The Blessings – Galaxy High

The Blessings - Galaxy High

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While I’m always thankful to receive upfront releases, I prefer to write about them near the release-date. This way you can walk in a shop and actually get yourself a copy. Sometimes it’s me forgetting about them, no matter how good a release is. That’s exactly what happened in the case of Glasgow’s The Blessings.

But enough of the excuses, let’s talk about the music. The Blessings are Dominic Flannigan and Martyn Flynn, founding members of the LuckyMe label and collective, alongside Hudson Mohawke and Mike Slott. That said, you can picture the direction the sound is going.

A1. Ariseee Henson
A2. Faberge
A3. Moranis Riding Ants
B1. Keith Sweats
B2. Ibaseta
B3. Hot Song

The EP was released two weeks ago on Kindred Spirits sublabel Nod Navigators, you can buy it directly from the label or mailorders such as Juno or Boomkat.

If you really need more time to consider, head over to their SoundCloud profile where you can listen to four of the tracks in full length. Only today, they have uploaded their first of the many remixes to come.

Mwëslee – Eurocarne EP

Mwëslee - Eurocarne EP

Cover Artwork

Kindred Spirit sister label Nod Navigators has been among the first labels to release up and coming producers from the “beat generation”. Among the label’s roster are the likes of Aardvarck, Tom Trago, Dizz1 and, of course, Dorian Concept.

Their latest EP comes from Spanish producer and 2005 RBMA alumni Mwëslee, for whom it’s already the second release on the label. On Eurocarne he abducts the sound of the eighties and takes it fast-forward to the year 2010. Crazy synthesizers that remind of Hudson Mohawke, definitely a recommended release.A1. Eurocarne
A2. Nova Olimpia
A3. Variations Pour CX Pallas
B1. Far Loop Era
B2. Pacifico
B3. Mañana Calor

Available on 12-inch and as digital release, Eurocarne should be in stores the next couple of days. Get your copy directly from Rush Hour or any other good record shop.

Focus on Dorian Concept

The debut album When Planets Explode from Dorian Concept is set for release next week In fact Rush Hour has it on stock already! A lot has been written about the young Austrian producer, for whom 2008 was clearly a breakthrough in his musical career. His tracks have received massive airplay by the likes of Benji B, Jay Scarlett and of course Gilles Peterson, and in just one year his music got released through three different labels. Today, I want to take a look back and focus on the early material, hoping to give you a complete image.


If you have absolutely no idea about whom I’m talking here, you might want to start by watching some of the videos Dorian has recorded at his home, on which he is “fooling around” on various Korg synthesizers, the Alesis Micron or the toy-ish Casio SA-21. Dorian Concept is part of a new wave of electronic hip-hop producers, which is represented by the likes of Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Hudson Mohawke, Nosaj Thing or Dimlite. He took piano lessons from a very young age, and now, in his early twenties, masters synthesizers like no other.

His first official release dates back to 2004, on the small (now defunct) Viennese label Vitamine Source. What followed are the digital EPs Nouns and the Relevance of Wood (2005 on Project 168) and Seek When Is Her (2006 on Earstroke), both available as free downloads. It’s this latter release which gained wider attention and eventually lead to the TrebleO Beat Tape on Domu‘s then newly founded label.

Leave Before It’s To Early
Forced Laughter Might Save Your Life
Seek When Is Her
Korean Dubstep

Also in 2006, Dorian and the Italians Mickey Eats Plastic swap tracks to remix each other. The outcome are three remixes which are available for download. Not to forget the remix of Paradigm Shift, a track from the Soulhack album by SoundCloud founder Forss.

Paradigm Shift (Dorian Concept Remix)
Exactly as my identity my music is a hypothesis (Dorian Concept Restir)

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet experienced Dorian Concept in a concert, but there are multiple videos on YouTube and several live-recordings I can recommend. One of the more recent recordings is from the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards, bits from the concert have been featured on both the radioshow and the podcast. I also want to mention the lovely Jazz to Spaz mixtape made for Mondayjazz, featuring tracks from Alice Coltrane, Miles Davis, Roy Ayers, Funkadelic, but also Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Dabrye and Four Tet.

So, that’s a lot of stuff to go through already, and I don’t want to repeat myself on the remixes he made, the jazz session or the outcome from the RBMA. I want to finish this article with a recollection of the physical releases from Dorian so far. Back in August 2008, there was a 7-inch with Sam Irl on Bonzzaj Records, followed by an EP on Affine Records, and the teaser to his debut album. Single tracks are also available on Here Comes Treble and Jay Scarlett‘s Circulations compilation, remixes have been made for Fulgeance and Waxolutionists. For Swedish singer Kissey Asplund, Dorian has produced her Silverlake EP.

Apart from the debut album on Nod Navigators, the first release under the Fyrd alias is also expected this year on Aber Records.

Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

It might seem a little that Dorian Concept is taking over this blog. Well, I won’t let him take it over entirely, but I think this boy deserves all the support he can get. His label Kindred Spirit has just posted this mini-website, where you can listen to full-length previews from the upcoming LP When Planets Explode. You can also pre-order a copy on vinyl, as usual Kindred Spirits puts its music into a beautifully designed sleeve.01. Clap Beep Boom
02. Freehanded Monkey
03. Color Sexist
04. Mesh Beam Splitter
05. The Fucking Formula
06. Fort Teen
07. You Tiresome Thing
08. When Planets Explode
09. Her Marshmallow Secret
10. Two Dimensional
The official release date for this record is the 13th of February. If that seems too long to wait, you should listen to Dorian’s concert at the Worldwide Awards at Cargo. It will be online for the next 6 days only!

Interview with Dorian Concept

Today, I had the pleasure to talk with Dorian Concept, a young talent from Austria who gained a lot of attention last year. Since his download-only Seek When Is Her from 2006, he added A TrebleO Beat Tape for Domu’s label, and his first 12-inch Maximized Minimalization on young Austrian label Affine to his discography.

Can you briefly tell us who you are and what you do ?

Definitely, I’m Dorian Concept – Artistname-Wise, in my 20s and live in Vienna/Austria. Also a multimedia-art Student, so therefore I study and besides that make mostly music by myself.

How did you get into making music? Is there a defining moment you can refer to?

In the “by myself” way I started making music about 6 years ago I believe. I think the most memorable experience I had, was just having my friend show me this programme called “Buzz”, which was a really cheap tracker music-making software. It was impressive to see how you get a melody line from typing in letters and numbers that stood for key and octave like “C#1 – D#2”. So in the beginning it was just fun, like an alternative to playing Mario Kart or something.

2008 must have been a  busy year for you, touring all over Europe, releasing several records. Now, at the end of this month there will be “When Planets Explode”. Do you refer to it as your debut?

Yeah I think you could call it that. It’s like a debut mini-LP I suppose, because with its 30minutes it still leaves you with a certain need for an additional 15-20minutes. But yeah, it’s definitely a debut with the amount of tracks that are going to be on it.

It will be released through Nod Navigators, a fairly new sub-label of Kindred Spirits. Can you tell us a bit about them, how did this album come about?

Nod Navigators I feel is a playground for certain artists that are interested in experimenting with instrumental Hip-Hop or just electronic music, and had dope releases from people like Mweslee and Tom Trago. I was introduced to them through Cinnaman, one half of the Beat Dimensions, earlier last year, and from there on things just started taking their own course.

Which other labels are you working with, is there anything to look out for?

There is a fairly new label here in Vienna called “Affine Records”, which was founded by a good friend of mine. I had my first EP called “Maximized Minimalization” released on there a couple of months ago and also play keys for an instrumental jazzfunk-band called “JSBL”. Besides that I was part of a compilation for Circulations, who will also still release a 7” with two tracks this year, and did some stuff here and there.

But I will still have to see what this year brings, as I’m just trying to get some new stuff together after this release on Kindred Spirits.

I recently stumbled across Sam Irl, with whom you released a track on Bonzzaj. How did this happen? Is there more coming?

Sam and I did that track a while back. Because he is also based in Vienna, I was over at his house and we pretty much put the whole track together in one afternoon. He’s definitely an all round great person and dope musician to work with, and I’m sure we’ll head back to the studio at some point. But nothing planned for now.

You seem to make good use of the Internet to get people to listen to your music, how much do you think it contributed to your popularity?

That’s a good question. I definitely think that more people are aware of me now than before because of a couple of tracks that I put up for free download, but it wasn’t the main thing that got people talking. But I’m sure it’s a vital part. I think I tend to give away certain tracks, because my bond to them might not be as big as the bond I have to other tracks. I just have loads of music that I know I’ll never release, and in a way I’d feel guilty just keeping them all on my computer. So yeah, sometimes I just feel like sharing those tracks, eventhough I think I should maybe be more careful also because if the output of an artist is too big, it can happen that you don’t really appreciate the music that much anymore.

You attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, what did you take from there?

I met a bunch of really impressive people, that I try to stay in contact with but can’t because they’re so many! And one feeling that ill never forget is just being around 50+ musicians for two weeks straight. Listening to the stories they had to tell, from their worst DJ-gig to their biggest rave, from their Russian bought Software to their most expensive Synthesizers. I would’ve thought that I could get sick of just talking about music the whole day, but really, I didn’t.

Next week you’re playing at the Worldwide Awards. Any more gigs planned?

Yeah, there’s quite a lot coming up in the next 3 months. First off I’ll fly over to Australia and play at the “Laneway Festival”. It’s held in almost all major cities there like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Then head over to China for two gigs and then back to Europe to play in Amsterdam and hopefully still in Athens, Switzerland and London again.

Thanks for your time!
My pleasure, man

Dorian’s debut When Planets Explode goes on sale January 29, it can be pre-ordered on Rush Hour. For further informations, his music and his gigs, please visit him on Myspace.

Dorian Concept – The Fucking Formula

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

The new Kindred Spirits sub-label Nod Navigators has just dropped The Fucking Formula from Dorian Concept, a 12-inch preceeding the young beatmaker’s debut album When Planets Explode, which is set to be released in January 2009. The single’s title track was already coined a classic on Benji B‘s Deviation show and it’s accompanied by two tracks, that will not be on the album.

1. The Fucking Formula
2. Sweet Yard Sale (non-album track)
3. United Tree (non-album track)

I don’t have any snippets for you, but why don’t you just go to the Rush Hour Store, where I have spotted it in the first place!

Also not on the album is Ding Ding Thing, an exclusive track from the compilation to the 2008 edition of temp~ festival. Dorian made a performance there in summer, I have received this recording from my friend Idleberg.