Tokimonsta – Breath on my Contacts

Los Angeles’ Tokimonsta did a little bootleg remix of Télépopmusik’s Breathe and decided to upload it to her SoundCloud page.

You should download the track quick before the link expires. Also watch out for Tokimonsta’s forthcomign EP on Brainfeeder.

Caribou’s Swim Remixed

Here’s a nice little episode on how things can work out thanks to the internet. In short, the story goes like this: producer takes part in the Caribou remix-contest and eventually wins. The producer in question goes by the name of Altrice, kept in touch with Caribou‘s Dan Snaith and asked if he (or she?) could remix the rest of last year’s Swim album.

01. Siphon Away [Odessa]
02. Only What You Gave Me [Sun]
03. Peace Of Minds [Kaili]
04. Modern Song [Found Out]
05. Abe [Bowls]
06. We Are Not Forever [Leave House]
07. House Feels Empty [Hannibal]
08. Elsa [Lalibela]
09. The Man [Jamelia]

Dan agreed and the result is available as of today. All tracks are available for free download for a limited time. If you’re too late or want to show support, you can buy the album on iTunes.

Pixelord – Tron Legacy Remix

I’m probably the last person that cares about that new Tron movie and I’m not particularly into (post-Homework) Daft Punk either, but this new remix by Pixelord makes all the difference to me.

The track is still available for free download, but you might want to hurry before Uncle Walt finds out!

Flying Lotus – PieFace (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)

A day after witnessing Flying Lotus live at London’s Koko, XLR8R posted this remix by My Dry Wet Mess off FlyLo’s Pattern+Grid World.

Get the download now and stay tuned for some videos from the live-event!

(via XLR8R)

Comfort Fit – Sky Raper (AnalPhatBeat Remix)

German label Error Broadcast has posted this new remix by AnalPhatBeat, the original taken from Comfort Fit’s Private Primate 7-inch.

In other news, the label’s digital releases are now being distributed by Los Angeles’ Alpha Pup, meaning their back-catalog should be popping up on iTunes, Bleep, Boomkat and many others. They also signed a deal with German mail-order HHV for their physical releases.

Georgia Anne Muldrow remixes Suite for Ma Dukes

LA’s Georgia Anne Muldrow steps up to record a remix of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Suite for Ma Dukes.

Remixing Suite for Ma Dukes is a brave undertaking. Several producers and MCs at first accepted and then declined the job. In the end we think we got the right person. It is with great pleasure on the week of Mothers Day to release this remix. Done while mothering by none other than Georgia Anne Muldrow.

You have to visit the VTech website for the fullscreen version, there you can also download an MP3 of that remix.

Lil' Wayne Remix from Tokimonsta

While I’m not exactly a fan of rappers like Lil’ Wayne, my crush on Tokimonsta‘s music is undeniable. Which is why I have to share her latest SoundCloud offerings with you.

You might have heard this one before, it was taken from the Attention Deficit Remix Tape she released back in 2008. This is the first time you can actually download the track. Better hurry, could be one of those expiring links.

Another “vintage” track from Tokimonsta made it to her SoundCloud page, it goes by the name of Arm Candy.

Bugz in the Attic – Booty La La (Ishfaq remix)

Ishfaq‘s remix of the Bugz in the Attic hit single “Booty La La” has been around for ages, but I’m taking its recent upload to SoundCloud as an opportunity to give it a rewind.

This hip-hop paced remix followed shortly after the release of Bugz’ original version and preceded the probably more popular Ishfaq remix of their second single Move Aside.

Don’t let me leave it unmentioned at this point that the second remix compilation from Bugz in the Attic, Got the Bug 2, will be released next week!

Dabrye – Air (fLako & Robot Koch Remix)

Almost forgot about this one (or how it ended up on my drive), but I’m glad I haven’t. Thanks to MF Doom’s distinct voice, Dabrye’s original version from Two/Three has always been a favourite on the album.

The Kode9 remix managed to take the track into a different direction, and the track was still a bomb. That made me think if there’s anything one could do to make this track sound bad (as in horrible). Though it should be possible, I find it quite hard to imagine!

So, it’s probably all about giving it a unique twist, taking it in a new direction – kinda like Kode9 did. Berlin-based producers fLako and Robot Koch stay in hip-hop territory and still manage just to do just this. The outcome is a nice laid back version of Air. Have to play it on repeat a couple of times, as it only runs for a bit longer than 2 minutes!

The Roots – Criminal (Ishfaq Remix)

You might have heard of Red Bull Music Academy participant Ishfaq for his remixes of D’Angelo or Bugz in the Attic. For the latter he produced a great remix of Move Aside, a personal favourite of mine in the Bugz remix contest. Following a release on Scribble Records and the production on Stee Downes album (Sonar Kollektiv!), Ishfaq is back with a remix for the ongoing The Roots remix contest hosted by Indaba Music.

With only five days remaining, I hope I can win you to vote on his Criminal remix. Only the top 25 tracks will make it to the next round, in which the jury around  ?uestlove will have to pick the winner.