Savath y Savalas Album and Interview

While Guillermo Scott Herren is best known under the name of Prefuse 73, he is also collaborating with other musicians from all over the world. I have previously mentioned an album with Dimlite (in production), and I heard about one or the other alias, but Savath y Savalas were entirely new to me – despite several releases on Warp Records!


Savath y Savalas is a collaboration between Scott Herren, Catalan Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Carlos Lange from Ecuador. Their fifth studio album La Llama will be released on Stones Throw in May 2009. However, a digital release will be out on Monday next week.

The title track of La Lllama is now available as free download, alongside a short interview with Guillermo about influences on the album and (euh?) Catalan Acid Folk.

Mar 16, 2009 The digital download is now exclusively available from Stones Throw