IG Culture – Soulful Shanghai

IG Culture - Soulful Shanghai

Cover Artwork

One of the most underrated cats in the music world to has to be IG Culture. I sometimes think he’s not too unhappy with that status, but there were times when I was worried he might have given up music to focus on making videos. As of today, we all know that’s not the case, as Kindred Spirits announced his new longplayer (The Many Districts Of) Soulful Shanghai.

Among the many collaborators are a couple of familiar faces. Bilal Salaam was already featured on Zen Badizm (hey, that’s my first post ever!) and Akwasi Mensah made his mark on records such as Kaidi Tatham’s Feed the Cat and several of Dego‘s projects. There are plenty more names listed and frankly speaking I don’t know any of them. The snippets however sound most promising, as versatile as IG’s twenty years of making music.01. Can’t Believe It feat. ID4
02. Truth feat. John Robinson
03. Core Exit feat. Bilal Salaam
04. Talkin’ Bout Mine
05. Black Rennaissance feat. Akwasi Mensah
06. Futures Back feat. K Banger
07. Take It There feat. K Banger
08. The (blessed) Mizells feat. Akwasi Mensah
09. Half Black Half Japanese feat. John Robinson
10. Bluff and Fold (Gamble and Bluf)
11. Catalog Pieces feat. John Robinson
12. The Revolution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise
13. Do The Math feat. ID 4 Windz
14. A Tangible Dream feat. Bilal Salaam
15. Outsider (the lite) feat. Eagle Nebula
16. Whats Happening feat. K Banger
17. The Kikanju Baku Peace Arkestra

I’m very excited about this album, it’s too good to see IG Culture back at what he’s best at. What I couldn’t track down is the exact release date. According to HMV Japan, Soulful Shanghai will be out in April. The guys of Machine, who are once again responsible for the cover-art, confirm it loosely with a release in the first quarter of 2012. In any case you can place your pre-order today directly on the Kindred Spirits website!

May 16, 2012 The album is out now on LP and limited to 1,000 copies, the CD is still a pre-order item

May 23, 2012 Also available on iTunes

Jneiro Jarel – Fauna

Jneiro Jarel - Fauna

Cover Artwork

If you think that Jneiro Jarel‘s last EP on Alpha Pup was a bit of a letdown, his return to the Dutch Kindred Spirits label is probably just what you were waiting for.

Fauna is not only inspired by Brazilian music, it’s a dedication to the country’s wildlife and reminder of its endangerment. Digging through KC tha Funkaholic‘s record collection, Jneiro found his sources to sample from and discovered artists from Arthur Verocai to Zuco 103. Underneath he put dubby synths and panned around beats, on top he put a layer of sounds from the rainforests and its tropical beats.01. Voice Of The Kayapo
02. Castaju Cajunea
03. Amazonica
04. Rio De Jneiro (Jarumba)
05. Bird Charm
06. Wave Trip
07. Dabuwe
08. Indigo Eden
09. Fauna
10. Can You Compute Bruuhzeel
11. Monkey Hustle (Man On Fire)
12. See Them Cry (Painted Tears)

You can already get Fauna on LP, a CD is set to follow soon. For a real bargain, check out the special packages including a poster and the previously released 7-inch. Again, this is available with LP or CD option.

Musica de Futebol

This mixtape from Rush Hour’s Antal was actually made for the 2006 World Cup, but with the seleção entering the tournament on Tuesday, this is a good time to bring it back. Enjoy one hour of Brazilian gems with football commentaries as interludes.

Musica de Futebol

More Brazilian music in a football context can be found on Mr. Bongo’s Musica de Futebol, Sonar Kollektiv’s Paz e Futebol or Far Out Futebol Brasil.

Back to the mixtape, you can download it here or there!

Build An Ark – Love Part 2

Build An Ark - Love Part 2

Cover Artwork

The follow-up to one of my favourite albums from last year, Love Part 1, has been available on vinyl for couple of weeks now. For those that don’t call a record player their own, there’s good news: after a short delay, the second part is now also available as a limited CD release (1000 pieces only!)01. Cosmic Tuning
02. Nature
03. Ginger
04. Say Yes!
05. Improvisation Day 1
06. Improvisation Day 8
07. Cadence of the Messengers
08. What The World Needs Now Is Love
09. Improvisation Day 10
10. Improvisation Day 2

“Mostly taken from the same sessions, Love (part 2) shares the same palette of sounds, but with a looser lean, exploring more improvised passages and off-road episodes.”

Love Part 2 is available now, get the LP or CD from Rush Hour or any other good record store.

Weekly Bits 22/2009

My favourite track this week actually dates back to 2007, but it was posted by the Red Bull Music Academy only a couple of days ago. It comes from Mark Pritchard‘s latest project Africa Hi Tec, for which he teamed up with singer Steve Spacek. If I remember correctly, an album is supposed to follow early next year, the track Too Late definitely makes appetite for more.

After having discovered MUTEK’s podcast series, I had a look at their other offerings and came across sets from Kode 9 & Spaceape, Henrik Schwarz, Dave Aju or Akufen. There should be something in for all of you.

Paul White‘s debut album is now available for your listening pleasure, a digital download should follow soon is available now. The official date for the album (all formats) is June 8th.

One of my favourite labels, Holland’s Kindred Spirits, have updated their website. You can finally listen to all their releases online and order them directly from the label. However, it seems that their radioshow is no longer available.

Before I forget about it, here is another nice mixtape from Mark E. Havn’t really listened to it yet, but I know there are a lot of fans out there!

Carlos Niño & Friends – High With A Little Help From

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

There is no way I could summarize the work of Carlos Niño in just one paragraph. The Los Angeles based producer, arranger, composer and musician is involved in Build an Ark, Ninja Tune’s AmmonContact, The Life Force, What’s The Science? or Hu Vibrational.  His latest EP on Stones Throw payed tribute to J Dilla by interpreting his music with a full orchestra and was later performed live. Some call him a driving force of the L.A. music scene. With his wide repertoire he is surely one of the most gifted producers.

His latest work is titled High With A Little Help From and is put out under the name Carlos Niño & Friends. What started as a record session with fellow Build An Ark members, turned into a wonderful journey through analogue ambience and field recordings. Among the friends on the record are longtime collaborators Gaby Hernandez, Dwight Trible and Dexter Story.

High With A Little Help From is different of what I heard from Carlos Niño so far. While it’s closer to Build an Ark‘s sound, it does not have the soulful or jazzy feel. It’s an album shifting between folky and cinematic themes, almost entirely without the use of percussive instruments, and it’s not following any classic song structures. The richness of sound, its dreaminess, is created by a combination of analogue instruments, natural soundscapes and effects from the machine.01. Thursday, August 9, 2007
02. 9 Moons Full
03. With Azul
04. Ants and Elephants
05. Aquarius (Rough mix)
06. Lonely Joined By Happy
07. Rosarito/Creative Cries
08. Friends
09. 9 Moons Return
10. Rabbit Island
11. Wonder Wheel (CD-version bonus)

The album offers a set of reoccuring themes, atmospheric waves like the sound of the sea or that of children playing, stretching throughout the album like on a cinematic soundtrack. You will listen to this all over again, the album is not about its individual tracks, it’s the product of all of them. However, there are differences, ranging between an electronic, almost dubby track like Aquarius to an Elliot Smith reminiscent Rabbit Island, between the chants of Dwight Trible to peaceful harps and soft pianos.

High With A Little Help From is already available in Europe through Kindred Spirits on both CD and LP, an U.S. release should follow soon on Plug Research.

Quiet Storm Mixtape

The Quiet Storm mixtape is a selection of soft soul 7-inches, mixed by Kindred Spirits founder KC The Funkaholic. Maybe just what you were looking for on a day like this.

KC The Pimpaholic – Quiet Storm (download)
01. The Main Ingredient – Prove My Love To You
02. Marvin Gaye – Feel All My Love Inside
03. The Moments – Sexy Mama
04. Harry Ray – Ride Your Pony (?)
05. Sylvia – Sweet Stuff
06. The Lost Generation – Your Mission (If You Decide To Accept It)
07. Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You
08. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar
09. Rita Wright – Touch Me, Take Me
10. Tom Brock – I Love You More And More
11. Barry White – Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
12. Barry White – I’m Gonna Love Just A Little More, Baby
13. The Isley Brothers – (At Your Best) You Are Love
14. Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends
15. Lee Fields feat. The Expressions – Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
16. Gloria Walker – My Precious Love
17. The Lost Generation – The Sly, Slick And The Wicked
18. ?

If you can help completing the tracklist, please leave a comment. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

via Future Vintage

Machine, the Design of Kindred Spirits

Dutch label Kindred Spirits has been among my favourite labels ever since the first Rednose Disktrikt longplayer came out. It’s not only their versatile catalogue making them special, but also the beautiful artwork that comes with each and every of their releases. Responsible for these are Machine, two designers hailing from Amsterdam. If you call yourself owner of the records by Build an Ark, Jackson Conti, Kid Sublime, Legends of the Underground or  Dorian Concept, you already have a Machine design in your shelf.

Today, Machine answered the questions I sent them the night before, this is what they wrote:

Who is behind Machine?

Machine is Mark Klaverstijn (Amsterdam, 1973) & Paul du Bois-Reymond (Berlin, 1974). We started working together during our studies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. We did a lot of stuff outside of school, our first flyers and shirts but also web and video experiments. Our first company was called DEPT, and since 2001 we work under the name ‘Machine’

What’s your relation with Kindred Spirits?

It has always been about the Love so to speak. It is to small a label to get involved for anything other than the love of music and design. We see KS as our very own Bluenote. We are in it for the long haul-it should be a constant that is very open to change, to experimentation. Working on the marriage of sound and visuals on album covers doesn’t get old somehow.

What’s your usual approach to making a cover?

The first decision is obviously the Music. Thats were it starts. That music, artist, atmosphere leads to the designs. Sometimes the artist or someone from the label has a certain angle or approach in mind. When this is workable we use it. Otherwise we lead the way.

Usually this works out. Sometimes it leads to drama. But we do claim a lot of freedom. We feel that an artist has to trust us on the visual side of the release. The guys at KS respect this, it’s even in the contract an artist signs. If it weren’t for this trust, we wouldn’t do the project. It has to remain a platform. It has to become an entity of it’s own. You put on the album, maybe roll a joint and listen to the tunes while disecting the artwork and track info. The whole thing becomes 4 dimensional. Thats more or less what we envision when doing the work.

Anything to look out for?

Yes. Next to some covers we just did for Dorian Concept and Carlos Nino, KS is sitting on something secret and new, so watch out for that at your local dealer. We just finished our book ‘Designed By Machine’, which is an overview of our studio and our history. Published by Black Cat, ISBN nr 978-90-810418-6-7 Check it out. Machine says Bye!

Designed by Machine

The book mentioned above will be available from Black Cat Publishing for 27,50 Euros. I’m conviced that Rush Hour will have copies once it’s available.

Mar 27, 2009 At last, the book is now available!

Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It might seem a little that Dorian Concept is taking over this blog. Well, I won’t let him take it over entirely, but I think this boy deserves all the support he can get. His label Kindred Spirit has just posted this mini-website, where you can listen to full-length previews from the upcoming LP When Planets Explode. You can also pre-order a copy on vinyl, as usual Kindred Spirits puts its music into a beautifully designed sleeve.01. Clap Beep Boom
02. Freehanded Monkey
03. Color Sexist
04. Mesh Beam Splitter
05. The Fucking Formula
06. Fort Teen
07. You Tiresome Thing
08. When Planets Explode
09. Her Marshmallow Secret
10. Two Dimensional
The official release date for this record is the 13th of February. If that seems too long to wait, you should listen to Dorian’s concert at the Worldwide Awards at Cargo. It will be online for the next 6 days only!

Interview with Dorian Concept

Today, I had the pleasure to talk with Dorian Concept, a young talent from Austria who gained a lot of attention last year. Since his download-only Seek When Is Her from 2006, he added A TrebleO Beat Tape for Domu’s label, and his first 12-inch Maximized Minimalization on young Austrian label Affine to his discography.

Can you briefly tell us who you are and what you do ?

Definitely, I’m Dorian Concept – Artistname-Wise, in my 20s and live in Vienna/Austria. Also a multimedia-art Student, so therefore I study and besides that make mostly music by myself.

How did you get into making music? Is there a defining moment you can refer to?

In the “by myself” way I started making music about 6 years ago I believe. I think the most memorable experience I had, was just having my friend show me this programme called “Buzz”, which was a really cheap tracker music-making software. It was impressive to see how you get a melody line from typing in letters and numbers that stood for key and octave like “C#1 – D#2”. So in the beginning it was just fun, like an alternative to playing Mario Kart or something.

2008 must have been a  busy year for you, touring all over Europe, releasing several records. Now, at the end of this month there will be “When Planets Explode”. Do you refer to it as your debut?

Yeah I think you could call it that. It’s like a debut mini-LP I suppose, because with its 30minutes it still leaves you with a certain need for an additional 15-20minutes. But yeah, it’s definitely a debut with the amount of tracks that are going to be on it.

It will be released through Nod Navigators, a fairly new sub-label of Kindred Spirits. Can you tell us a bit about them, how did this album come about?

Nod Navigators I feel is a playground for certain artists that are interested in experimenting with instrumental Hip-Hop or just electronic music, and had dope releases from people like Mweslee and Tom Trago. I was introduced to them through Cinnaman, one half of the Beat Dimensions, earlier last year, and from there on things just started taking their own course.

Which other labels are you working with, is there anything to look out for?

There is a fairly new label here in Vienna called “Affine Records”, which was founded by a good friend of mine. I had my first EP called “Maximized Minimalization” released on there a couple of months ago and also play keys for an instrumental jazzfunk-band called “JSBL”. Besides that I was part of a compilation for Circulations, who will also still release a 7” with two tracks this year, and did some stuff here and there.

But I will still have to see what this year brings, as I’m just trying to get some new stuff together after this release on Kindred Spirits.

I recently stumbled across Sam Irl, with whom you released a track on Bonzzaj. How did this happen? Is there more coming?

Sam and I did that track a while back. Because he is also based in Vienna, I was over at his house and we pretty much put the whole track together in one afternoon. He’s definitely an all round great person and dope musician to work with, and I’m sure we’ll head back to the studio at some point. But nothing planned for now.

You seem to make good use of the Internet to get people to listen to your music, how much do you think it contributed to your popularity?

That’s a good question. I definitely think that more people are aware of me now than before because of a couple of tracks that I put up for free download, but it wasn’t the main thing that got people talking. But I’m sure it’s a vital part. I think I tend to give away certain tracks, because my bond to them might not be as big as the bond I have to other tracks. I just have loads of music that I know I’ll never release, and in a way I’d feel guilty just keeping them all on my computer. So yeah, sometimes I just feel like sharing those tracks, eventhough I think I should maybe be more careful also because if the output of an artist is too big, it can happen that you don’t really appreciate the music that much anymore.

You attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, what did you take from there?

I met a bunch of really impressive people, that I try to stay in contact with but can’t because they’re so many! And one feeling that ill never forget is just being around 50+ musicians for two weeks straight. Listening to the stories they had to tell, from their worst DJ-gig to their biggest rave, from their Russian bought Software to their most expensive Synthesizers. I would’ve thought that I could get sick of just talking about music the whole day, but really, I didn’t.

Next week you’re playing at the Worldwide Awards. Any more gigs planned?

Yeah, there’s quite a lot coming up in the next 3 months. First off I’ll fly over to Australia and play at the “Laneway Festival”. It’s held in almost all major cities there like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Then head over to China for two gigs and then back to Europe to play in Amsterdam and hopefully still in Athens, Switzerland and London again.

Thanks for your time!
My pleasure, man

Dorian’s debut When Planets Explode goes on sale January 29, it can be pre-ordered on Rush Hour. For further informations, his music and his gigs, please visit him on Myspace.

Dorian Concept Remixes

His name is Dorian Concept, his album When Planets Explode is due on January 29 on Kindred Spirit‘s Nod Navigators label. Until then, here is a give-away from the label – four remixes made by Dorian.01. Dabrye – Game Over (Dorian Concept remix)
02. Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit Of Feelgood (Dorian Concept remix)
03. Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson – Nightmare (Dorian Concept remix)
04. Three 6 Mafia – Stay Fly (Dorian Concept remix)
You can download all tracks for free, better hurry up!

Dec 16, 2009 Thanks to The Find Magazine, there’s a new download mirror for the remixes!

Feb 3, 2010 Vienna-based DJ collective The Loud Minority have pressed two of these remixes on 7-inch. These will be sold exclusively at their parties.

Dorian Concept – The Fucking Formula

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

The new Kindred Spirits sub-label Nod Navigators has just dropped The Fucking Formula from Dorian Concept, a 12-inch preceeding the young beatmaker’s debut album When Planets Explode, which is set to be released in January 2009. The single’s title track was already coined a classic on Benji B‘s Deviation show and it’s accompanied by two tracks, that will not be on the album.

1. The Fucking Formula
2. Sweet Yard Sale (non-album track)
3. United Tree (non-album track)

I don’t have any snippets for you, but why don’t you just go to the Rush Hour Store, where I have spotted it in the first place!

Also not on the album is Ding Ding Thing, an exclusive track from the compilation to the 2008 edition of temp~ festival. Dorian made a performance there in summer, I have received this recording from my friend Idleberg.

Dorian Concept at Elevate Festival

Austrian beatmaker Dorian Concept has been featured heavily this year by the likes of Benji B or Gilles Peterson. There was a digital EP on Domu’s TrebleO label, a first vinyl record has been released recently on Affine Records, and another is going to follow on the new Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators.

You’ve probably seen the videos of Dorian performing live or even had the pleasure to be there. Today I’ve got a recording of him performing Live At Elevate Festival in Austria. He keeps touring constantly (mostly in Europe), hope you got a chance to catch him live!