OL & ¥oin – Sink

Graphic designer Halvor Bodin is the man responsible for this new music video by OL & ¥oin. Nutriot regulars might remember the former for his debut release on Error Broadcast last year, now the Russian producer teamed up with a Scotsman to release another debut – this time being Fine Grains Records first ever EP. The record came out yesterday and is available from a variety of digital outlets.

OL – Combination

With B-Ju’s Prozac People and more recently Cocody by H-SIK, Error Broadcast ventured into new musical territories, namely the uncharted territories between garage and footwork. They have a new release from OL (who you might remember from the Fly Russia compilation) in the pipeline and they continue to venture a little more, “embracing both Footwork tempi, the production aesthetics of Trap, and the fathomless echo chambers of Dub.”

Titled Body Varial, the EP will be out vinyl and digitally on October 8, 2012.