Doc Daneeka – I Promise (Kon Edit)

Earlier this week, the new Doc Daneeka EP “From Mine To Mistress” was released on his own Ten Thousand Yen label. Two of the tracks feature rising star Seven Davis Jr. on vocal duties, one of them being the lush I Promise. Unfortunately, the Kon (of Kon & Amir fame) edit you can hear above is not part of package, so you have to stick with the stream taken from his SoundCloud page.

Seven Davis Jr. – One (Live Edit)

Last year’s One EP was the first music by Los Angeles-based Seven Davis Jr. that caught my attention and eventually made his P.A.R.T.Y EP came out on Funkineven’s Apron Records an instant buy record. Earlier this week, the Classic Music Company released the follow-up, the Friends EP, which features the live edit of “One” you can hear above. Available in all good record stores!

Seven Davis Jr. – P.A.R.T.Y. EP

Following a release on Kutmah’s IZWID label and a some teasing from Funkineven, there’s finally some news about the new Seven Davis Jr record. Titled “P.A.R.T.Y.”, the Los Angeles-based producer’s new 12-inch will be released on Apron Records in only a couple of weeks time. These snippets should give you a better idea of how the real thing is going to sound before you can pick it up in your favourite record store on March 11, 2014!

February 28, 2014 The guys at Hyponik have a new 69-minute mix by the man