Apparat Band – Ash/Black Veil

I’ve been a secret fan of Apparat since his second album and I’m much looking forward to his new one on Mute coming in September.

If you’d like to hear more, download an MP3 of the track above. You can also catch Apparat live on tour.

Apparat – DJ-Kicks

Apparat DJ-Kicks

Cover Artwork

Over the last 15 years, !K7’s DJ-Kicks series has manifested its reputation as one of the best mix CDs. It’s no different with the latest installment by Apparat and yet it is different: it’s one of the best in the series.

As we didn’t feature many mixtapes lately, we’d really like to recommend this one!01. Apparat – Circles
02. 69 – Rushed
03. Telefon Tel Aviv – Lengthening Shadows
04. Apparat – Interlude
05. Luke Abbot – More Room
06. Oval – Legendary
07. Patrice Baumel – Sub
08. Martyn – Miniluv
09. Ripperton – Echocity
10. Cosmin TRG – Tower Block
11. Scorn – Falling (Autechre FR 13 Remix)
12. Born Ruffians – I Need A Life (Four Tet Remix)
13. Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht
14. Phon.o – Intervall
15. Burial + Four Tet – Moth
16. Vincent Markowski – The Madness of Moths
17. Ramadanman – Tempest
18. Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill
19. Spherix – Lesser People
20. Oval – TV Power
21. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow
22. Apparat – Sayulita (DJ-Kicks)
23. T++ – Worn Down
24. Tim Hecker – Borderlands

As you might know, Sascha Ring programs a lot of his own patches in Max/MSP. In the video below, he talks a bit more about his ways of making music. You might also want to check out a second video, in which he speaks more about making the his DJ-Kicks mix.

Apparat’s DJ-Kicks is available since last week. As usual, you can get the mix on CD (Amazon) and digital (iTunes“), some of the tracks are also available on 2-LP. The exclusive Sayulita should be out on 12-inch next week!