Jesse Futerman – Fuse The Witches

With more than 4,000 plays for the snippets, Jesse Futerman‘s new EP on Jus Like Music can hardly be called a secret anymore. In times when a beat has to be crazy, a synth-line sick and the bass has to drop, Fuse The Witches is a more than welcome change. I don’t recall when I last embraced a sample driven production as much as this one, but I’m sure about my motives: the music is simply beautiful!

01. Dawn Wawn
02. Interlude (Mad Love To Pancers Deli)
03. What Have I Got? feat. DJ Alibi
04. 40 Hats For 40 Cats
05. Strange Fruit
06. Lonesome Lover (One For Jack)
07. Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun

For a more thorough listen, you can stream Fuse The Witches over at Okayplayer. Otherwise, you can should be able to buy the digital download from Jesse’s Bandcamp page tomorrow.

Oh, and if you wonder about the cover artwork, that’s a creation by our old friend Alice Dufay, whereas the release was mastered by another nutriot regular – Kevin Moon aka Moonstarr.

Oscillations Part 2

Cover Artwork

Only two weeks after the release of the first installment, Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break are presenting Oscillations Part 2. I tend to say that it’s even better than the first one, but of course both parts are inseparably connected.01. XLII – Roll Upon You Like XLII
02. Slugabed – Power Of The Mind
03. Alex B – Murked
04. Greymatter – Too Much
05. Elroy 4.0 – Nemo’s New Shimmery Coat
06. 00Genesis – Dew
07. Constrobuz – Listen Close
08. Mr Beatnick – Plastic Memory
09. ANGO – Hep, Hep
10. Suzi Analogue + Stalley – Gate 28 (Analogue Radiowave Edit)
11. Kidkanevil – Zo0o0o0p!!! feat. Oddisee
12. Flick Brown – It Be Called N.C. feat. Akello Light
13. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – Negro-Orgen
14. Piff Herrera – Windpipe
15. Debilorithmicos – Devil’s Hand feat. Racecar & Sarah G
16. 8Bitch – In The Moog For Love
17. Ghost – CIA
18. Stevo – untitled971
19. Inko – Komet Kameratene
20. Beatcasso – Untitled 48590
21. S.maharba – M/L/M/H

For a quick preview of all the tracks, check out the teaser mix on SoundCloud. Or go straight for the free download via Bandcamp.

Oscillations Part 1

Cover Artwork

Gavin of Jus Like Music did a magnificent job promoting this compilation over the last couple of weeks, you might have come across one or the other cloudcast or the official teaser mix on SoundCloud.

Oscillations is the joint effort of fellow bloggers Apple Juice Break and Jus Like Music. Over 20 tracks, the first part of this compilation features mostly unreleased material from artists such as Om Unit, Dza, BUG, Lunice or Grillo. In about 2 weeks time, a second part will follow with more music from Blue Daisy, Alex B, 00genesis, Greymatter, Mr. Beatnick and Suzi Analogue.01. Broken Haze – Block
02. Om Unit – Neptune
03. Chairman Kato – No Coincidence
04. Vital – Gaffer Tape
05. T.Hemingway – Dirty
06. le N?KO – Crushed Universes
07. Decepticon Bootleg Machine – Orbit162
08. Lunice – Perpetual Leisure
09. Invisible Inc – Paradise
10. Paper Tiger – Good Feelings feat. Sabira Jade
11. Ocuban – Favela feat. Kit
12. Cohoba – Caltri
13. Dza – Shifty
14. East Winston Lake – Indigo’s Wah Wah (prod. Akello Light)
15. Grillo – Fronting The Weekend
16. Bluntspeakers – 1000 Miles
17. Sampology – Mamaye
18. Dipak Chand – Nurse, Hello
19. BUG – Indica
20. Jesse Futerman – I Love You So
The best part is yet to come: both compilations will be available as free downloads. You can start by getting the first part from Bandcamp today!

BUG – Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks

Gavin Handley’s Jus’ Like Music was one of the first music blogs I’ve been into, long time before considering to try it myself. Last year he started his own show on Laid Back Radio and just today he unveiled his new label called Jus Like Music Records.

The first release comes from London-based keyboard player, songwriter and producer BUG.

“Deep bass, and subtle arrangements, groovy and chill!” – Débruit

“Butter!” – Eric Lau

“I dig this BUG ish! Proper vibes, ill post-dilla beats and smooth space jazz synths. Pow! Bumpin’ this hard!” – Kidkanevil

Speaking of Kidkanevil, BUG is currently working on a remix for him – watch out for that one! In the meantime you can download BUG’s debut for free from his Bandcamp page.

Up next from Jus’ Like Music and Apple Juice Break is a compilation called “Oscillations”. I will keep you updated on that one.