My Name is Doug Hream Blunt

I had no idea who Doug Hream Blunt is, his music entered my life out of nowhere, just like William Onyeabor compilation did two years earlier. And so it’s once again Luaka Bop doing the introduction, the label founded by former Talking Heads lead figure David Byrne.

All I can leave you with are these two fantastic tracks taken from “My Name is Doug Hream Blunt”, the LP now available directory from Luaka Bop, and at your favourite record store. Oh, and iTunes… for the lazy ones.

Album of the week!

Fantastic Man – A Film About William Onyeabor

When Luaka Bop‘s reissued William Onyeabor’s musical work from the late seventies, they not only released on of last year’s finest records. They literally put his name on the map, since not too long ago, searching for “William Onyeabor” on YouTube resulted in absolutely nothing. The short film above documents the discovery of the Nigerian musican and the subsequent steps that became the answer to the question “Who is William Onyeabor?

(via Gilles Peterson)