Mr Beatnick – Waning Moon (Best Available Technology Remix)

You don’t need to be as wasted as I am on this Sunday afternoon to be able to enjoy the track above. No, not at all. But you can take my word that helps heaps in the process to fully recover from a night of partying. As mentioned before, London’s Mr Beatnick released tracks from his last couple of 12-inches on a CD called The Synthetes Trilogy. If you trust my word by now, you already got yourself a copy of the CD—or maybe the repressed records, if you missed them the first time around. Otherwise, let this remix from Best Available Technology be another reminder for you. Free download for newsletter subscribers!

December 6, 2013 The track is now a public download via XLR8R

Mr Beatnick – The Synthetes Trilogy

Mr Beatnick - The Synthetes Trilogy

It’s been a great decision to bring together Mr Beatnick‘s last couple of EPs and release it on CD, because this music works in an album-context and deserves to be heard by many more people. The Synthetes Triology collects most of the vinyl tracks, adds some bonus tracks and new artwork by illustrator Emily Evans. We’ve talked about the music in detail before, so this one meant to be a reminder for all people that do not own a record player: go and buy this, even more so if you’ve been waiting the last ten years for a new Metro Area album to drop.01. Synthetes
02. Symbiosis
03. Beneath The Reef
04. Waning Moon *
05. Casio Romance
06. Shifting Sands
07. Yacht On The Nile *
08. Sun Goddess
09. Nuit Blanche *
10. Savannah
11. Parallax Scroll
12. Never Dies *

* previously unreleased

The album is available as of today and you get your copy from Boomkat, Kudos, iTunes and all good record stores. There will also be represses of the previous EPs and a release party taking place on November 1st.

October 22, 2013 Added stream for the bonus beats