Sons of the Morning – Sundays Buzzabout (Kelpe Remix)

Look at that, our dear friend Kelpe is back with a remix for Los Angeles’ Sons of the Morning, the duo compromised of Prefuse 73 and Teebs. The original is taken from their Speak Soon (Volume One) EP, released only a couple of months ago. And as there’s no description coming with the remix above, we can only speculate whether it’s going to be part of a second volume. However, you might also want to check out a second remix, courtesy of LA beatmaker Co.fee:

Kelpe – Astrolomy (Mike Slott Remix)

I wonder whether it’s been such a great decision to use the Mike Slott remix as the opener for Kelpe‘s new record. If you’re like me and become that obsessive that you’re listening to a track on repeat for days, then the answer is probably “no”. Anyway, it’s one of those tracks that does that for me. Feel free disagree with me though, Fourth: The Golden Eagle Remixed offers 11 alternatives to choose from, including mixes from the likes of Débruit, Fulgeance, Dam Mantle, and Soosh. Not all of them made it on the vinyl release, but my favourite is among them. For the full package you’ll have to go for the digital release!

Kelpe – Beaks of Eagles

Our good friend Kelpe has put out the second single on his own DRUT label earlier in the week. Backed up by a Fulgeance remix, it’s his last teaser before the new LP Fourth: The Golden Eagle drops on June 10, 2013. For more bits taken from that record, make sure to check out these couple of videos as well.

Kelpe – Answered

London’s Kelpe has started the day with a couple of exciting news. For once, he finally made his dream come true and founded his own label. At the moment, you can find DRUT Recordings on Facebook and Twitter. And as you might have guessed, that goes hand in hand with some new music. On April 15, a new EP with the track you can hear above will be out on vinyl. Then later in June, his new album Fourth: The Golden Eagle is set for a release.

The house-tempo Answered is also receiving the remix treatment from fellow Mr Beatnick, something to look out for!

April 3, 2013 A video for the track has premiered today, you can watch it here!

Kelpe – Wind in The Windows (live)

Only a couple of days ago, London’s Kelpe got to support Squarepusher (wow!) at Hackney’s Empire. The track Wind in The Windows is taken from 2009’s Cambio Wechsel, but as you should know, Kelpe released new music since then. Bags of Time, his latest EP on Svetlana, came out only a couple of weeks ago.

Kelpe – Bags Of Time (Neon Jung’s Wormhole Remix)

Just as I was about to feature the marvelous Neon Jung remix from the all new Kelpe release, a track I had the pleasure of hearing for a while now, XLR8R premiered this video for the tune. Like the previous live at home clips, this was filmed by Kel himself using his GoPro while travelling the world (I think I spotted Mr Beatnick for a second.)

The track is taken from the Bags of Time EP which came out earlier this week on Svetlana Industries.

October 6, 2012 To promote the new EP, Kelpe has done a guestmix for Solid Steel Radio!

Mixtape Monday #31

Haven’t done these in a while, but this week there are enough mixes worth a mention. Shall we start?

One-Handed‘s Dedication series is one of the more exciting podcasts, each episode being dedicated to just one artist. This time it’s Mr Beatnick who shares his love for Sun Ra on his eclectic mix (he wrote about him before!)

Next up is something I’ve mentioned before in a side-note, the second podcast by the Tempoclash crew. And it’s a special one as Danny Breaks doesn’t do many mixes these days.

There are many varieties of house music, here are four mixes representing four different styles: Joy Orbison for Resident Advisor, Recondite’s mix for Hush House, a new Linkwood podcast, and some deepness from Sven Weisemann.

LuckyMe‘s Dominic Flannigan and Claude Speeed provided the soundtrack for the The Goodhood Store‘s fifth anniversary, 100 minutes of ambient music.

If you always wanted to download Kelpe‘s Ping mix for oki-ni, you can now do so for a limited time!

Weekend Mixtapes

Good morning, this is your weekend speaking and this is what you will be listening to (apart from this!)

I could’ve sworn there had been a Four Tet mix on Solid Steel earlier this year, but apparently it’s his first guestmix since 2001. Don’t miss!

With the Olympics over, London’s Kelpe went all sporty and came up with this table tennis inspired mix for oki-ni.

With his much anticipated debut album finally out on LuckyMe, Vienna’s Cid Rim sat down with Urb Magazine to do a little interview and guestmix.

Due to our holidays, we missed the Untold podcast for Resident Advisor – and who would want to miss that?

And lastly, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice are sharing the uncensored version of their recent Essential Mix.

Update If you’ve enjoyed our latest podcast by Huess, let me point out there are two more available at Dipped in Dollars and You’ll Soon Know.

Kelpe Live at Home

London’s Kelpe got a new toy and it’s not to make beats on it: it’s the GoPro camera that you might know from these near space videos. Mounted on his head, Kel filmed himself while performing two of his tracks at home.

The Blankout Agreement

Toy Castle

As you can see, there are a lot more toys involved: Akai’s MPD24, a Korg Monotribe, Doepfer Dark Energy and the oh-so-beautiful OP-1 by Teenage Engineering. If you’re more interested in the music, you can find Toy Castle on the Margins EP and The Blankout Agreement on 2009’s Microscope Contents.

Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy Remixes

Kelpe - I Felt Fuzy Remixes

Svetlana Industries continues their series of free releases with a new one from Kelpe. When I Felt Fuzzy came out in April this year, it already came with a couple of remixes and this free EP contains a couple of more.

The remixes come from Scrase (probably my favourite in the bunch), Cupp Cave and Huess. I said free download, and you can grab that one over on Bandcamp.

Weekend Mixtapes

Several of these would’ve deserved a post of their own, but time wasn’t on my side this week.

One of the most exciting was clearly the new Four Tet mixtape Conference of the Birds, on which he plays two yet unreleased tracks. No tracklist, so happy spotting.

Second in the list is the new Lone mix. The occasion of this is the forthcoming album on R&S, but then any occasion is good as there aren’t too many Lone mixes around.

Anything from James Pants is worth taking a listen and so is this mix for oki-ni, “a collection of unique home recordings and rarities.”

I’ve already mentioned the new Sonic Router podcast on a side note, but being from Kelpe I don’t mind repeating myself here. Check it out!

And if you can take another hip hop flavored mix, why not give Jonwayne‘s XLR8R podcast a try?

John Tejada released a magnificent, yet somehow underrated album last year. He doesn’t play any of his new music on this Halo Cyan mix, but he plays some unreleased music from Appleblim, Al Tourette and Arkist – triple A!

I’m gonna sneak in James Murphy’s Boiler Room set without having listened myself, but now matter how famous he is, he’s always up for decent DJ mixes.

And lastly, here’s one I missed earlier. Back in March, LuckyMe‘s very own Eclair Fifi played some new tunes from the label on the Juno podcast.

Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy

I had the pleasure of running into Kelpe twice this month, one time seeing him perform a stunning live set. He’s got a new EP out on Svetlana Industries and this is the video for its title track, directed by Jonathan Lieb.

You can pick up the I Felt Fuzzy 12-inch directly from the label or record stores such as Boomkat and Rush Hour. Digital buyers still have to wait a week to get the download.

Kelpe also contributed a mixtape for the Sonic Router podcast, as he did for us a while ago.

Update You can also hear a Kelpe guestmix on tonight’s New Jerusalem show!

Holy Fuck – Latin America (Kelpe Remix)

Just as I realized I haven’t shared a tune in a while, Kelpe has shared a free download on his SoundCloud page.

A remix for Holy Fuck that never made it on a release, so get it for free while it’s available.

Cold Water Sign Language

Okay, this isn’t really about the video, but I’ve been a fan of Kelpe‘s previous videos, so here we go.

This is actually the trailer to Cold Water Sign Language, a megamix of Kelpe tracks put together by Buddy Peace and that’s what this post is really about. It’s available as free download, so make sure to get your hands on this one.

And if you didn’t know Kelpe before, check him out!

Kelpe – Same New Era

Dear podcast contributor Kelpe is about to release a new EP for Coco Bryce label Myor. The two tracker features a brand new track with a strong 60’s electronic touch, quite different from his previous releases. On the flip is a hiphop-meet-garage vocals interpretation from Nino out of Brighton’s Donkey Pitch‘ stable.

All this will be released on 7″ and digital sometime next month. In the meantime, you might also want to check out this video for the track.