Mala – Noches Sueños (Mala & Simbad Super Dub Mix)

I remember my excitement after last year’s Mala in Cuba album was first announced. It seemed like a good thing to do and the upfront 12-inch didn’t disappoint. Once the record was finally out, it took only one listen and my enthusiasm was gone. It sounded good on paper, but the record was a huge let down.

Anyway, there’s a new 10-inch on the way with a VIP mix of one of the tracks and it sounds like Mala is trying to make up with me. Supported by Simbad, it sounds less like an artificial amalgamation, but has a more natural feel to it. Available for pre-order at Surus.

Weekly Bits 20/2013

Twenty weeks into the year and here comes the first edition of our weekly bits and we only noticed how we missed them.

Two years before the Sex Pistols formed, a year before The Ramones got together, three brothers from Detroit formed Death, arguably one of the first punk bands in the world. There is an interesting looking documentary coming to movie theaters (and iTunes) that you might want to check out!

Read an interview with Jeff Jank, creative directory for Stones Throw and illustrator behind the Quasimoto character.

Hard Wax is Berlin’s legendary record store founded in 1989 by Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, the duo also known for their work as Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound. This interview tells about the early days of Hard Wax.

Domino Records reissued Four Tet’s 2003 album Rounds with a live bonus disc. Out now!

The music video for Kendrick Lamar’s seminal Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe premiered earlier this week, time to revisit the Dr. Dre-produced, Boomclap Bachelors-sampling hit single.

Next up we got two mixtapes worth checking out. The first one comes from Gerry Read ahead of his DJ set at London’s Fabric club, the second from Night Slug’s Girl Unit.

And lastly – it is finally out!

Mala in Cuba

If you watched the documentaries on the making of the Mala in Cuba album, you probably can’t wait to pick it up from your store when it drops on September 10th. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait that long to listen to it, as Mala decided to put the entire album up for streaming (listen above!) Quickness is asked if you’re interested in the vinyl box-set, as Gilles Peterson reports it’s almost sold out. I’m not sure if there will be a another vinyl edition, but it doesn’t look like it. Of course there’s no need to worry if you’re going for CD or digital purchase!

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FACT TV: Mala in Cuba

Compared to the previous two or three years, 2012 didn’t have that many albums I fell in love with – and I’m not saying there haven’t been any good albums this year. But I have a feeling the forthcoming Mala in Cuba album will end up in a lot of top fives by the end of the year.

So, FACT Magazine caught up with Mala and Gilles Peterson to talk about the production process of the album. It won’t be out before September, but it will be preceded by a 12-inch with the tracks Cuba Electronic and Calle F. Oh, how I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

July 27, 2012 The 12-inch EP is now available for order

August 4, 2012 Cuba Electronic now has an official music video

August 29, 2012 You can now pre-order a limited vinyl-boxset of the album. Also, Lefto has confirmed that the tracks from the preceding 12-inch won’t be on the (vinyl) album.

King Midas Sound – Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Mix)

Kuedo‘s remix of Goodbye Girl is taken from the forthcoming King Midas Sound 12-inch and Tom Shoelfield directed this video for the track.

The single will be out on Hyperdub end of August (29th in UK, 30th in US) and comes with another remix by Mala. The original version was part of King Midas Sound’s 2010 album Waiting For You…

XLR8R Podcast by Mala

San Francisco’s XLR8R is celebrating their 200th podcast with two new mixes, one of them was put together by Digital Mystikz‘ own Mala (the other by Plastikman.) The Deep Medi boss starts his mix with a VIP mix from last year’s Return II Space album and continues a journey into the dub side of dubstep, including many unreleased track from DMZ and Deep Medi.

XLR8R Podcast by Mala

XLR8R Podcast by Mala (download)
01. Mala/Digital Mystikz – Livin’ Different VIP
02. V.I.V.E.K – Feel It
03. Goth-Trad – Seeker
04. Coki/Digital Mystikz – Ironshirt
05. Mala – Enter Dimensions
06. Kryptic Minds + Youngsta – Arcane
07. Dark Tantrums – Unborn
08. V.I.V.E.K – Big Bang
09. Mavado – Dem A Talk (TMSV Refix)
10. Coki – Revolution
11. Jack Sparrow – Afraid of Me
12. Mensah – Gambia
13. The Dub Mechanics – The Clash
14. Mala – Bad Spirits on Shoulders
15. Digital Mystikz – Dun Stinky
16. Commodo – Saracen
17. Coki – Duppy Sour Sap
18. Johnny Osbourne – Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.K. Dub Version)
19. Mala – Education
20. Old Apparatus – Untitled Intro

XLR8R has all of their podcasts available in two formats, visit their website to choose your preference.

Digital Mystikz on Experimental

This week’s Mary Anne Hobbs show featured a guestmix by legedary dubstep pioneers Digital Mystikz. I’m quite amazed the tracklists includes only one track from the Return II Space LP, this is supposedly unreleased music.01. Martyn vs. Mike Castle – All Night

Digital Mystikz Mix
02. Grace Jones – Love You This Life (Digital Mystikz Remix)
03. Digital Mystikz – Education
04. Digital Mystikz – Marduk
05. Digital Mystikz – Eyez
06. Digital Mystikz – Emergency
07. Digital Mystikz – 2 Much Chat
08. Digital Mystikz – Runway
09. Andreya Triana – Town Called Ob (Digital Mystikz Remix)
10. Digital Mystikz – Enter
11. Digital Mystikz – Animal
12. Digital Mystikz – Enter Dimensions
13. Digital Mystikz – Horrid Henry

14. False – Disease/George Washington
15. Ben Frost – Theory Of Machines
16. Vaccine feat. Riya – Like A Dream

As you might know, Mary Anne has retired from her Radio 1 activities, the last show will be aired next week on September 9th, 2010. In the meantime, the BBC has announced that Benji B‘s will be leveled up from Radio 1xtra to a Radio 1 slot.

Here’s the download for the Digital Mystikz guest part only.

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Digital Mystikz – Return II Space

Digital Mystikz - Return II Space

Cover Artwork

When tracks first popped up on Gilles Peterson or Benji B, the new solo album from Mala was still set for a release in May. Two months later and you still didn’t get anything but a watery mouth – until now.

As of today, Return II Space is widely available in all good record stores. The generous use of vinyl already hints at a release of epic proportions: the six tracks are spread over three records – and yes, they are epic! The album has been released under the name of Digital Mystikz, though long-time collaborator Coki seems not to be involved in this one. Here is a preview of all the tracks:

A. Unexpected
B. Pop Pop Epic
C. Mountain Dread March
D. Eyez
E. Livin’ Different
F. Return II Space

Without a doubt, this will be on a lot of people’s grand list by the end of the year. It’s limited. You want it. Juno and Boomkat have it.

Worldwide Podcast with Mala

Deep Medi Musik founder Mala, part of the Digital Mystikz production duo, has been sitting together with Gilles Peterson in the Brownswood Basement to chat about “his musical roots, dubplate culture, the evolution of the dubstep movement.” Needless to mention he also played some of his favourite records.

Gilles Peterson Worldwide Vol 2. No. 15 (download)
01. Mala – Level 9
02. Mala – Livin’ Different
03. Mala – Education
04. Burning Spear – Door Peeper
05. Little Roy – Hurt Not The Earth
06. Augustus Pablo – East Of The River Nile
07. Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint
08. Quest – Smooth Skin
09. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Theo Parrish Remix)
10. Mizz Beats – My World

You can download the mix from the Worldwide website, it’s part of the fantastic Worldwide Podcast. If you’re not subscribed by now, you should no longer sleep on it!

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