Miles Ahead

Oh my, how long has it been since the rumors about a Miles Davis first surfaced? Years! I’m always a bit cautious when it comes to biographies about musicians, or just any other artist. Sure, they’re often interesting, but then I often crave for a decent in-depth documentary on that person instead of taking the shortcut of a Hollywood adaptation. It’s different with Don Cheadle’s take on the life of Miles Davis, titled Miles Ahead after the album, but not revolved around it (I remember teasers from the Kind of Blue recording session.) Cheadle is not only taking on the role of Miles himself, he also directed the movie, and from the looks he did a hell of a good job, both in applying an appealing visual quality to the movie and, more importantly, performing convincingly.

The preliminary ratings for the movie on IMDb (7.7), Rotten Tomatoes (73%) and Metacritic (64%) make hope the high expectations are met. “Miles Ahead” is set for a U.S. release on April 1st, 2016.

Kind of Bloop

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

I think I mentioned this project on Twitter some months ago, Kind of Bloop is an 8-bit tribute to the Miles Davis masterpiece Kind of Blue. Driven by the question how the legendary album would sound if created on eighties homecomputers, Andy Baio tried raising enough money to pay $2000 of royalties. The goal was easily achieved and the project eventually realised.

01. Ast0r – So What
02. Virt – Freddie Freeloader
03. Sergeeo – Blue in Green
04. Shnabubula – All Blues
05. Disasterpeace – Flamenco Sketches

While a CD is currently available to supporters only, digital downloads will be out for sale to the public on August 20th.

August 19, 2009 On the occasion, let me mention that BBC Radio 2 is streaming The Secret Kind of Blue for the next couple of days on their iPlayer

June 23, 2011 As reported by Gizmodo, photographer Jay Maisel sued they guys behind Kind of Bloop over a copyright infringement claim.

Miles Davis Quintet Skateboards

The Kind of Blue Deluxe Edition was already an impressive collection for all Miles Davis fans out there. It was released to celebrate the record’s 50th anniversary and it consists of a vinyl record, four CDs and a DVD. Skateboard company Western Edition also celebrates an anniversary, this year is their tenth in business. They put 1 and 1 together and now present an impressive set of skateboards, honoring the original quintet behind the recording of Kind of Blue.


Seriously, even if you never put a foot on a skateboard in your life, isn’t this set of decks worth buying? You can order them at FTCSF or at your local skate shop.

via Radcollector (thanks Cubikmusik!)