Cid Rim – Fade (Live Edit)

I have a soft spot for good music videos, no doubt about it. But when you look at the last couple of posts on this website, it might the impression that I’m posting nothing but videos. Don’t worry too much about that, it’s only caused by a lack-of-time period that should be over soon.

Anyway, when Fulgeance tweeted about a rhythmical beauty, I came across the latest Cid Rim video. Well, we had quite a bit of him lately, but this makes up for the unmentioned video for Red Ocean. LuckyMe affiliated director Peter Marsden is responsible for the live edit of “Fade”, one of the tracks taken from new Mute City EP. He did a magnificent job if you ask me!

Cid Rim – Mute City

While we’re still waiting to hear new music from Dorian Concept, his friend and Affine label-mate Cid Rim readies his second release on Glasgow’s LuckyMe imprint. Titled “Mute City”, the five track EP is his first release since last year’s mini-album and his first physical output on the label. Pitchfork premiered the full version of Extend Ranges the other day, now it’s ten days of patience until we can pick it up in record stores around the world.

Mixtape Monday.. on a Tuesday?!

Just a quick one for the latest edition of Mixtape Monday, so let’s get started.

The latest edition of Electronic Explorations has a mix I’m very excited about. It comes from New York’s Machinedrum, who also got an album in reach.

Glasgow’s LuckyMe always has mixtapes worth checking out, but this time it’s their very own Eclair Fifi having a guest spot on URB’s podcast.

Last weeks’s FACT podcast had a mix from Silkie, which reminds us the London based producer readies his follow-up to our much loved City Limits.

And lastly grab this B2B session from Kyle Hall and FunkinEven. Over and out!

Update Ooops, I just figured it’s not even Monday today!

Lunice – The Stacker Upper

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter earlier today, but this needs to be mentioned in this place too. Blogger Johnny F. Kim shot this footage at the Lunice live-show at Montreal’s Igloofest a couple of weeks ago. On top of it, he added segments of an interview filmed at Lunice’s home, you can watch the result below.

The film is, of course, titled after the Stacker Upper EP released on LuckyMe in December 2010.

Mike Slott – Amanallah

When it comes to design, the art of arranging letters has to be my favourite discipline. This new Mike Slott video directed by Stuart Langfield makes great use of typography, reason enough to feature it here.

The track Amanallah itself is taken from last year’s Lucky 9Teen EP, which you can still buy on vinyl and digital.

American Men – Cool World

A couple of days ago, LuckyMe posted these snippets from the upcoming EP from American Men. The Cool World EP is being described as Miami-laser-rock that “sounds like the Schwarzgerat filled with flashing skulls and hieroglyphs”.

It will be out on vinyl on February 9, followed by two live-shows in the UK.