Abby Lee Tee – Hungry Cats (Swede:art remix)

German beatsmith and podcast contributor Swede:art is working hard these days. His latest remix for Abby Lee Tee is now available on his SoundCloud page and I thought I’d give it a spot here.

The remixes of Abby Lee Tee’s Stray Cat EP will be out real soon, and it comes with contributions from Ritornell (more about them soon) and several other beatmakers from Austria and Germany.

In other news, Swede:art also released a new mixtape for GloBeats.

Swede:art – Handclap Violins

German beatsmith Swede:art takes all the ingredients of a modern garage tune, but puts them together like a hip hop beat.

Easily the best I’ve heard from the man, I’m excited to find out what he’s up to with this. Also fits in quite well in today’s Actress selection, don’t you think?

Swede:art – Emotional Colors Remixes

Swede:art - Emotional Colors Remixes

Cover Artwork

While I like to question the concept of remix albums or at least consider them a bit old-fashioned, I’m also happy to see our podcast debutant Swede:art getting the remix treatment from so many artists I like.

Tokimonsta and Kidkanevil were fellow students at the RBMA 2010, Andreas Saag (of Swell Session fame) and Aroop Roy are still familiar names from the heydays of broken beat, and you’ve surely read about Ishfaq, Devonwho or Sam Irl on this place before.01. My Home Is Not Here (Kidkanevil Remix)
02. Linguistics feat. Stray (B. Bravo Remix)
03. Underpurpled (Dandario Remix)
04. I’m A R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
05. My Home Is Not Here (Railster Remix)
06. Linguistics feat. Stray (Sam Irl Remix)
07. Mosambique (Devonwho Remix)
08. Linguistics feat. Stray (Ishfaq Remix feat. Black Spade & Harry Moschops)
09. Mosambique (Duktus Remix)
10. Embrace The Chill feat. Pursuit Grooves & Comfort Fit (Waxolutionists Remix)
11. Embrace The Chill feat. Pursuit Grooves & Comfort Fit (Matt Flores Remix)
12. A Room Of Prayers feat. Caits Meissner (Edizione Crumar Remix)
13. Underpurpled (Aroop Roy Remix)
14. Sex On The Airplane (Andreas Saag Remix)

Quite a varied selection of styles can be found on this one, which can only mean that new audiences will discover the sound of Swede:art – and that’s what it’s all about. You might have heard some of these, like the B. Bravo remix which made it on Gilles Peterson’s radio show the other week. I’ve linked up some more tracks, but for a listen to the whole album head over Tokyo Dawn website.

The digital release is already available, a CD will follow on October 21, 2010.

Swede:art – Sex On The Airplane

A lot has happened since German beatmaker Swede:art launched our podcast last year, most notably finishing his debut album Emotional Colors.

It will be out on Tokyo Dawn on June 23rd and it features several collaborators from the label’s roster. For me the instrumentals are the real stand-outs on the album, which is why I chose the track above. More previews can be found on Swede:art’s SoundCloud page and his Emotional Colors Mix.

Mixtape Monday #13

It’s been a while since the last Mixtape Monday, so apart from featuring some of last week’s mixes, I will sneak in a couple of older ones.

Some weeks back, Gilles Peterson did a Drum & Bass Special on his weekly radio show. I never imagined I’d (still) feature that music on this blog, but when it comes to the late nineties I’m all set for that. If you missed the show, you can now download both hours from SoundCloud. Especially the first part is much recommended!

Also from Gilles Peterson is the podcast to promote the forthcoming Havana Cultura Remixed compilation.

Next up are a couple of house mixtapes for you. Aardvarck dug out some records from the 1988-1993 period and made this mix for New Worck. Philpot Records head Soulphiction made a contribution to the Bodytonic Podcast series, and from Mark E comes a new guest-mix for Warm.

Enrico Crivellaro, better known as Volcov or Isoul8, put together one, two, three mixes for Sunday afternoons. Expect folk, jazz and Brazilian music.

My favourite mix in this week’s selection probably comes from Austrian producer Daeque, whose mix ranges from Dimlite to David Axelrod, Wilco to Shafiq Husayn.

And now for you beatheadz: Big Up magazine has a bunch of post-RBMA mixes from the likes of Kid Kanevil, DZA, Swede:art, Tokimonsta, Daisuke Tanabe, 00Genesis and some others!

The latest episodes of Mamiko’s Hepcat Radio are also online, download or stream the shows with Seiji and Hudson Mohawke.

And lastly, I’d like to mention A Tribute to Matthew Herbert mix, which I’ve found on the Brownswood forum.

Swede:art – When Beauty Hurts

Having completed his two weeks at the Red Bull Music Academy in London, German producer Swede:art is ready to share a first result with you.

His debut album is expected to drop on Tokyo Dawn Records later this year, until then you can check his mixtape for Error Broadcast or give his podcast another play.

Weekly Bits 6/2010

Clothing label Stussy has posted the first of their three part documentary on J Dilla. Part two will follow on Wednesday, the third a week later. You might also be interested in their limited edition t-shirt, all profits are going to the  J Dilla Estate.

The story about Google deleting music blogs made the rounds this week and caused much uproar among fellow bloggers. Joe Muggs wrote a good piece on this matter, featuring a video with Jus Like Music‘s Gavin Handley. Also, Google has posted a response on their actions.

Fans of Erykah Badu might want to get their hands on the first recordings from 1993. Also, the video to her non-album track Jump in the Air has showed up on YouTube.

Having been out of print for sometime, the reissue of Dopplereffekt’s classic electro album Gesamtkunstwerk is finally back on vinyl. Get yourself a copy directly from the Clone Records shop.

On the mixtape front, I got new mixtapes from Swede:art, Fulgeance and Sbtrkt for you. The new JJ’s Smoking Sessions portrays soul diva Diana Ross and SoundCloud is hosting a 6 hours mix from Moodymann.

Another free%20download%20comes%20from%20UK%20soul%20singer%20Rahel,%20a%20track%20produced%20by%20no%20other%20than%20Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Lastly, Discogs has posted this rather irrelevant list of the top 100 most expensive records. One for the vinyl nerds I guess.

Mixtape Monday #7

Just when I finished last week’s post, Sonic Router posted an interview with Tokimonsta, accompanied by a nice mixtape. As you might know, she is currently touring through Europe, check out her MySpace for dates.

Speaking of dates, I want to make sure my London based readers don’t miss this Thursday’s concert of Build an Ark at Cargo. The lovely Beyondjazz crew dedicated their latest radio show to the Ark’s very own Carlos Niño, so don’t sleep on this.

More fresh beats out of Los Angeles come from Take aka Sweatson Klank (via YSK) and the Low End Theory podcast makes a return with Daddy Kev and Diabase on the decks.

Kirk Degiorgio, the man behind countless monikers including As One, The Beauty Room and Offworld, has put together a minimal set for Little White Earbuds. It contains many of Kirk’s more recent productions like ART-8 and Isomer Shift.

To give José James upcoming album some more spin, Gilles Peterson has put together a brand new podcast. You probably haven’t heard the latest 12-inch yet.

Hyperdub’s LV has mixed a selection of dubstep, hip-hop and even jazz for French magazine TSUGi.

Musique Large has two new treats for you, La Mixette 13 was mixed by Paul Pre and Vol 14. by Swede:art (hint).

As last, I give you two unusual mixes. First is the 100th FACT podcast put together by Norwegian disco-krautrocker Lindstrøm. Bodytonic invited Sven Weisemann to do a “classical-meats-electronic” mix for their podcast.

Interview with Swede:art

Following yesterday’s podcast, I was having a chat with Swede:art to give him a proper introduction to those that don’t know him. You probably read this already, but I decided to seperate the interview from the podcast post.

How did you first discover your love for music?

I come of really musical background, my parents and sister are musicians too, that’s why I’m a little bit determined to love and do music. I’m really discovering it for 5 or 6 years or so. At the beginning I was trying to gather skills as an MC, but soon I realized that I’m more into DJing and producing stuff. And that’s my bounty of nature I think. Couldn’t live without it and I think I’m really living under a rhythm.

What came first, playing records or making beats?

First of all I was a DJ and discovered the beauty of beatmaking later on. I’ve been DJing for 3 years now and producing for about 2 years.

I hear you’re releasing an album on Tokyo Dawn, what can we expect?

Oh yea, I think you can expect some jazzy and electronical beat goodness together with my man Duktus from Soulbasta. It’s a collaborative LP, if you want, running under a new-fledged project-name featuring the finest sort of singers, producers and MCs, it’s gonna be great! Watch out for this one, it’ll be out in early 2010.

Any other projects apart from that?

Yea, I just did a bouncy remix for the upcoming Remix LP of Tokyo Dawn’s best Comfort Fit. His groundbreaking Polyshufflez LP got remixed by huge artists like Domu, Opolopo, Laurent Garnier and other big kats. I’m really proud being able to do a remix for this!

You will be part of the RBMA 2010, what are your expectations?

Just everything, that’s all I can say. I’m looking forward to everything happening there. It’ll be massive. I know it.

So, you made this nice mixtape for this blog. What can you tell about it?

Oh, I just tried to start with some new tracks at the beginning, going on with some classic Stones Throw ish, trying to speed up a little bit and playing two tracks from Passau-based producers. Yes, and I’m going down with the tempo after the loud dubstep part.

For more of Swede:art’s music, be sure to visit his SoundCloud and MySpace pages, or connect with him via Twitter. On SoundCloud you will also find some of his older mixtapes. The tracks above were taken from the free ABC Alphabeat compilation, which you can download here.

Volume 01 – mixed by Swede:art

Ever since I started this blog, I have been thinking about adding a podcast. I first aimed for a launch around the first anniversary back in August, but there was simply no time. Today, I’m proud to present you its first edition, which was put together by German producer Swede:art. In addition to that, you should read an interview with the man, or listen to some of his music.

Listen | Download | Subscribe (iTunes)01. The Weedgeterian – We Like It Raw feat. ODB
02. Tweet – Call Me (Tokimonsta remix)
03. Onra – Shhhh
04. Hasim B – Tokyo to LA steez
05. Madlib – Chrome Dreams
06. fLaKo feat. Amenta – 04500
07. PPP – Stay With Me (instrumental)
08. Madlib – Selah’s Children
09. Dâm-Funk – Hood Pass Intact
10. Swede:art – Activate Your Concentration
11. Comfort Fit – Wicked Game (Swede:art remix)
12. Comfort Fit – Oh I don’t know feat. Dyno
13. Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish (Take remix)
14. Jneiro Jarel – Soul Starr
15. Awesum – Never Know
16. Knxwl3dg3 – Rite
17. Mew Sick -Electrocity
18. Samiyam – Powervinkel
19. Shlohmo – Antigravity
20. Burial – Southern Comfort
21. 16 bit – Jump
22. Nastynasty – No Names
23. Zero 7 – Everything Up (Joker & Ginz remix)
24. Kuhn – Raw
25. Hudson Mohawke – Overnight
26. Hudson Mohawke – Twistclip Loop
27. Mono/poly – The Beatles Bitch
28. J 83 – Dr. Wiley’s Groove
29. Low Limit – Inspirational Jumpsuit
30. Flying Lotus – Backpack Caviar
31. Lootpack – Make Your Ears Want To Bleed feat. Kazi
32. Shafiq Husayn – The U.N. Plan
33. AFTA-1 – The Time In Between
34. Flying Lotus – Spin Cycles

You can find Swede:art on SoundCloud, MySpace and Twitter.