Lorn – Weigh Me Down

One of my favourite videos this year was maybe another Lorn video, the one for Ghost(s) with the animated head (check it out, if you haven’t!) Now here’s a new one for his latest single Weigh Me Down and it has that nice pixeled indie game look (more Swords & Sworcery than Dino Run!) It’s the work if Max Friedrich, who has previously created an animation borrowing Lorn’s music.

The Weigh Me Down EP has a couple of noteworthy remixes by Mike Slott, Illum Sphere and Mono/poly. The 12-inch and digital release came out earlier this week and await being picked up!

Weekly Bits 26/2012

In the coming week, 2012’s Bloc is taking off in London. Over the past weeks, the makers of the festival did a series of interviews with some of the artists performing. Check out the videos with Steve Reich, Apparat and Nicolas Jaar.

As you should know by now, Rob Booth has just released the first Electronic Explorations compilation. That’s 60 tracks for only ₤5! If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a mixtape with all the tracks.

Another big mix I wanted to post earlier this week is the latest in One-Handed‘s Dedication series. It comes from Turkish singer Ahu and she introduces the listener to one of her favourite jazz singers: Blossom Dearie.

Pitchfork gave away a remix by Illum Sphere for a track off Lorn‘s new album on Ninja Tune – grab it while you can!

Following John Tejada‘s excellent Parabolas, the renowned techno producer teams up once more with Kompakt for a new album. XLR8R has more details on that.

Once a film student, Flying Lotus made some attempts at directing music videos before. His latest was done for Jeremiah Jae‘s new single on Brainfeeder: Money.

And lastly, here’s one more mixtape courtesy of Addison Groove, also available for free download.

Lorn – Ghosst(s)

Animated videos, if done well, easily get a spot in my heart. The guys at CRCR came up with this for Lorn who has a new album coming out on Ninja Tune in mid-June.

Titled Ask The Dust, you can pre-order your copy on 2-LP, CD and digital – the Reel-to-reel audio tape is sold out by now.

(via 92bpm)

Lorn & Dolor – Drugs

Lorn & Dolor - Drugs

Cover Artwork

Unless I’m mistaken, there wasn’t any mentioning of Lorn lately.. the last thing I remember was that viciously good collaboration with Om Unit. Now he’s back with another collaboration, this time with fellow American Dolor and clearly it’s the U.S. kind of beats you get to hear on Drugs.I – MY KEYS // BLACK ICE
Dolor – I’m Doin’ Em
Dolor – Mask • Gloves
Lorn – ANDUM
Lorn – Cheeva
Dolor – RrRRRR
Lorn – Double Rabies
Dolor – Pain
Lorn – (I’m In Your Butt) YOU WANT TO DIE
Lorn – DATOS
Dolor – MK-II
Lorn – POURS
Dolor – No More Moon
Lorn – 520 LBS
Lorn – 520 LBS//HATE (ft. DOLOR)
Dolor – At NIGHT
Dolor – Inkhorn
Dolor – Cat’s Cradle//BALANCE

Split into three parts, the beat tape runs for about 45 minutes. You can download your copy free of charge and follow both cats on Twitter.

Om Unit x Lorn – Obsidian

Bad boy collaboration between London’s Om Unit and LA’s Lorn, the latter who got recently to signed to Ninja Tune. Nice Detroit electro vibes with a dark twist, for fans of Cybotron, Dopplereffekt and the likes!

No further info available for this one, but as it’s a free download you probably don’t want to know much more.

Lorn – Pause

Admittedly, I’m not a much of a Lorn fan, but still his new beat tape is offering a couple of tracks I like. Most of the 38 tracks are rough sketches, but some of the longer tracks are definitely worth checking out. I’ve chosen “Pause” to be my favourite and this is what it sounds like.

If you want to check out the rest of the beat tape, head over to the Brainfeeder website and download it before the links expire.

Samiyam x Lorn – Brainwaves

Taken from the forthcoming Brainfeeder EP by Lorn is this collaboration with fellow Los Angeles beatsmith Samiyam.

The track is part of a download-only 5-tracker titled None An Island, which will be available worldwide on September 13, 2010.

Lorn – Nothing Else

Lorn - Nothing Else

Cover Artwork

For the last month or so, I had the chance to preview the debut longplayer from Lorn, coming out in the second week of June. There were quite some albums from L.A. based beatmakers recently, but Nothing Else is (apart from Cosmogramma) one of the few that could stand the test of time. But then again, Lorn already stands out being the first artist on Brainfeeder who is not from the city of angels.01. Grandfather
02. None an Island
03. Army of Fear
04. Bretagne
05. Automaton
06. Void I
07. Void II
08. Tomorrow
09. Glass and Silver
10. Cherry Moon
11. Greatest Silence
12. What’s the Use
If you heard the free tracks Cherry Moon and Tomorrow before, you already know the direction this is going. I can’t help but compare the album to Nosaj Thing’s Drift, one of my favourites from last year. While Lorn at times has a rougher texture to his sound, both artists centre their music around the synthesizer, resulting in melodious compositions somewhere between Bach and Boards of Canada.

Sometimes melancholic, sometimes dark, Nothing Else is a remarkable album with quite some strong tracks. The further you listen, the better it gets – all my favourites are in the last third of the album.

Nothing Else was mastered by Warp’s Chris Clark and will be released on all formats through Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. According to distributor Ninja Tune, the album will be in stores from July 7, 2010 – the United States have to wait a week longer. You can pre-order copies from Juno, Big Cartel, Rush Hour and every other good record store.

Lorn – Cherry Moon

Debut single from Lorn, whose debut album “Nothing Else” will be out on the Brainfeeder label.

The second artist album from Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint is a deep, deep, dark and uncompromising suite of music. The only Brainfeeder artist to neither come from or ever to have lived in LA, Lorn has already developed an international following for his music. Now, with “Nothing Else” the musician and artist reveals his debut full length. Epic, melancholic and brutal, it’s a record which the listener has to be prepared the immerse themselves in.

The album will go on sale on CD, vinyl and digital release. It will go on sale on June 1st, with the U.S. having to wait until June 15, 2010.

Until then, you can download the track above for free from the Ninja Tune website!

Alpha Pup Spring 2010

Los Angeles based label Alpha Pup has sent me some amazing new albums over the last couple of weeks, both their own output and from other labels they distribute, like Brainfeeder or Elm&Oak. I previously reviewed the latest (and greatest) from Daedelus, but I didn’t have time for more. So here is some catching up.

Alpha Pup Records

Let’s start with the debut from Free the Robots titled Ctrl Alt Delete, which is available since last week.

Ctrl Alt Delete is a staggering work of mind-warping electronics, fuzzed-out psych and devastating hip-hop beats. Combining dusty swap-meet samples, futuristic synthesizers and live instrumentation.

You can get the digital-only release from a wide range of retailers, including Bleep, iTunes, Boomkat or Turntable Lab.

As reported, Alex B‘s debut Moments will be out tomorrow. You have heard some of his beats on the Brain Food mix before.While mostly instrumental, the album also has vocals from Count Bass D, Lilla D’mone and Sunk1.

The tracks on Moments are intricately crafted with painstaking care and attention to detail — a careful mix of analog and digital sounds elevated by imaginative samples and the insight of a classically trained musician. The result is a blend of timeless warmth and future beats.

You might also want to check out the official teaser video for the album.

New music from Jneiro Jarel will surface next week. His new EP “Android Love Mayhem” is probably the most promising of all mentioned releases.

The track above is a first teaser, you can download it from the XLR8R website.

Another week later and you get a new one from Take, his latest album called Only Mountain.

A dense and groundbreaking work, Take’s Only Mountain stands as a staggering collection of gorgeously brilliant melodies and deep subharmonic bass. Truly future music towards a brighter end.

“Only Mountain” will be out on April 20, 2010.

As you can see, there’s quite some new music for beat enthusiasts and fans of anything coming out of (or through) Los Angeles. Looking into the future, Alpha Pup has even more to come. Watch out for new music from Lorn (Brainfeeder, May 25), the Precious Cargo EP from FLYamSam (Brainfeeder, TBA) and a remix album of Nosaj Thing‘s debut Drift.

In the meantime, have a look at the free music from Alpha Pup. I will keep you posted on some of the mentioned releases once there’s more to say.