MED BLU MADLIB – Bad Neighbor

There’s little to say about a record with collaborators of the quality of MED, Blu, and Madlib. Nope, Madlib’s skills haven’t worn off. Yes, it’s great record. The incredible line-up includes guests such as MF Doom, Dâm-Funk, Frank Nitt, Oh No, Anderson Paak, Hodgy Beats… Why do I feel like trying to sell something that’s already sold?

Just go on, get your copy. Don’t let that fugly sleeve spoil the whole thing, just think about what Bo Diddley sang. You can buy this everywhere: Rappcats, iTunes, your favourite record store. Everywhere!

Origins of the Villain

Like many hip-hop producers, MF Doom sampled countless movie scores and television series. French audio-visual group Now Futur pays tribute to the masked rapper and producer with this montage of these movies. Apparently, this was used as an opening for one of Doom’s shows. You can also listen to the mix on SoundCloud or grab the download here.

(via Tedikuma)

Captain Murphy – Between Villains

Captain Murphy - Between Villains

Unless you avoided social media in the last couple of days, you must have heard this collaboration between Flying Lotus alter-ego Captain Murphy, Vikter Vaughn and Earl Sweatshirt. A free download is now available through Adult Swim, and that’s what I’ll leave you with for tonight.

Jneiro Jarel – JJ DOOM Mix

I just realised it’s been way over a month since we last had a dedicated mixtape post. This was an easy choice to make, being a fan of both Jneiro Jarel and DOOM, who just released one of the best hip-hop records this year: Keys To the Kuffs. The guys at Dazed Digital made this one happen, and it’s accompanied by a little interview worth reading.

01. Cash Money And Marvelous – Ugly People Be Quite (Intro)
02. JJ DOOM/Tears For Fears – Winter Blues/Head Over Hills (Jneiro Jarel Re-Edit)
03. Zulu Beats Show (Whbi) 1981 (Jneiro Jarel Re-Edit)
04. JJ DOOM/Portishead – Guv’nor/Sour Times (Jneiro Jarel Re-Edit)
05. Doom – Gazzillion Ear (Dr. Who Dat? Remix)
06. Jneiro Jarel – Get Yuh Own Vs Beetle Juice
07. Gary Numan – Are ‘Friends’ Electric
08. JJ DOOM – Rhymin Slang
09. JJ DOOM – Rhymin’ Slang (JJ Tron Remix)
10. Gray – So Far So Real
11. JJ DOOM – Retarded Fren
12. Glows In The Dark – Bennie (Revisted By Jneiro Jarel)
13. Björk – My Juvenile (Jneiro Jarel’s Minimal Animal Remix)
14. Jneiro Jarel – Dark Moon/Cafe/Dr Doom (JJ & DJ Jamad Edit)
15. JJ DOOM – Dawg Friendly (Outro)
16. Aeb/JJ DOOM – Chea Chea/Banished (feat. Jneiro Jarel & Karen Gibson Roc) (JJ Mash Up)
17. Jneiro Jarel – Bird Charm
18. JJ DOOM – Bite The Thong (feat. Damon Albarn)

On the downside, this one is only available for streaming, but of course there are always ways…

JJ DOOM – Key To The Kuffs

There’s probably no need to tell anyone that the long awaited collaboration between Jneiro Jarel and MF DOOM will hit the stores on August 21st. And you have probably streamed the entire album by now (otherwise click above!) and already know about its greatness.

So let me give you a couple of other updates you might have missed. There was plenty of press, including noteworthy interviews in FACT Magazine and Spin, as well as this article in the Guardian. Next up is a rare DOOM DJ-set on August 24 at London’s Concrete, followed the duo’s first live performance at Bestival. I’m sure you can hear bits from the album on that huge Medicine Show gig later in October (also in London), otherwise there’s another official JJ DOOM show later in November.

As for the album, I’d get it directly from Lex Records as the vinyl comes with download codes. Needless to say it’s available everywhere else including Boomkat, Bleep, Juno, HHV and of course iTunes or Amazon.

September 3, 2012 Make sure not to miss this exclusive JJ DOOM Mixtape!

MF Doom vs Misery Bitch

Hot new track from Altered Natives here, as the London-based producer put his fingers on MF Doom’s My Favourite Ladies – and as you can hear it’s nothing less than a killer.

And since it makes sense to share the good things, Danny offers the track as a free download on his SoundCloud. Get it!

Weekend Mixtapes

Following that MoMA podcast from some years back, Prefuse 73 returns to the museums with a new mixtape recorded at the American Museum of Natural History last Friday.

We gave you an Alexander Nut mix earlier this week, now here’s another one put together for the guys at Hyponik.

Waiting for a recording of Jneiro Jarel’s set at Boiler Room isn’t so bad when you get DOOM‘s set instead. That’s right, the masked rapper played there for 60 minutes last week.

This is not the first time we share one of Sotu The Traveller‘s mixes, and being huge fans we’d like to point you to his new one for fashion/design blog Ajanaku.

With his new album Lineage out on Ghostly since January, Shigeto put together a mixtape containing nothing but music from the label.

Two more uptempo mixes to finish this off. Greymatter did a mix for the Get Some podcast and Scuba played a two-hour set for Beatport.

Dabrye – Air (fLako & Robot Koch Remix)

Almost forgot about this one (or how it ended up on my drive), but I’m glad I haven’t. Thanks to MF Doom’s distinct voice, Dabrye’s original version from Two/Three has always been a favourite on the album.

The Kode9 remix managed to take the track into a different direction, and the track was still a bomb. That made me think if there’s anything one could do to make this track sound bad (as in horrible). Though it should be possible, I find it quite hard to imagine!

So, it’s probably all about giving it a unique twist, taking it in a new direction – kinda like Kode9 did. Berlin-based producers fLako and Robot Koch stay in hip-hop territory and still manage just to do just this. The outcome is a nice laid back version of Air. Have to play it on repeat a couple of times, as it only runs for a bit longer than 2 minutes!