Black Quartz Mixtape #003

Abby Lee Tee is a DJ, producer, sound artist, and one of the leading figures in Linz, Austria’s nightlife, where he’s in charge of a monthly club night called “The Future Sound”. Today he shares with us a one hour mix of an amazing 43 pieces, on which he shows his love for soundscapes, field recordings, beats, experimental & electronic music.

Recently, he worked on a tape of field recordings, titled “Imaginery Friends I“, available through UK based label Czaska Records in early December.01. Fred Jüssi – Black Woodpecker
02. Serb – Moat Shore
03. Meitei – Sankai
04. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Cosmophonicphonofunktopolis
05. Sonia Levy – Skjálfandi
06. Carlo Giustini – Eden
07. Dym Quell Holo – Hand With One Mind
08. Gibraltar – Jejunum Two
09. Ogris Debris – Next Life (The Reboot Joy Confession´s Blodge Remake)
10. Dabrye & MF Doom – Air (fLako & Robot Koch Remix)
11. Medaphoar – Nightlife (instrumental)
12. Alain Goraguer – Le Bracelet
13. D-Styles – The Murder Faktory
14. Antiehdas – Whatever (feat. Coco Bechamel)
15. Misel Quitno – Seams Of The Days (Part Three)
16. Sandra Boss – Luft (A1)
17. Red Brut – Garde
18. The East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (instrumental)
19. Abby Lee Tee – Simulacrum VI
20. Pete Rock – Collectors Item (instrumental)
21. Nas – The World Is Yours (edit)
22. The Ahmad Jamal Trio – I Love Music
23. Fred Jüssi – Tengmalms Owl
24. D-Styles – Hamburgers & Chocolate Icecream
25. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Listen (feat. D-Styles)
26. Prefuse 73 – Hairy Faces
27. Dj Excess – Mud Bubbles (Abby´s Scratch Break)
28. Dorian Concept – You Give And Give
29. Ricci Rucker & Mike Boo – Homeless In New York
30. Alain Goraguer – Meditation Des Enfants
31. Σ – Struktur III
32. Maria W Horn – Fides Minus
33. Grouphums – Weathered (Side B)
34. X.Y.R. – Purple Sunset
35. K-lone – Clouds
36. Bambooman – Manatee
37. Bambooman – Ricochet (Matthew Herbert Remix)
38. Pascäal – Windows / Doorways
39. Serb – 334th Hurdle
40. Gibraltar – Jejunum Two
41. Meitei – Tsukumo
42. Abby Lee Tee – Quarreling Coots And Booming Bitterns At Avalon Marshes (reimagined)
43. Olivia Block – Dissolution (A2)

As always, download for subscribers only!

Citinite 2003-2016


Most people will probably know Manuel Sepulveda for his work as Optigram, the name under which he designed pretty much every record sleeve put out by Hyperdub. That body of work clearly overshadowed his other operations, including co-founding and running the Citinite label for more than a decade. Today marks the 10th anniversary of their first release and yet it’s a sad day, since they decided to pull the plug and call it “goodnite”.

There’s a new website that let’s you revisit (or discover)twenty releases from the last decade, not all of them actually realised. Some of the unreleased music can be listened to on this special mixtape.

Jimmy Edgar – Hot Raw Sex (Complexxion remix)
Jesse Saunders – On & On (unreleased 1984 remix)
Lil’ Kenny – Straight to Your Head
Mynk Rychardz – Human Robots (Gosubs night dub)
Lil’ Kenny – Cyberlove
Robert O’Dell – Love Me… Can You Hear Me?
Gosub – Slave to You
Robert O’Dell – Miles & Miles
Gosub – Black Nova (AUX 88 remix)
Mynk Rychardz – Blastin
Complexxion – Intro 7
JLin – 808
JLin – Downtown
Rozzi Daime – Dirty Illusions
Mynk Rychardz – Hang Glyde

And if that ain’t enough, make sure to check Manuel’s radio show from last year, in which he played some more lost music from the label.

Farewell, Citinite. You will be missed!

Detroit Not Detroit III

It’s almost been two years since Georges of Lamixtape invited me to compile a playlist for the website. As the name maybe suggests Detroit Not Detroit the focus lies on techno music from the motorcity, but also music drawing inspiration from it, anything that (in my humble opionion) carries a certain Detroit vibe. A second volume followed a year later, and since everything needs to be a trilogy for some reason, the final volume went online this week.

Detroit Not Detroit III01. Autechre – Windwind (Warp)
02. St. Vitus Dance – Tunnel Vision (Peacefrog)
03. Seven Davis Jr – Summers (Apron Records)
04. Deadbeat – I.D. 6 (BLKRTZ)
05. Los Hermanos – Quetzal (Los Hermanos)
06. Clark – Riff Through The Fog (Warp)
07. Huerco S. – Elma (Opal Tapes)
08. Ron Trent & Chez Damier – Morning Factory (Peacefrog)
09. Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Remix) (Playhouse)
10. Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights (City Of Starsigns) (R&S)

You can listen to the selection on Lamixtape or Spotify!

Scratcha DVA – Shazam City Mix

Hyperdub man Scratcha DVA goes all broken on his latest mixtape uploaded to his SoundCloud page. Despite being called Shazam City Mix, the software was not able to identify all the tracks. Even worse, it includes a couple of tracks I know sitting somewhere in my shelf, but I wasn’t able to identify them all (the Bembé track mixing into Jill Scott bugs me the most!)01. Reel People feat. Darien – Upside (Bugz Dubside Mix)
02. unknown
03. Shokazulu – Hips Don’t Fail Me Now
04. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Stars Shine For You
05. unknown
06. Dego & Kaidi – Acting up on that Shit Don’t Count
07. Vikter Duplaix – Manhood
08. Jill Scott – Golden (Remix)
09. unknown
10. Jazzanova – Soon (Domu Vocal Mix)
11. Shokazulu – Sammy Sebastian
12. DVA feat. Zaki Ibrahim & Metrodome – Solid
13. IG Culture – DJ Power (Use It)
14. The Free Design – Lullaby (J-Nova Remix)

If you’re able to help, feel free to post a comment!

Detroit Not Detroit

A couple of months back, Georges of Lamixtape approached me whether I’d like to contribute a mixtape. Mixtape as in putting together a cassette for a friend, that’s the whole idea of the website. Took me while, but in the ended up compiling a top 10 of favourite Detroit techno tracks, including music by non-Detroit artists.

Lamixtape: Detroit Not Detroit

Everything you need to find out more about the tracks included:01. Psyche – Elements (1990, Transmat)
02. Clark – Christo (1995, Planet E)
03. Splinterfaction – Ultraism (2004, Digital Soul)
04. Ian O’Brien – Mad Mike Disease (1996, Ferox Records)
05. I:Cube – Tunnel Vision (2003, Versatile Records)
06. Nu Era – Marz 2010 (2001, Archive)
07. As One – Undefeated (2001, Ubiquity Records)
08. Stacey Pullen – Tsunami (2001, Science)
09. Neon Jung – Too Many Facets (2011, Magic Wire Recordings)
10. Domu – The Long Way Up (Nu Era Remix) (2004, Neroli)

Now head over to Lamixtape and listen to Detroit Not Detroit, only available this August!

Spargel Trax

Spargel Trax Vol. 1 & 2

Not only lies Record Store Day more than a month in the past, the asparagus season is almost over as well. As But discovering good music is never too late, so let us talk about Spargel Trax. The connection between vinyl and asparagus (Spargel in German) might not seem obvious, but the date of asparagus harvest coincides with Record Store Day. Hence London’s Don’t Be Afraid label decided to bring together their love for delicious vegetables and jacking house beats.

1. Lily – Dollen Haze
2. Freeman – Points D’Amour
3. Herbaceous – Love Tips
4. Spargel-Tarzan – Sauce Hollandaise
5. James Duncan – Bed Stuy Beat
6. Untitled-W – Green & White
7. Slazenger’s People – Basel Piss Test
8. Melvin Elephant 303 – Spargel Jack

Mr Beatnick, who released two excellent EPs on Don’t Be Afraid, put together this Ich Liebe Spargel minimix to give you a taste of both EPs. And since it’s all about taste, each record contains a recipe how to make the perfect asparagus – that’s what I call dedication.

Guessing from the numbers stamped on my copies, there might be only 300 of each record available. If these got your mouth watering, get them from Juno, HHV or Boomkat!

Sven Swift – I’m Odd Fashioned pt. 1

Sven Swift - I'm Odd Fashioned Pt. 1

Cover Artwork

You know Sven Swift best from his work as Error Broadcast label manager or you probably came across one of his mixtapes before. A couple of weeks ago, he asked if I wanted to host his jazz mixtape and today it’s finally going up.

I’m Odd Fashioned pt. 1 (stream)
01. Eric Dolphy – Hat & Beard
02. Joe Henderson – Black
03. Antônio Carlos Jobim – God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun
04. Bobby Hutcherson – Idle While
05. John Coltrane – Lonnie’s Lament
06. Sam Rivers – Involution
07. Pharoah Sanders – Colors

But let’s hear about Sven’s motives for digging out some jazz records rather than the ill beats from all corners of the world (like Russia.)

The 1960s were awesome times for Jazz music, or more precisely, Anti-Jazz music. Pioniered by the likes of Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane, young US American Jazz cats shifted the genre to a whole new level exploring the modal qualities of Jazzmusic. At the edges of Free and Avantgarde Jazz (the New Thing!), music full of beauty and adventure was created.

My two-parts mixtape showcases a small selection of artists and songs from this period of time I found matching each other, somehow. There’s a certain atmosphere of odditiy about each work, bridging antithetic artists as Sam Rivers and Antonio Carlos Jobim or Anthony Williams and Charles Mingus.

As if you didn’t know, there will be a second part available some time next week. Only, you won’t find it here, it will be hosted and posted by our mates of You’ll Soon Know. And that’s not the only good reason to check their blog!

October 18, 2010 As promised, here’s the second part of this mix..

Weekly Bits 12/2009

We’ve already been blessed with quite some mixtapes this week, but there are some more to follow in this post.

What is good music? This website of the same name compiled tracks from Daz-I-Kue, Rich Medina, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Peven Everett, Erik Rico, King Britt and many others on their Spring Sampler 2009. What makes this one special is that it allows  you  not only to listen to the tracks online, but also to download all of them for free in MP3 format.

My favourite podcast this week came from Robotronic Radio. The show is called The Depot and in their eighth edition they not only feature Dorian Concept (including an interview), but also play a nice selection of electronic music from wonky hip hop to dubstep.

Which brings me to the more prominent Deviation show on BBC Radio 1, which also featured Dorian Concept. Benji talks with Dorian about his album When Planets Explode, his live performances and future plans. You can listen to that on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days or with some luck you can find a download of the show.

I know there are quite some Parra fans out there. For owners of an iPhone, there’s a free app called Parra Plays. That’s a collection of three casual games (including Memorize and a Simon clone) featuring Parra‘s artwork.

From Ben Westbeech comes this house mixtape, which he has posted via Twitter.  So did Alex Phountzi of Bugz in the Attic with the Greenmoney Showcase, a mix that’s  more on the broken tip.

Soulparlor Promo Mix

Soulparlor are a DJ and production collective based in Mainz, Germany. Apart from having produced an album, several EPs and a track for last year’s Here Comes Treble compilation, they also run the clubnight You Move Nothing If You Don’t Move Yourself. They previously struck me with their beautiful flyer designs for that night, and today they blew my mind with their latest mixtape.


I’ve got to say, I don’t remember the last time I heard such a fresh set of broken beats! Unfortunately, there’s no tracklist and I’m of no help either.  It contains many tunes I haven’t heard before, but I guess that’s not a bad thing.

You know nothing, if you don’t hear it yourself!