Mo Kolours – How I

Mmmh, that’s interesting. I heard this Mo Kolours track before, but it has such a classic feel to it that I expected it to be and old Theo Parrish or maybe a Kenny Dixon Jr. tune. Instead it’s the title track from his latest EP, available digitally and on vinyl from his Bandcamp store. You can probably tell the video is the work of London’s animation studio Plastic Horse, who you might know for their work for Paul White, The Heliocentrics or Nochexxx.

Nochexxx – Thrusters

If you were impressed by their videos for Lukid, Paul White or The Heliocentrics, wait until you’ve seen the latest work from animation house Plastic Horse – it’s bonkers. More short film than music video, it’s already their second collaboration with UK-based Nochexxx. The music is a cross-section through their new album Thrusters, which is available now via Ramp Recordings.

Update You can stream the entire album over at XLR8R and grab a free download.

(via Sonic Router)

Paul White – Watch the Ants

One-Handed Music and Plastic Horse have teamed up again for another Paul White video (actually, it’s just a loop), following The Doldrums and Street Lights. This is the title track off Paul’s forthcoming Watch the Ants EP, a 10-track release featuring Trim, Sean Price, Homeboy Sandman and “rap superstar-in-waiting” Danny Brown.

I’m especially fond of the track above, for it reminded of the more recent work by Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion. Pre-order via Bandcamp, the release date is July 28, 2013.

The Heliocentrics – Collateral Damage

Taken from their latest album 13 Degrees of Reality, watch a new Plastic Horse-directed video by The Heliocentrics. Will do anything to avoid the word “trippy”, but sometimes certain words are stuck in your head. Now that I spoiled it, let me give you the iTunes link for the record and sneak out quietly…

Paul White – The Doldrums

The music coming up from the tube was our old friend, Paul White, from the dreaded Rapping with Paul White album. That’s a mediocre Clockwork Orange reference, the movie the track reminds me of.

The fantastic video was animated by the guys at Plastic Horse, and the track is available for free. Free!

Lukid – Stripes

UK based animation studio Plastic Horse came up with this video for Lukid.

You can find the track on the vinyl-only Chord album, which was released on Werk Discs last year. If you missed that one, you can still find some copies over at Juno!