Sonar’s Ghost – The Remixes

While I’m wondering where this whole drum & bass revival will go and how long it will last, I’m still willing to follow it some more as it seems to be the right time to reminisce over that exciting period of my life. And along comes Sonar’s Ghost, half a year after those new/old tracks have surfaced, and this time they bring reinforcements. That term is not only true for the remixes themselves, but also owed to the fact that two old Reinforced label mates are involved in their making: Marc Mac in his Nu Era disguise and Mark Force aka G-Force. All four tracks are available as a download release for £3 (or more) from the Ghost’s Bandcamp store.

Sonar Circle – Unreleased and Remastered

If you’re like me and your love for nineties drum & bass music was re-ignited by those many jungle footwork releases (e.g. Phillip D. Kick or the Pseudogeddon compilation), here’s something to take note of. As reported the other day, we were speculating about the words accompanying that new Dominic Stanton track and the answer didn’t take long. Following two compilations of unreleased music on his former TrebleO label, here comes another collection of unreleased Sonar Circle tracks including two brand-new tracks.

Unreleased and Remastered” is available now for a minimum price of ₤4 on the Sonar’s Ghost Bandcamp page.