release from Bandcamp or Bleep. If you want to make up your mind first, you can get the MP3s for free from Error Broadcast.