Pixelord – Keramika (Naive Machine Remix)

Since they first sent me their promo package in summer 2010, Brighton-based label Hit and Hope went straight in one direction and that’s upwards. They can pride themselves with a strong roster, great artwork and a golden hand for remixers.

Their latest 12-inch by Pixelord is no exception and it’s probably the label’s most well received release to date. In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to tell you any of these, because you picked up a copy long ago. Well, things aren’t always that perfect so here’s another free tune to get the word out.

You can download this Naive Machine for free, let the magic happen, then pick up your copy of Keramika from Bleep, Phonica, Juno or Boomkat.

Naive Machine – Night at mine

Looks like we have to revisit Robot Ramification one more time as Hit and Hope are giving away a b-side that didn’t make it on the release.

So, you might want to download this if you love Naive Machine as much as we do.

But there is even more: those who leave the message “ROBOT COMP” on Hit and Hope’s Facebook or Twitter are entering the competition to win one of five copies of Robot Ramification on vinyl!

Naive Machine – Tiltin Ova (Pixelord Remix)

Brighton’s Hit and Hope label released the fantastic Robot Ramification 12-inch by Naive Machine in mid-August. And this week you’re getting a digital release containing exclusive remixes from Virtualboy, KRSUR, Jon Phonics, Pete Cannon.. and Pixelord.

I was a bit undecided between featuring this or the KRSUR Remix, but in the end my love for 8-bit sounds took over. And that is why I have to sneak in Naive Machine’s Castlevania 3 remix in to this post as well.

As for Robot Ramification, get the digital release from Bleep or Boomkat. The 12-inch is also still available and it comes with an exclusive Om Unit Remix!

Mad-Hop Vol. 1

Mad-Hop Vol. 1

Cover Artwork

Started as a group on last.fm in 2009, Mad-Hop has finished their first release. Simply titled “Mad-Hop Vol. 1”, the compilation features music from some familiar names such as Hit and Hope’s Naive Machine, Svetlana Industries’ Filtercutter, Robox Neotech founder Doshy or Bitesize Beats.01. Jimbo Matsumoto – Tight Production
02. B$Q – Anyone else disturbed
03. Kixnare – Dreamin’
04. Doshy – 3ws
05. Appleyard – Combinator
06. Bitesize Beats – Moonboots
07. Naive Machine – Juump
08. Homeless Inc. – How Human Are You
09. Mählib – Walla
10. Burguez – Homework 3D
11. Mad Steve – Dvolp
12. Filtercutter – Eastern Sham
13. Polyklinik – Rollover
14. Some1Else – Social combing r2
15. GETEYE – (EYE)HerLevel
16. Teielte – Joymos
17. Dnte – Video game
18. B$Q – Prisoner of debt
19. BeFP – After Life (ressurection)
20. Depakote – Mr.Holtzman
21. Minoo – Just close

All 21 tracks are available in various digital formats and for a price of your liking. Head over to Bandcamp to listen and download your copy!

Naive Machine – Sept I Share

Hit and Hope‘s very own Naive Machine is giving away a tune I’d like to share with you this weekend.

Go for the download and keep an eye out on MySpace for more tunes and event updates.

Hit and Hope

The other day, I received a beautifully packaged press kit from Brighton’s new Hit and Hope label. Once I removed the shiny silver wrap, it revealed several postcard designs, a poster and a CD sampler. Click below to see it yourself!

Hit and Hope

On the sampler are six tracks from forthcoming releases by Naive Machine and Klic, ranging from bleepy 8-bit beats to deep moody dubstep – just the sound we love and promote on this site.

Naive Machine – Cement Mix (clip):

Klic – Forward (clip):

Expect Naive Machine’s single “Cement Mix” out next week on July 19th, later in August Klic should follow. If you’re in or around London, you can catch Naive Machine performing live on July 30th at Corsica Studios.

For more on this young label, visit the Hit and Hope website, grab the free download and follow them on SoundCloud, MySpace or Twitter.