Weekend Mixtapes #53

Houndstooth released Arpo, the new Call Super album only a couple of weeks ago, a great occasion to return to the Hessle Audio show for another guestmix. But that’s no all, the young producer also did an interview with Truancy and recorded a mix for them.

Another favourite album of the last couple of month has been Jonti‘s long awaited third album Tokorats. Make sure to check out his new mix for Solid Steel as well!

One of my favourite feature on Rinse FM has been their label show-cases which have been going on for a while. Last week the radio station hosted a takeover by Amsterdam-based label (and record-store) Rush Hour with mixes by Aardvarck, Interstellar Funk, Awanto 3, and many more.

Jonti – Daytrotter Session

Jonti - Daytrotter Session

South Africa’s Jonti played a five track session for Daytrotter, the same website that previously brought us live sets from Mount Kimbie and Com Truise (and a bunch of indie rock bands.) His session includes two tracks from his excellent debut Twirligig (Stones Throw, 2011), the more recent Christmas Worm and two previously unheard tunes, possibly from a new album.

To listen to his Daytrotter Session, you need to register with your email on your website. Registering comes with a free trial month allowing you to download the tracks as well. However, as the download requires you to install Java, proceed with caution.

Jonti – Christmas Worm

Californian Stones Throw and Serato teamed up for the second time to release two limited edition timecode records. Also featured on those are eight exclusive tracks from the label roster, including the one above: Jonti‘s Christmas Worm. One of my favourite artists on the label and, well, it’s Christmas time so why not post this tune?

The vinyl bundle is probably a pricey option for non-Serato owners, but if you can’t resist, you can buy this from Rush Hour or HHV. Release date is December 21, 2012.