DJ Mitsu The Beats – Celebration of Jay

Japan’s Mitsu The Beats does not exactly recall when he first got in touch with J Dilla‘s music, but cites Fantastic Vol. 2 and Welcome 2 Detroit as records that made him become aware of the widely admired Detroit producer. Calling him the biggest influence on his own music, Mitsu pays tribute with a 20-track release available on his newly opened Bandcamp account. As always, you can stream it in advance or directly buy a digital copy for $9.

In related news, you can listen to the Jazzy Sports Boiler Room takeover featuring mixes by Grooveman Spot, Budamonk and DJ Mitsu himself.

Tokyo Slo-Mode

Whether you want to call it a fan video or just another Tokyo video using music from Cosmogramma, this looks simply awesome.

Love the grading and I guess I easily fall for well executed slow motion videos. This was done by Alex Lee and he’s got more on his Vimeo page!

How To Apply For The Red Bull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is easily the best thing that could happen to all up and coming musicians. While I had the pleasure to join it as a visitor last year, I was kinda sad for not being a musician myself. Imagine meeting likeminded people from all over the world, being locked in a building with all the music equipment you dream of, and getting lectures from some of the most acclaimed musicians in the world.

Well, the time has come to apply for the next edition of RBMA, which is going to take place in Tokyo this year. The video above is meant to give you some advice on the application process, but it also gives some impressions of what you can expect there.

So good luck to all of you who are applying. I’d love to visit again, but I don’t think it will happen. Here comes my sadness again!

Blip Festival Tokyo

Blip Festival Tokyo 2010


If you happen to be in Tokyo for the next weekend, you might want to consider dropping by at the Blip Festival. So if you’re into this whole culture of retrogaming, 8-bit sounds and blocky graphics, the festival should definitely be worth it.

Among the line-up are musicians Quarta330 (Hyperdub) and 8bitpeoples‘ Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Stu and No Carrier. Each performance is backed up by international VJs and visual artists, check out some footage from previous installments of the festival.

A schedule for the festival is already available, tickets can be ordered on the website or from 8bitpeoples.

Update Have a look at this Invite ROM video!

My Tokyo

I don’t usually post something not related to music or at least it doesn’t happen that often. Here’s a video that’s not only nice, but also comes with music.

This was made by Alary Romain and he has some more Tokyo videos on his blog. To watch this in high definition, you have to visit Vimeo.

2000Black Live

Following the review of the new 2000Black album, I remembered these two videos of their live shows.

Got Me Puzzled (Live in Tokyo):

Got Me Puzzled (Live in London):