Actress – Maze

Director Luke Alexander has previously been involved with Werk Discs and Thriller, so this could actually be an official Actress video for a change. The track is taken from our favourite Splazsh.

There was a similiar video for Redit 124 some years ago.

(via hellohargi)

Actress – Supreme Cunnilingus

YouTube user theuglymugly has made some amazing videos before. For his latest he perfectly chopped up Jean Claude van Damme to music from Actress’ Splazsh album.

Make sure to check out his other videos for Dimlite, Lukid and another for Actress.

Actress – Maze (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)

Beautiful remix by My Dry Wet Mess, Barcelona based producer and latest signing on Magical Properties, the label run by Daedelus.

You can find the original on the much recommended Splazsh album, the remix is a download-only bootleg. So download it!