Tokimonsta – Go With It (live)

Mind if I share a pop tune with you today? I’ve never really been into Little Dragon and the sorts and I was a bit suspicious when Tokimonsta signed to that label. But well, it can be tiring to be a music snob all day and I guess I’m somewhat falling for the catchiness of this tune. It’s one of two songs recorded live on KCRW the other day, you can watch the other one over here.

Analogue Monsta – Conversion Theory

It must have been about a year since work on the Analogue Monsta album has first been announced, now the duo of Suzi Analogue and Tokimonsta have completed Boom. I’m not sure what I expected from the project, but since I liked both artists’ solo efforts, I expected something better. The album clearly has its ups and downs and in my opinion it doesn’t get any better than the track above.

If you’re interested in hearing the rest of it, you can stream the Boom in its entirety on SoundCloud or download it for free from Scion A/V.

TOKiMONSTA – Darkest (Dim)

I must’ve mentioned TOKiMONSTA‘s effort to get money for her first proper music video. Things went smoothly and it didn’t take them long to make this, but let’s take a look.

The video was directed by Doug Chang and the track was released a while back on Toki’s Creature Dreams EP.

LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 2

Compiled and produced by Hashim Bharoocha, the second LA loves Japan will be available starting tomorrow. Once again this compilation is meant as support for the victims of last March’s earthquake. For only $9.99 you get 26 tracks from the likes of TOKiMONSTA, Grooveman Spot, Free The Robots, MONKEY_sequence.19 and others from both sides of the pond.

01. Grooveman Spot – Promise
02. Omid Walizadeh – Gol Azeez
03. KK – op.311
04. Late Bloomers – Eenie Meanie
06. Labwaste – Collect All and Save
07. Conflict – Spacesuit
08. Jonwayne – 40 Winks
09. Keita Sano – Problem With Dub
10. ELOS – The Wired
11. MONKEY_sequence.19 – before computa
12. Free The Robots – Alpha Numeric
13. ZOOL.GEL – zoolaa
14. EmV – stop error
15. mabanua – Love Dub
16. The Life Force Trio – Bizarre Bazaar
17. repeat pattern – Bruce Lee Poster
18. Sacred – hope
19. mfp – here comes the lord
20. Languis – Chord
21. kazzzzz – plug_and_play
22. RLP – dukk
23. The Astronotes – wait a moment
24. TOKiMONSTA – Brugge
25. Subsequents(AZZURRO x DULO)- re-generation
26. Helado Negro – Con Suerte (Mezcla Adentro)

Make sure to visit the LA♥JPN♥LA blog to find artist profiles for each of the involved musicians.

Get yourself the download from Bandcamp or wait until tomorrow and find it on iTunes. In case you missed the first volume, it’s still available.

September 6, 2011 The Bandcamp player still isn’t working, but you can listen/buy the compilation at Boomkat or iTunes

Resident Advisor Podcast by Tokimonsta

It’s been a while since we last dedicated a post to a Resident Advisor podcast, but for the first lady of Brainfeeder we’ll gladly continue the tradition. So here are 52 minutes of music put together by the one Tokimonsta.01. Torso Kurten – The Fraternity Of Torture
02. Baris Manco- Lambaya Puf De
03. DJ Krush – Roll & Tumble
04. Stromba – Manphibian
05. Gonjasufi – Kowboyz&Indians
06. Tokimonsta – Brand New
07. Tortoise – Senecca
08. Luniz – Put The Lead On Ya
09. Samiyam – Already
10. Flying Lotus – Dirty Chopsticks
11. Häzel – Piano Boy
12. Tokimonsta – In The Mist
13. Jeremiah Jae – $Easons
14. Gucci Mane – Photoshoot (Flying Lotus Remix)
15. Jonwayne – Time Trial
16. Daedelus – Tailor-Made (Tokimonsta Remix)
17. Unknown Shapes – If I Should Die
18. Tokimonsta – Mileena’s Theme
19. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles
20. Fuck Buttons – Rough Steez
22. Oorutaichi – Futurelina
23. Austin Peralta – Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles
24. Beach House – Walk In The Park
25. Tokimonsta feat. Gavin – Darkest (Dim)

You know the routine by now: get the download, press play then read this little interview.

Tokimonsta presents LOVEWITHSOUND

The first lady of Brainfeeder, LA’s Tokimonsta is the latest contributor to oki-ni‘s podcast series and it’s a truly wonderful mix.

“I think I was going for a slightly odd romantic vibe, traveling through different genres of music that still maintain this eerie romantic feeling.”01. White Noise – Love Without Sound
02. Baths – Lovely Bloodflow
03. The Long Lost – The Art Of Kissing
04. Mono/Poly – Glow
05. Twin Sister – Lady Daydream
06. 2pac – Do For Love (Instrumental)
07. Express Rising – Neighborhood
08. José Larralde – Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
09. Telepopmusik – Breathe (Tokimonsta Remix)
10. Tokimonsta – Stigmatizing Sex
11. Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It
12. Houses – All Night
13. Jonwayne – Feature Mndsgn
14. Ras G – Shinelight
15. Dark Star – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer
16. Tokimonsta – Bright Shadows
17. Mono/Poly – 1000 Petaled Lotus (Awakened)

Unfortunately, this mix is available for stream only, unless you’re familiar with certain methods.

Weekend Mixtapes

There are quite some mixtapes making the round lately and it’s all quality stuff from what I heard so far. So if you’re not following my Twitter stream, here’s a roundup of recommended mixes to get you into the weekend.

With her new EP out on Brainfeeder, Tokimonsta is currently on touring across Europe and the UK. And for those that can’t make it, she has put together the Analogue Monsta, the first of a two part mix series.

Rinse FM had two absolute killers this week, first a two hours set from Africa Hitech, who also announced their new single this week. And secondly it’s SBTRKT‘s new show, which is even better than the previous. Lot’s of exclusives, new remixes and tracks from his forthcoming debut album.

We got a bit concerned about Dabrye lately, haven’t we? Pulse Radio managed to pin down the man for an interview and even got the man doing his first official mixtape. You wouldn’t want to miss that!

More beats are coming by the man of Jay Scarlett, who is guest on Pixelatique‘s latest podcast. And Pete Concrete has made an exclusive mix for this year’s Oddstream Festival.

Towards the end, let’s go uptempo again with BNJMN‘s mini mix for SHOOK, the new Solid Steel with a guestmix from Jackmaster and lastly a mixtape by Brendon Moeller.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Tokimonsta – Breath on my Contacts

Los Angeles’ Tokimonsta did a little bootleg remix of Télépopmusik’s Breathe and decided to upload it to her SoundCloud page.

You should download the track quick before the link expires. Also watch out for Tokimonsta’s forthcomign EP on Brainfeeder.

Flying Lotus in for Benji B

As I’ve been away for a couple of days, let me start this week by posting some essentials from the last couple of weeks. Like this recent Brainfeeder takeover of Benji B’s radioshow. There were some excellent substitutes before, Domu comes to mind of course. With appearances from Teebs, MatthewDavid, Samiyam, TOKiMONSTA or label head Flying Lotus himself, it should be needless to say that this show is something really special.

Matthew David
Oscar McClure Contingent — Uh_idk
Matthew David — Know you’re not alone
Matthew David — Noche y día / San Raphael
Matthew David feat. Dogbite — International
Matthew David — All you’ll never know

Teebs ft. Gaby Hernandez — Long Distance
Teebs — While You Doooo (Extended Version)
Teebs — Double Fifths
Teebs — Arthurs Birds
Bullion- Are You The One
Teebs — Humming Birds

Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus — Wax
Bilal — Levels
Pudge — Yung Infamous
Thundercat — Jamboree

Austin Peralta and Band (Live)
Austin Peralta and Band — Really
Austin Peralta and Band — Superfresh

TOKiMONSTA — Fall Dreams
TOKiMONSTA — Stigmatizing Sex
TOKiMONSTA — Tuesday (Edit Version)
TOKiMONSTA — Simple Reminder
kidkanevil — Lantern 1 (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)

The Residents — Hello Skinny
AZ — More Money, More Murder, More Homicide
Samiam — Pretend Roti
Master P — ½ On a Bag
Samiam — My Buddy
Roc Marciano — Raw Deal
Samiam — Where Am I?
Mobb Deep — Right Back At You
Raymond Scott — Unknown
Samiam — Dart Gun

Flying Lotus and Austin Peralta and Band (Live)
Flying Lotus — Mcrr
Flying Lotus — Dance of the Psuedo Nymphs
Flying Lotus — Clay – Warp Records

The show has disappeared from the iPlayer in the meantime, so you might want to listen to the stream above or download a copy to keep.

Tokimonsta – Autumn Heat

Tokimonsta - Autumn Heat

Cover Artwork

Recently voted as hottest female DJ in Los Angeles, Brainfeeder associate Tokimonsta has put out a new mix CD. Now limited to 500 copies in worldwide sale, “Autumn Heat” was previously on sale on Alpha Pup tour through Asia.

Unfortunately, the CD comes without tracklist, it features music from “Flying Lotus, Andreya Triana, Mike Slott, Lunice, J Dilla, Dimlite, Teebs, James Blake, Ras G, Daedelus, Dâm Funk, Computer Jay, Samiyam and all that jazz.”

I have spotted copies at Sounds of the Universe, Rush Hour and Boomkat, but you might find it as well at your favourite spot.

Tokimonsta – Alive

For the eighth installment of All City’s LA 10 series, Mike Gao and Tokimonsta each occupy a side on the 10-inch. Below you can listen to one of the tracks, there’s also a second track available on SoundCloud.

LA Series #8 is out now, get your copy from All City or Rush Hour!

December 15, 2010 All City is officially giving away the track “Park Walks”, you can download it for free!

Mixtape Monday #17

With Rednose Distrikt and Lukid we had some pretty strong mixtapes last week, not to mention the all new podcast. But time doesn’t stand still, so here’s the latest edition of Mixtape Mondays.

As you know, Mary Anne Hobbs‘ final show was broadcasted last Wednesday. Her guests on the show were Kode9 and Burial, their mixtape is available on Percussion Lab (full show here.)

Fact Magazine continues to put out quality mixes. Following the Four Tet podcast, they put up new ones by Baths and Zed Bias.

The international Worldwide show (as opposed to the UK show) had a guestmix by LA beatmistress Tokimonsta, you can grab the full show from Core News.

More music from Los Angeles comes on the new Low End Theory podcast, with mixes by Daddy Kev and (once again) Baths.

In the past, XLR8R presented a variety of UK based dubstep DJs, but for their latest podcast they had stateside duo Sepalcure.

British blog Allez Allez has a guestmix from Jimmy Edgar, recorded live at Berlin’s Berghain club. And while we’re at it, let me also mention their excellent Caribou mixtape from a while back!

Lastly, I want to mention some classic Brazilian music by the way of HVW8 and Red Rackem‘s guestmix for the OFFtrack radio show.

Tokimonsta – Midnight Menu

Tokimonsta - Midnight Menu

Cover Artwork

I was aware of several future projects by Brainfeeder associated producer and RBMA 2010 alumni Tokimonsta. Following her Cosmic Intoxication EP, out next will be an EP with London’s Blue Daisy on Team Acre. She also collaborates with Suzie Analogue as Analogue Monsta and completed remixes for Devonwho and Kid Kanevil.

What I didn’t know until today is that she has completed her debut album Midnight Menu and it’s available now from stores worldwide!

Here are two tracks you are probably familiar with. The first one is “Lucid Waking”, the second is called “Cheese Smoothie.”

And here’s a look at the full tracklist:01. Gamble
02. Sweet Day
03. Sa Mo Jung
04. Deathbydisco
05. Look-a-like
06. Cheese Smoothie
07. Lucid Waking
08. Solitary Joy feat. Shuanise
09. Simple Reminder
10. Questing
11. Madness
12. Bready Soul
13. Lovely Soul
14. Solitary Joy feat. Shaunise (RLP & Sauce81 remix)
Midnight Menu was released on the Japanese Art Union/Listen Up label, you can buy it digitally worldwide on iTunes or get yourself a copy on CD from Rush Hour, Piccadilly or WeNod.

Blue Daisy vs Tokimonsta – USD

What sounds a bit like that unofficial Flying Lotus remix of Mr. Oizo ($tunt$), is actually a collaboration of the highly talented individuals Blue Daisy and Tokimonsta.

The track will be part of the a forthcoming release on Team Acre, a sub-branch of the Black Acre label. If you like the track, leave them a comment on SoundCloud!

Aug 5, 2010 In the meantime, this has hit stores worldwide. Get the digital release or buy the vinyl at Rush Hour or Boomkat.

Mixtape Monday #13

It’s been a while since the last Mixtape Monday, so apart from featuring some of last week’s mixes, I will sneak in a couple of older ones.

Some weeks back, Gilles Peterson did a Drum & Bass Special on his weekly radio show. I never imagined I’d (still) feature that music on this blog, but when it comes to the late nineties I’m all set for that. If you missed the show, you can now download both hours from SoundCloud. Especially the first part is much recommended!

Also from Gilles Peterson is the podcast to promote the forthcoming Havana Cultura Remixed compilation.

Next up are a couple of house mixtapes for you. Aardvarck dug out some records from the 1988-1993 period and made this mix for New Worck. Philpot Records head Soulphiction made a contribution to the Bodytonic Podcast series, and from Mark E comes a new guest-mix for Warm.

Enrico Crivellaro, better known as Volcov or Isoul8, put together one, two, three mixes for Sunday afternoons. Expect folk, jazz and Brazilian music.

My favourite mix in this week’s selection probably comes from Austrian producer Daeque, whose mix ranges from Dimlite to David Axelrod, Wilco to Shafiq Husayn.

And now for you beatheadz: Big Up magazine has a bunch of post-RBMA mixes from the likes of Kid Kanevil, DZA, Swede:art, Tokimonsta, Daisuke Tanabe, 00Genesis and some others!

The latest episodes of Mamiko’s Hepcat Radio are also online, download or stream the shows with Seiji and Hudson Mohawke.

And lastly, I’d like to mention A Tribute to Matthew Herbert mix, which I’ve found on the Brownswood forum.