Knxwledge – Flyinglizrds

I guess I liked quite a couple of bits on this new Knxwledge album on Stones Throw, and of course the album artwork is something I’m very drawn to. At the same time I often have troubles buying a record of beat tape proportions, with hardly a track extending the 2-minute mark — but that’s just me. Anyway, today Stones Throw unveiled this video by the ever amazing RUFFMERCY, so you know you’re in for a visual treat.

Lone – Restless City

Lone’s Airglow Fires is a hard one to beat when it comes to choosing favourites from his last album Reality Testing (though I don’t really associate the track with the album, since it was first released a year earlier already!). However, “Restless City” is another favourite and it just received a video from the ever amazing Ruffmercy, the Bristol-based video artist (or artists?) responsible for many great videos.

“Reality Testing” came out in June this year on R&S Records.

Paul White – Where You Gonna Go?

If you count in the video for the Paul White-produced ODB, then this isn’t the first encounter between the London beatmaker and video artist Ruffmercy. But this is just me obsessing about the footnotes, maybe. What’s more important, we got another new song from the forthcoming R&S debut by Paul White. And I have to say now I’m more curious than ever to hear what he has come up with, it’s very different for sure.

Titled “Shaker Notes”, the album will be available on September 29, 2014. Pre-orders available directly from the label.

Wiley – Flying

I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Wiley, frankly speaking I don’t know too much of his output, leaving aside those two Mark Pritchard productions from last year. However, I did become a tremendous fan of Ruffmercy‘s work after seeing the videos for Blue Daisy, House Shoes and the others. So, enough talking – watch!

(Oh, and if you’re into Wiley, why not check out his new record on Big Dada dropping on Monday?)

Blue Daisy – Used To Give A Fuck

I was literally blown away after seeing Ruffmercy‘s last video for Blue Daisy (or the one for House Shoes!), now they’ve teamed up once again with the London-based producer. Used to Give a Fk is the title track from his latest EP on Black Acre, another collaboration with Unknown Shapes and available now on vinyl and various digital formats.

Get your copy from Bleep, iTunes and all good record stores. Also have a look at this t-shirt!