Björk – Hidden Place (Illum Sphere Remix)

A few days after finally getting around buying the original version, the Christmas spirit has come to Manchester’s Illum Sphere, who gives away his remix of Björk‘s “Hidden Place.”

Grab the download and say thank you, Illum Sphere!

Illum Sphere – One For Dimlite

A couple of weeks after a party with special guest Dimlite, Hoya:Hoya host Illum Sphere has come up with a track dedicated to the Swiss producer.

You can listen here, show love and leave a comment over at SoundCloud!

Illum Sphere for XLR8R

Following label-founder Martyn and 2562, Manchester’s Illum Sphere is only the third artist to release on the 3024 label. The Titan EP is available in stores now, comes with three tracks and is defnitely recommended.

In this video from XLR8R TV you hear Ryan talk about the making of the EP and eventually getting it released by Martyn.

Kidkanevil – When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce)

Oh my goodness, just heard this new remix by Illum Sphere and it blew my mind. The original is taken from the Bashō Bashō album by Kidkanevil which was released earlier this year.

I wish I could tell you a release date for this one, it should be “coming soooooon”. Watch out and don’t forget!