Martyn & Copeland – Love Of Pleasure

Following his collaboration with Kieran Hebden, Dutch producer Martyn today premiered another track taken from his new album on Ninja Tune. This one is a feature with former Hype Williams partner Inga Copeland on vocals. “The Air Between Words” will be out in about two weeks time on June 16, 2014. Pre-orders available on the NinjaShop.

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Martyn + Four Tet – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)

There’s little info about this tune from Martyn and Four Tet, but you’ve probably heard it in one of their DJ sets from the last couple of months. Apparently, it’s taken from Martyn’s forthcoming album The Air Between Words on Ninja Tune, set for a release in mid-June. Judging from the name, the version you can hear above is probably different from the album track. As I said, no info available.

May 6, 2014 Kieran just confirmed on his new show on NTS Live, that the version above is not the one on the album. Instead it will be available on a separate 12-inch.

Martyn – Solar Festival Mix

The first mixtape in ages comes from Martyn and it was recorded at the Solar Festival last summer. Contains a lot of well-known tracks from the last couple of years, but that shouldn’t bother anyone.01. Ben Klock – Napoleon Hill
02. Martyn – Miniluv
03. Altered Natives – The Bitch
04. Manaré – Voodoo (Lvis1990 Mix)
05. Kode9 – Black Sun
06. Martyn – Vancouver
07. Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Mix)
08. DVS1 – Floating
09. Lone – Pineapple Crush
10. DJ Duke – Blow Your Whistle
11. Space Dimension Controller – J2TCOTUS (Kyle Hall Mix)
12. Cooly G – Phat Si
13. Manoo – Agoe
14. Mosca – Square One VIP
15. Jan Driver – Rat Alert
16. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
17. Martyn – Elden St.
18. Tiga – Gentle Giant (Martyn’s Mix)

No download this time, but you can stream it from MixCloud 24/7.

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Kode9 – You Don’t Wash (Martyn Remix)

The LA Times has posted this Martyn remix of You Don’t Wash alongside an interview with Hyperdub founder Kode9.

The original track is taken from the latest DJ-Kicks, which is available since today. You can download the remix here!

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Martyn presents The Night Time (Is The Right Time)

As much as I was looking forward to it, in the end I wasn’t exactly blown away by Martyn‘s contribution to the Fabric Mix series. It’s different with this free mix, containing many new tunes I’ve been feeling lately.01. Pariah – Orpheus
02. Von D – Miss Maui feat. Moxy Phinx
03. Scuba – Three Sided Shape
04. XI – Light
05. Joy Orbison – So Derobe
06. Girl Unit – Temple Keys
07. Addison Groove – Footcrab
08. Ramadanman – Glut
09. Untold & LV – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix)
10. Kyle Hall – Kaychunk
11. SBTRKT – Pause for Thought
12. Deadboy – Heartbreaker
13. S.Y.N.K.R.O – Inhale
14. Pangaea – Memories
15. Instra:mental – Vicodin
16. James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
17. FaltyDL – Bravery
18. Fantastic Mr. Fox – If I
19. Mount Kimbie – Serged (FaltyDL Remix)
20. Mount Kimbie – Maybes
21. James Blake – CMYK

Without further ado, here’s the download link. Enjoy!

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May 19, 2010 As Martijn Dykers, the musician most of us refer to as Martyn, pointed out on Facebook this mixtape is not by him.

XLR8R Podcast by Martyn

To become a genre defying producer, it takes a diverse taste and deep knowledge of music. That description certainly fits Dutch producer Martyn, and on the latest podcast for XLR8R he shows why. From “classic house and techno, heady hip-hop, avant-garde beats, new-wave pop, and more”, he takes you on a journey through diversity.

XLR8R Podcast by Martyn01. Washed Out – Get Up
02. Lukid – Veto
03. King Midas Sound – Lost
04. Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall
05. Anthony Shakir – Shake it Up Dub (Remix)
06. Robert Owens – Bring Down the Walls
07. Lone – Once in a While
08. Jacob Korn – Grosskariert
09. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow (Actress remix)
10. Prince – When Doves Cry
11. Dez Williams – Abandoned Emotions
12. DJ Duke – Future Blast
13. Glass Domain – Interlock
14. Drexciya – Lost Vessel
15. The Future – Daz
16. Aardvarck – Tulti
17. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #5
18. Basic Soul Unit – Hopy Unity Vision
19. Adonis – No Way Back
20. K-Alexi – Vertigo
21. J Dilla – Nothing Like This

As usual, XLR8R let’s you choose between high-quality MPEG4 Audio and a standard MP3. You can get them both on the original site.

On-Point TV interviews Martyn

Here’s another one of those great video interviews by the On-Point crew. Together with Martyn, they visit his hometown Eindhoven to talk about the city’s influences, the Detroit techno sound and how all that ended up in one of the biggest dubstep albums to date, Great Lengths.

Only recently, Martyn has put together the 50th edition of Fabric’s classic mix-series. You get your copy from the Fabric website, starting this week.

Martyn – Great Lengths

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

I don’t recall a record this year that was nearly as anticipated as Martyn‘s debut longplayer Great Lengths. The album is officially out since yesterday and it’s set to change the perception of dubstep forever. For those of you who are critical towards dubstep, this could turn out to be the first album in your collection, as it’s the yet best proof for the genre’s versatility.

In contrast to Benga or Skream, who seem to compete over the sickest sounding synths or the heaviest bassline, Martyn creates a deep organic sound. The mood of the album compares more to the sound of Appleblim or his label, Apple Pips, which incidentally started with a record from Martyn. As a result, you get a warm and rich sound, at times revealing its Detroit techno influence, making it work on both dancefloor and headphones.01. The Only Choice *
02. Krdl-T-Grv *
03. Right? Star!
04. Seventy Four
05. Little Things *
06. Vancouver *
07. These Words (feat. Dbridge)
08. Bridge *
09. Elden St.
10. Far Away
11. Hear Me
12. Is This Insanity (feat. Spaceape)
13. Brilliant Orange *
14. Natural Selection *

* CD exclusive tracks While my personal favourites include Elden St., Far Away and Natural Selection, the two vocal tracks deserve special mention. Dbridge‘s soulful vocals turn These Words into a classic single with potential for major radio airplay. Longtime Kode 9-collaborator Spaceape sounds refreshingly different on Is This Insanity?, not that I ever disliked his distinct voice.

The order and blending of all tracks, completed by two beatless compositions,  turn Great Lengths into something bigger than the sum of its tracks. However, this applies only to the CD version, as some of the tracks are missing on vinyl,  including the standout tracks  (Vancouver and Natural Selection were previously released on 12-inch).

Juno Records currently delivers both, the CD and the triple LP for free, a download is also available.

Apr 22, 2009 Martyn lists his favourite records for the Best of Bleep charts!

Great Lengths Album Launch



Dutchmen Martijn Deykers is a DJ and producer better known as Martyn. Originally a drum & bass producer, he put out several dubstep 12-inches in 2008 on his own 3024 label. Even more people might know him from his Flying Lotus remix of Roberta Flack, or his mixtape for Mary Anne Hobb‘s radioshow, recently re-aired in her best-of-2008 show.

Martyn is definitely someone to watch out for, playing a very unique type of dubstep-meets-techno. His debut album Great Lengths is due this spring, and to celebrate its release, there will be launch parties taking place in London and Berlin.

In the meantime, you can download his 120 minutes DJ-set recorded last year at London’s Fabric.