It’s All Happening! Live!

Not counting a limited Japan-only release (or bootleg?), it’s been long four years since we heard new music from Carlos Niño. A first teaser from the new album was posted only a couple of weeks ago, and this week “Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!” finally became available through Leaving Records.

Watch an improvisation in the Stones Throw dungeon, featuring long-time collaborator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Dexter Story on keys, and Jamire Williams on drums.

In related news, also check out Carlos’ latest radio show on Dublab.

Carlos Niño & Friends – It’s All Happening!

There has been a lot of exciting music coming out on Leaving Records and it seems like every week the label operated by Matthewdavid reaches to new heights. The latest announcements has been the forthcoming album by Carlos Niño, which is going to feature a cast of long-time collaborators such as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson or Dexter Story, as well as new age composer Iasos, Brainfeeder-signed saxophonist Kamasi Washington or the legend Madlib.

Titled “It’s All Happening!”, the album will be in stores on April 22nd, and you can listen to a first teaser above.

Brogan Bentley – Ask When I’m Night

Only yesterday I went back to Julia Holter’s great album on Leaving Records, today I came across the new EP on Matthewdavid‘s label. It comes from Californian Brogan Bentley, his debut release, and along with it comes this nice video.

The self-title three-tracker will be available on tape and digital on July 10th, and you can download Ask When I’m Night for free.

Julia Holter – Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art

My thanks go to the Gimme5 guys for their heads up on this Julia Holter album on Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records. Not only did I enjoy Tragedy, but especially the track in this video.

You can pick up your copy of the album directly from the label or buy the download from Bleep or iTunes.

Ras G – Raw Fruit

When Ras G lands his spaceship in Los Angeles, he usually brings new beats from outer space. Like this collection of “ruff and gruff” material, recorded at airports, hotels or friend’s places all around the world.

1. SUMSHIT 13 (SP 404)
3. THINK 06 (MPC 2000XL)
4. Bell Beez (MPC 2000XL)
5. Mary Jane (MPC 2000 XL)
6. All Out Fuck It (SP 404)
7. Ital Stew (SP 303)
8. _Gea(Jea) (SP 303)
9. Stuck (SP 303)
10. News @ 11 (SP 303)
11. Pad Thai (Extra Tofu Mix) (SP 404+ MPC 2000XL)
12. Been a Min…… (SP 303)
13. Radio-Exile – Ras_G Remix (MPC 2000XL)
14. DumbDown (SP 404)
15. Wonk Off Trick (Interlude)
16. YumShit (Sp 404)
17. Tender Lover……. (SP 303)
18. Hollywood…. (SP 303)

Matthew David’s Leaving Records will release these on cassette tapes and 10-inch, so keep an eye open if you’re into these.

Dak – Standthis

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

The debut release on Alpha Pup’s new imprint Leaving Records is an item of interest for followers of the L.A. beat scene and collectors of rare items alike.

Put together by Dak, “Standthis” is an amazing collage of chopped up jazz, funk and soundtrack samples, field recordings on top of intense beats.01. Parked
02. Thehides
03. Gobtween
04. Bitdepth
05. Burns
06. Pulls
07. Rollinghills
08. Getting
09. Hunch
10. Walkon
11. Mumps
12. Weg
The EP changes direction with every new track, ranging from music reminiscent of early Daedelus to Flying Lotus (Burns), Walter Carlos soundtracks (Rollinghills) to classic Ninja Tune releases (Hunch). All fans of Brainfeeder need this EP!

Standthis is already available from Bleep, Boomkat or iTunes, but here’s what makes this one interesting for all you collectors out there. Limited to only 100 copies, Leaving Records is currently accepting pre-orders for their hand-made cassettes. Each will feature a silk screen cover, exclusive tracks and a download code to get the MP3s.

August 11, 2009 That exclusive track from the cassette is now available for download from Brainfeeder

November 24, 2009 You can now download the entire cassette Standthis: Otherside as MP3!