Fhloston Paradigm – Chasing Rainbows

King Britt makes music under a lot of names, when I think of it, I probably even heard him first under one of his aliases. On Hyperdub, he goes by the name Fhloston Paradigm, put out an EP last year, and -if I remember correctly- there’s going to be a full length release later this autumn. New music only makes sense, now that this new video popped up. Check it out!

Saturn Never Sleeps

In this video, King Britt talks about his Saturn Never Sleeps project which he curates with his fiancée, the multimedia artist Rucyl Mills.

If you didn’t know the site, you will find great podcasts, weird music-related gadget among other things. But SNS also hosts concerts in a multimedia context. They previously had Flying Lotus, a Sun Ra tribute and next up are Taylor McFerrin and Sarah White.