FaltyDL – In The Wild

New York producer Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL has been teasing us with tracks from his new album, “In The Wild”, for some weeks now, but the wait finally comes to an end. The much awaited follow-up to last year’s Hardcourage will be available in record stores around the world starting on Monday. As he mentioned himself on last night’s Swamp81 show, he feels he returned to form, had a very productive year and so the album was finished in not time (“return to form”, can you believe he said that?!) I just had a first listen myself, and it’s nothing short of a great record, possibly his most diverse to date. But why don’t you give listen for yourself, aside from Spotify you can do so on the New York Times’ Press Play without having to sign up for anything.

Pre-orders for the album are available directly from Ninja Tune, Bleep or iTunes.

Also make sure to listen to the radio show I mentioned before, the interview starts at about 29:40 and Drew starts his mix at 35:56.

Huerco S. – B1

Following an earlier snippet, Anthony Naples’ Proibito label shared a full track from the forthcoming new EP by Huerco S., the New York-based producer responsible for one of my favourite albums of last year. There’s still no release date provided for EP called A Verdigris Reader, but I would say the preview indicates an imminent release. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

August 3, 2014 As mentioned in the comments, the EP is already available. I spotted copies at Bleep, Hardwax and Honest Jon’s.

Anthony Naples – Zipacón

Oh, and we have another one from The Trilogy Tapes we would like to announce today, for Anthony Naples releases his follow-up to last year’s El Portal on the label. You can stream all of the four tracks in the player above before making up your mind. The opener “Perro” has been a personal favourite ever since I heard it on the Hessle Audio show and I can’t wait to pick up my personal copy. Available from the TTT store and all good record stores as of July 20th.

Quiltland – Quiltland

I’ve briefly mentioned the self-titled Quiltland album in the post about my favourite music of the year so far, then being unaware it only came out yesterday. So I thought this deserves an extra post, because it’s a really great record (but then again that’s usually the case with Astro:Dynamics releases!)

As mentioned on Mr Beatnick’s radio show about a minute ago, Quiltland will perform at London’s Café Oto this Friday. Everybody else can buy the album from the label’s Bandcamp store, Bleep and all good record stores. If you ask me, the 1991 remix is worth it alone.

Panoram – Everyone Is A Door

I’m not entirely when and where this first came out. The SoundCloud set has been online for about a year now, while Bandcamp had it on sale since January. However, I only came across this wonderful record through this weeks newsletters. But hey, why would age matter when it comes to music? So, this is what I love about music, the moment you come across an artist you haven’t heard about, but the circumstances made you curious about it and let you overcome any prejudice over the unknown. I guess it helped that Scottish Firecracker Records put it’s label on the record and the good looking artwork is courtesy of House of Traps.

The music on Panoram‘s debut album surprisingly varied. I say surprised for I usually associate Firecracker with house music. But the use percussion on “Everyone Is A Door” is so subtle (if not missing entirely), that it couldn’t be further from being house. Yet, the synths on their own make references to some of Carl Craig’s early work, there’s a bit of Lone in it, and “Tiny Little Faces” sounds a lot like that Kidsuke album. As I said, it’s a mixed bag of all kinds of music, held together by its playfulness. In other words: go check it out!

Vinyl buyers should hurry up, the Firecracker store only has 9 copies left and from what I hear there won’t be any represses. However, you can also get copies on CD or digital download. Also available from Rubadub, Bleep and all good record stores.

A Race Of Angels – Just Begin / It’s Just Begun

We just talked about Theo Parrish a minute ago, I hope you’re ready for some more. With Wildheart Recordings, Theo set up a new label next to his Sound Signature imprint, a home to „out of the box left-field unclassifiable music.” The time has come for the label’s second release by West Coast duo A Race Of Angels, consisting of two tracks, one of which you might have heard on ArtDontSleep’s 2007 compilation From L.A. With Love. The b-side, which you can hear above, is the rework by an all-star production team consisting of Theo Parrish himself and 2000Black long-time collaborators Dego and Akwasi Mensah.

I cannot provide you with a definitive release date for this one, some sources claim it was released in late March, while others list it among this week’s releases. In either case, you should already be able to pick up your copy from your favourite record dealer or buy it online from Bleep, Phonica or even iTunes.

Kirkis – Worm Jelly

Between past records from Dego & Kaidi and future releases from Floating Points, Shafiq Husayn, and Fatima, it’s easy to overlook this latest gem coming from the Eglo camp: the new Kirkis 7-inch that dropped this week. It’s only the second release by the Melbourne-based producer and associate of Hiatus Kaiyote, but there’s more to come in the shape of his debut album “Liverbleach” on Eglo later this year. For now you get Worm Jelly, available on vinyl and digital.

Floating Points – King Bromeliad

London-based Eglo Records has been gearing up lately with the release of the Dego & Kaidi EP and a the forthcoming new album from Shafiq Husayn. Yet, here’s what’s quite possible the cherry on top of it all, new original music from label co-founder Floating Points. Never shy to throw a party or share amazing DJ sets, it’s actually been a full year since we last got new music from the man, when Wires was released on the Eglo compilation (and later on vinyl.)

“King Bromeliad” and its b-side “Montparnasse” will form the 37th release on the label which will be out soon!

Seven Davis Jr. – P.A.R.T.Y. EP

Following a release on Kutmah’s IZWID label and a some teasing from Funkineven, there’s finally some news about the new Seven Davis Jr record. Titled “P.A.R.T.Y.”, the Los Angeles-based producer’s new 12-inch will be released on Apron Records in only a couple of weeks time. These snippets should give you a better idea of how the real thing is going to sound before you can pick it up in your favourite record store on March 11, 2014!

February 28, 2014 The guys at Hyponik have a new 69-minute mix by the man

Martyn – Vancouver (Head High Remix)

This is somewhat typical: you hear a tune several months before it comes out, but once it’s available you have already forgotten about it. There have been far more extreme examples than this new remix of Martyn 2008 track “Vancouver”, but it almost went off my radar. Fortunately, the Head High remix made a huge enough impression on me when I first heard it on the Hessle Audio radioshow in late November, still I only found out it’s already been waiting in record stores since January 20th. It’s probably hard by now to get a copy on vinyl, but 3024’s new distributor Clone still has some in stock.

Dego & Kaidi EP

I wasn’t always sure what to make about those last couple of releases by Dego and Kaidi Tatham. The line between having a distinct sound and sounding the same can be a thin one, and indeed it sometimes seemed to me that all that changed was the name under which their music was released. Or maybe I was just into something else at the time. It doesn’t matter anymore, because their latest EP on Eglo Record sounds all good to me. Apart from that I’m happy to see the label and two of my favourite producers working together.

The self-titled 12-inch was released earlier this week, sports four new track (all of which you can stream above) and artwork by Swiss DJ and illustrator Sassy J. Available in all good record stores as of now or the Eglo Bandcamp.