Lord RAJA – A Constant Moth

Not as obvious as some of the bigger titles this year, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who anticipated the release Lord RAJA‘s debut album on Ghostly International. Following his seminal releases on the Astro Nautico, it was only a question of time when some bigger label would sign the 22 year old producer from New York. With label mates such as Dabrye, Com Truise or Shigeto, the Ann Arbor-based label looks like the right choice. So, finally, the wait is over: “A Constant Moth” is available as of today! If you haven’t had the chance to listen to any of the upfront leaks, like the tune featuring Jeremiah Jae, you can stream the album in full in the SoundCloud widget above.

You can order your copy from Bleep, HHV, Boomkat or iTunes. Spotify listeners follow this link.

FaltyDL – Do Me (Bruk Mix)

Following his album In The Wild, Drew Lustman is readying a new EP with remixes by the likes of μ-Ziq, Blueberry-signed Brrd, Los Angeles-based E+E, and remixes by FaltyDL himself. Eight tracks in total, the EP called “///I\II\\\\” (yes, really!) will be out on November 27, 2014 via Ninja Tune.A1. Greater Antilles VIP
A2. Rolling (μ-Ziq Remix)
A3. Frontin (Brrd Remix)
B1. Do Me (Bruk Mix)
B2. Grief (E+E Remix)
B3. GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583
B4. M ///I\II\\
B5. P ///I\II\\

Update: Added tracklist

FaltyDL – In The Wild

New York producer Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL has been teasing us with tracks from his new album, “In The Wild”, for some weeks now, but the wait finally comes to an end. The much awaited follow-up to last year’s Hardcourage will be available in record stores around the world starting on Monday. As he mentioned himself on last night’s Swamp81 show, he feels he returned to form, had a very productive year and so the album was finished in not time (“return to form”, can you believe he said that?!) I just had a first listen myself, and it’s nothing short of a great record, possibly his most diverse to date. But why don’t you give listen for yourself, aside from Spotify you can do so on the New York Times’ Press Play without having to sign up for anything.

Pre-orders for the album are available directly from Ninja Tune, Bleep or iTunes.

Also make sure to listen to the radio show I mentioned before, the interview starts at about 29:40 and Drew starts his mix at 35:56.

Huerco S. – B1

Following an earlier snippet, Anthony Naples’ Proibito label shared a full track from the forthcoming new EP by Huerco S., the New York-based producer responsible for one of my favourite albums of last year. There’s still no release date provided for EP called A Verdigris Reader, but I would say the preview indicates an imminent release. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

August 3, 2014 As mentioned in the comments, the EP is already available. I spotted copies at Bleep, Hardwax and Honest Jon’s.

FaltyDL – Huff & Puff Bruk

Everyone following FaltyDL‘s doings on Twitter might have noticed the NYC’s producers love for Dego‘s musical output. Following various tracks popping up in his DJ mixes, this love first manifested on Falty’s She Sleeps, which was treated with remixes from 2000black, and –if I remember correctly– an announcement for a future Dego release on Blueberry Recordings. This week though, with the release of a new 12-inch on Swamp81, FaltyDL seems to pay a special homage on the track Huff & Puff Bruk which instantly reminded me of the original version of Oscar’s Shed and Da One Away.

The new 12-inch marks Drew Lustman’s return to the Loefah-operated label, his first since the two Mean Streets releases came out, both of the now selling for ridiculous prices. Let this just be a reminder on how quick these might sell!

XLR8R Podcast by Laurel Halo

When I think of it, it seems like all my favourite records this year were released only within the last couple of months since summer is over. One of those albums is clearly the new Laurel Halo records on Hyperdub. On her mix for XLR8R, the NYC-based artist puts together a selection of music that could have been an inspiration for that making that record.

XLR8R Podcast by Laurel Halo
01. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Something for Trane That Trane Could Have Said (Edit)
02. Escola de Samba da Cicade – Improvisos na Batucada
03. Madteo – Pram Reset
04. TCB – Unchained (KM/MM Mix)
05. Subsaharan Spaceways – Shout
06. Population One – B2 (from A Simpler Form)
07. Matrix – Isthmus #Fast
08. Jam City – Water Edit
09. Boo Williams – Mistical Journey
10. Ken Nordine – Flesh
11. Blk_out – Sergecutty
12. Mass Prod & Herva – Mike vs Speak & Overdub As a Weapon Against Modern Laptop Wanking
13. Smith N Hack – No Gimmicks, No Flash
14. Sleeparchive – 7
15. Laurel Halo – NOYFB (Acapella)
16. Charles Manier – Octopus
17. Vester Koza – Maslo 03B
18. Dalglish – Donsfe
19. NSNT PRJCT – We Invented Dis
20. Ken Ishii – Stretch (Regenerated)
21. Ter(r)a – Underwater Vessel
22. Dresvn – A2 (from Acido 014)
23. Claude Young presents Golem Craft – B2 (from the Of Ages EP)
24. Factory Floor – Turn It Up (Laurel Halo Remix)

Download available in two formats–M4A and MP3–over on the XLR8R website.

Dorian Concept on the microKORG

Ever since Dorian Concept has been “fooling around” on the microKORG, he’s had a remarkable career that lead to a contract with Ninja Tune (it was their forum where he shared some of his first tracks – a looooong ago!) He’s back at the Red Bull Music Academy, this time sharing tricks he’s using while playing his beloved synthesizer, including a take on Trilingual Dance Sexperience.

Thanks Gavin for the tip-off!

Four Tet On His Live Set

Watch Kieran Hebden as he breaks down the setup for his live set for the students at the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC. Involves an Acer laptop running Ableton Live, a Monome, a SoundBITE XL Auto-Loop Module, Dr. Sample SP 303 and another laptop running Cool Edit.

Lord RAJA – Rubies EP

It was Swede:art who passed me a link to Lord RAJA‘s SoundCloud profile the other day. 24 hours later, many more learned about the New York-based artist as Ghostly announced signing him. On that occasion, the label is giving away a free EP which you can download here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Apr 15, 2013 Also check out Lord RAJA’s mixtape for Inverted Audio!

(via YSK)

Percussion Lab presents: Cambio

We’ve been using Percussion Lab for a little while now to mirror for our podcast series. The site was founded by Praveen Sharma, better known as one half of Sepalcure or under his solo moniker Braille. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Percussion Lab has released their first compilation titled Percussion Lab presents: Cambio and it’s available on a name-your-price basis. Among the artists are some fellow New Yorkers and friends or collaborators, including Lando Kal, Machinedrum, Daedelus, Mux Mool, Ezekiel Honig and Shigeto (as you can hear above!)01. Shigeto – Friends and Lovers
02. Machinedrum – Demvibez
03. XI – Villain
04. Mux Mool – Sympathy
05. Daedelus – RandD
06. Calmer – Spirograph
07. Archie Pelago – Brewer’s Reflection
08. Ezekiel Honig – Plastic Rumblings
09. Handshake – Lao
10. RJ Valeo – You’re the One
11. Sepalcure – All You’ve Got To Lose
12. Contakt – Drift
13. Enoe – The Craze
14. Lando Kal – Cube
15. Braille – Rise

Happy Birthday, Percussion Lab, to another ten years!

FaltyDL – ……..

A couple of years ago, I called Drew Lustman (aka FaltyDL) the rightful successor to Domu, a statement that’s probably a bit bold. Sure, every now and then you can hear a slice of broken beat in his productions, but Drew has always been interested in exploring different kinds of music: garage, dubstep, house, or even IDM. It’s probably the constant experimenting, stretching the boundaries of genres, the drive of the beats and the subliminal melancholic undertone that makes me draw such a comparison.

Above you can hear one a new track by the NYC-based producer and I think confirms all that I’ve said in the first paragraph. No additional information has been supplied, but I have some doubt that it’s taken from his forthcoming album. Speaking of which, Hardcourage will be out on January 22, 2013. A first single, Straight & Arrow, is already available in stores and it comes with a wonderful remix by Four Tet.

Shigeto – i-D Magazine Mix

Brooklyn’s Zachary Saginaw releases music under the name of of Shigeto, his last two albums came out on Ann Arbor-based Ghostly International. For i-D Magazine, he went through his catalogue to play a selection of his work, both old and new, throwing in only a few tracks by other producers.

01. Shigeto – Intro
02. Shigeto – Trickling
03. Shigeto – Soaring
05. Shigeto – Eternal Life
06. Shigeto – Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4
07. Tycho – Adrift (Shigeto Remix)
08. Shigeto – Two Five One (feat. Josef Deas)
09. Shigeto – Our Life (feat. Kadence & L05)
10. Shigeto – If U Want 2 (feat. Kadence & L05)
11. Taku – Down Brandy
12. Raja – He Won’t Pay Me
13. Shigeto – Please stay

No download as it seems, but there’s a little interview with the man.

Beats in Space with FaltyDL

When I first came across FaltyDL circa 2009 (remember Party or To London?), I thought I discovered another cool UK producer. Turned out he was New York-based, but like Sepalcure, he had a very London sound to him. Since then, he has shown to be way more versatile to be pigeonholed, and he continuously proves so on his releases for Planet Mu and Ninja Tune. Another side of that versatility can be found in his DJ-sets, like this mixtape for latest Beats in Space radio show.01. FaltyDL – Spanish Fly
02. Candido – Thousand Finger Man
03. Theo Parrish – Moonlight
04. Troubleman – Toda Hora
05. Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits
06. Oriol – Flux
07. Tony Allen – Asiko
08. Mos Def – Umi Says (FaltyDL Edit)
09. Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica (FaltyDL Remix)
10. FaltyDL – The Huff And Puff Bruk
11. Untold – Motion The Dance
12. Dego – Late Night Fright
13. Floating Points – Arp 3
14. FaltyDL – Hardcourage (VIP Mix)
15. D’Angelo – How Does It Feel (L-Vis 1990 Mix)
16. Rick Wilhite – Get On Up!! (Theo Parrish Late Dub)
17. Cajmere – Brighter Days
18. Hardrive – Deep Inside
19. Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
20. Luke Vibert – Homewerk
21. Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall

I’d tell you to go ahead and download the mix, but then you’d miss out the first part of the show with DJ Harvey. But you need to click here to get both!

Machinedrum & FaltyDL – Give In 2

It should be no suprise really. Two guys got New York in common, they hangout together, eventually end up making music together. Happens all the time, and this time it happened to Machinedrum and FaltyDL.

Oh, and yes – the track is a free download too!

What Is The Red Bull Music Academy?

It’s needless to say that every young musician dreams about going to the Red Bull Music Academy once in his lifetime, but I think it doesn’t stop there. There are actually people who wish they were doing music so they could go or who wish there was a RBMA for different crafts but music.

In 2012, the academy will stop in New York City and here’s a little video explaining you what it’s about.

Applications are open now, but before you fill out your form you might want to take another look at How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy.

Best of luck!