Afronaught – Transcend Me

When Bugz in the Attic‘s Orin Walters released “Transcend Me” in 2001, West London’s broken beat sound got one of its first, if not the anthem and probably the most important tune for the genre.

While borrowing heavily from Masters At Work’s When You Touch Me, Afronaught emancipated the track with a crazy percussive build-up, raising the tension with every bar, and Melissa Browne’s powerful vocals. “Transcend Me” has not been the first broken beat track, but it is considered the first by the many who first got to hear about that genre.

And now, soon ten years after its release, it is available as free download on SoundCloud!

May 24, 2015 The first version of this article used a SoundCloud embed

Weekly Bits 7/2009

From now on I’m going to summarize some of the news that I did not cover in a full article. These weekly bits might not be a regular thing, but should be posted on weekends. So, let’s start with week 7 of 2009.

Orin Walters from Bugz in the Attic, otherwise known as Afronaught, did an interview for It’s a good read, focusing on the beginnings of his music production, the Co-Op parties and the current state of the West London scene.

The latest show of Deviation had special guest Phil Asher talking about the Phlash & Friends album. You can still listen to the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next couple of days, or grab the full show (or just the Phil Asher part) for your iPod.

Also, the launch party for the album will take place next Wednesday at London’s East Village. The night features singers Zansika, Shea Soul and Sandra Nkake, DJs include Zed Bias, Bopstar and Afronaught, the entry is free! If you need a taste, why don’t you rewind this video.