Prefuse 73 – Still Pretending

I’m still not 100% with the last couple of Prefuse 73 releases on Temporary Residence, but this video —an animation by Lilfuchs— certainly caught my attention. The track is taken from this year’s Forsyth Gardens, released in April 2015 and which you can stream in full under the given link.

In other news, the pioneering beat-producer has signed a multi-album deal with former Warp hiphop sub-label Lex Records, with first releases to be expected in 2016.

Sons of the Morning – Sundays Buzzabout (Kelpe Remix)

Look at that, our dear friend Kelpe is back with a remix for Los Angeles’ Sons of the Morning, the duo compromised of Prefuse 73 and Teebs. The original is taken from their Speak Soon (Volume One) EP, released only a couple of months ago. And as there’s no description coming with the remix above, we can only speculate whether it’s going to be part of a second volume. However, you might also want to check out a second remix, courtesy of LA beatmaker Co.fee:

Sons of the Morning – Speak Soon (Volume One)

Just like the NSA, we’ve been monitoring every little step of Guillermo Scott Herren’s new Yellow Year label, eagerly awaiting the release of their first record. It turns out to be as wonderful as one would expect from either Prefuse 73 or Teebs, so we cannot but recommend picking up a copy. “Speak Soon (Volume One)“ is available now and you can choose between vinyl, CD and digital download. All of them are available directly from the label, Bleep, or your favourite record store!

XLR8R Podcast by Prefuse 73

The last time I heard a mixtape from Prefuse 73 was in January 2012, unless you count in that Sons of the Morning live set which is also older than a year. Before that, I remember one that came along The Only She Chapters in 2011 and another from 2009. It’s clear there aren’t too many available, so we’re excited about a new one for the latest XLR8R podcast, featuring music from some of our favourite records this year and some forthcoming music on his own Yellow Year imprint.

XLR8R Podcast by Prefuse 73 (download)
01. Prefuse 73 – Intro
02. Thundercat – We’ll Die
03. Lapalux – Dance (feat. Astrid Williamson)
04. Robert Koch – So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)
05. Nosaj Thing – Tell/Timetable)
06. Kelpe – Single Strips (Chesslo Junior Remix)
07. Prefuse 73 & Machinedrum – The Only Scarf
08. JJ Doom – Bookfiend (Clams Casino Mix)
09. Shigeto – Olivia
10. Moderat – llona
11. Teebs & Prefuse 73 (Sons of the Morning) – The Way That Winter Passed Us
12. FKA Twigs – Water Me
13. Mount Kimbie – Bave’s Chords
14. Lapalux – Flower
15. Shigeto – Ritual Howl
16. Triangle Method – Cloud Cover Mirrors
17. King Krule – Baby Blue
18. Andy Stott – Leaving
19. Boards of Canada – Sundown

As usual, this podcast comes in two formats – hHead over to the XLR8R website to make your choice.

Prefuse 73 launches Yellow Year Records

Yellow Year Records is the exciting new label founded by Guillermo S. Herren (aka Prefuse 73) and photographer Angel Ceballos. They kick off with an ambitious twelve-volume project titled Speak Soon. Each month a collaborative EP will see the light of day, featuring like-minded artists such as Dimlite, Nosaj Thing, Teebs or Lapalux. The trailer above plays music from Prefuse 73 and Teebs, who also form Sons of the Morning together.

Stay updated on label news via their Twitter or Facebook pages.

Sons Of The Morning Live at Boiler Room

The guys behind Boiler Room have done it again, for the third appearance in Los Angeles they invited the Sons Of The Morning, the latest project by Prefuse 73 and Brainfeeder’s Teebs.

A video recording is also available on YouTube, or you can download the set after subscribing to the Boiler Room podcast!

Weekend Mixtapes

Following that MoMA podcast from some years back, Prefuse 73 returns to the museums with a new mixtape recorded at the American Museum of Natural History last Friday.

We gave you an Alexander Nut mix earlier this week, now here’s another one put together for the guys at Hyponik.

Waiting for a recording of Jneiro Jarel’s set at Boiler Room isn’t so bad when you get DOOM‘s set instead. That’s right, the masked rapper played there for 60 minutes last week.

This is not the first time we share one of Sotu The Traveller‘s mixes, and being huge fans we’d like to point you to his new one for fashion/design blog Ajanaku.

With his new album Lineage out on Ghostly since January, Shigeto put together a mixtape containing nothing but music from the label.

Two more uptempo mixes to finish this off. Greymatter did a mix for the Get Some podcast and Scuba played a two-hour set for Beatport.

Prefuse 73 + Zola Jesus – The Misanthrope Meditation

The new album by Prefuse 73 is only a little more than a week away from its release. As a reminder, he and album collaborator Zola Jesus have put together a mixtape you can hear below.

01. Edward Williams – Life On Earth Begins In The Sun’s Energy
02. Charles Dodge – He Destroyed Her Image
03. Piero Umiliani Percussions – Jeunesse Problematique
04. Pril Smiley – Koloyosa
05. Demdike Stare – Quiet Sky
06. Otto Luening – Incantaion
07. Broadcast+The Focus Group – The Song Before
08. Ingram Marshall – Cortez
09. Piero Umiliani – Danza Galattica
10. Giampiero Boneschi – Psycho Analysis Lesson
11. Phonophani – Nold
12. Antonio Russolo – Corale
13. Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music II
14. Leb Laze – Static Radiates
15. William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin – Pathetic
16. Sam Spence – Moon Shot #27
17. Bruno Nicolai – Il Ritratto Di Evelyn
18. Vaclav Nelhybel – Vibrations In Outer Space
19. Robotika. Brainticket
20. Laurie Spiegel – Appalachian Grove I
21. Aggitation Free – Dialogue+Random
22. Bruce Hack – Haackula # 9
23. Alps – Marzipan
24. Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy
25. Alps – Telepathe
26. Mordant Music – Minor Pete
27. The Last Outro

If that’s your cup of tea, you can download it for repeated listens. Let me also remind you of that free track taken from the album.

Prefuse 73 – The Only Hand To Hold

Taken from the forthcoming Prefuse 73 longplayer The Only She Chapters, you can download this collaboration with singer Shara Worden. All it takes is registering with your email and you’ll get the download link.

The full album will be out on April 25th and it will be available on CD, LP and digital download. Visit Warp’s Prefuse 73 pagefor details.

Dimlite – Vacant

And here’s another Christmas freebie, this time coming from Swiss producer Dimlite. The track in question is a cover-version of A Cloud Mireya, one of Prefuse 73‘s side projects with singer Claudia Deheza.

You can download the track over at the Now-Again website. Merry Christmas!

Tardy Bits

There were quite some things worth mentioning in the previous week, but once again I was away for the weekend. Rather than waiting for the next weekend, let me give you an update today.

Nicolay’s tribute to Bob James already made it on a lot of blogs I’m reading, still it’s too good to leave it unmentioned. So, if you havn’t heard this one yet, get this track from the unreleased compilation “Sampling Bob James: The Nautilus Project”!

In preparation for his gig at the MoMA, Prefuse 73 has put together this podcast for Flavorwire, containing tracks from the likes of J Dilla, Tim Hecker, Hudson Mohawke and others.

Another nice mix comes once again from Beats In Space, host Tim Sweeney was visited by Faze Action who did a guestmix for the show. I haven’t listened to the most recent show which followed a week later, but it comes from Alex from Tokyo and should be worth a listen as well.

Well, if all that isn’t dark enough for your likings, why not try Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio Mix recorded at London’s Fabric.

Savath y Savalas Album and Interview

While Guillermo Scott Herren is best known under the name of Prefuse 73, he is also collaborating with other musicians from all over the world. I have previously mentioned an album with Dimlite (in production), and I heard about one or the other alias, but Savath y Savalas were entirely new to me – despite several releases on Warp Records!


Savath y Savalas is a collaboration between Scott Herren, Catalan Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Carlos Lange from Ecuador. Their fifth studio album La Llama will be released on Stones Throw in May 2009. However, a digital release will be out on Monday next week.

The title track of La Lllama is now available as free download, alongside a short interview with Guillermo about influences on the album and (euh?) Catalan Acid Folk.

Mar 16, 2009 The digital download is now exclusively available from Stones Throw

Dimlite Remixes

Record Sleeve

Record Sleeve

Let’s start with the good news: A strictly limited 12-inch with remixes made by Dimlite will be released in the last week of February on the Zurich based Ish label.

The vinyl exclusive EP features a remix of Hot Heavy Heat by Carlos Niño (Build an Ark, AmmonContact etc.), an “ecstatic arpeggio-synth-theme that receives its much deserved space on a shiny disc of plastic.” On the flipside it’s once again the Flying Lotus, whose track Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum from the Los Angeles album gets the Dimlite treatment. You can listen to both tracks on the label’s website.

A. Carlos Niño – Hot Heavy Heat (A Chase Theme) (Hot Air & Thick Plastic Remix)
B. Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum (Re-finitum)

The bad news concern the album Prismic Valuta Rising. On his MySpace page, Dimlite writes that it will not be available anytime soon. It’s my assumption, he hasn’t found an appropriate label yet. Let’s hope things get sorted out for him! There is still another album with Prefuse 73 in the making (confirmation), which could now preceed his solo work.

Mar 1, 2009 Juno now has the record in stock