Resident Advisor Podcast by Machinedrum

I don’t recall when we last highlighted a mix from Resident Advisor‘s podcast series, but the latest from Machinedrum is a worthy one. Tracks old and new from the man himself, including his previously mentioned FSOL remix. Recommended listen!01. Machinedrum – Rise N Fall
02. Machinedrum – The Palace
03. Machinedrum – Show Ur Love
04. Future Sound of London – Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)
05. Machinedrum – Knowfuture
06. Skeptical – Eyes Down
07. Om Unit – Deep Sea Pyramid
08. System – Sound Man
09. Tek 9 – Spring
10. Rob & Goldie – Shadow
11. Dwarde – Algid
12. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Sam Binga Crackney Parrot Refix)
13. Ital Tek – BB
14. Jon Convex – With You (Kid Drama’s Autonomic Mix)
15. Instra:mental & dBridge – White Snares
16. Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
17. AMIT – Human Warfare (Machinedrum Remix)
18. FIS – Love Drama Stress (Machinedrum Edit)
19. Machinedrum – Overtime

As always, make sure to download the mix before reading the interview.

FSOL – Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)

A couple of days ago, just in time for the imminent apocalypse, Om Unit gathered some like-minded producers to put out a free compilation of jungle footwork, similar to his own Philip D Kick releases. As much as I love the entire compilation, Machinedrum‘s rework of FSOL has been the tune that has been on constant repeat. Listen to Pseudogeddon on their website or download for free.


Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart are JETS (yes, it’s their initials), already one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. Their debut EP came out on Leisure System and a full-lenght will hopefully follow in the not so distant future. British Fact Magazine asked them to contribute to their podcast and you can listen to that one below.

JETS Elements Radio Vol. 1
01. Machinedrum – Dentist Beat (unreleased)
02. Jimmy Edgar – Do Something Bad (unreleased)
03. Machinedrum – Want Me (unreleased)
04. Steek – Disco Cesar (Jimmy Edgar Rediscovery Foundation Remix)
05. JETS – Lazerkords (unreleased)
06. Three 6 Mafia – Who Run It (Machinedrum Remix)
07. Luxury – Crucified (Jimmy Edgar remix)
08. Jimmy Edgar – I Wanna Be Your STD (Instrumental)
09. Sepalcure – The Water’s Fine (forthcoming Hotflush)
10. Jimmy Edgar – 18th Street Reflections (unreleased)
11. Machinedrum – Don’t Want 2 Lose You (unreleased)
12. Aliya Lenya – My Man Aint Shit I Need a New One (unreleased)
13. Machinedrum – Back Seat Ho (unreleased)
14. Jimmy Edgar – 84 Beat (unreleased)
15. Machinedrum & Prefuse 73 – The Only Scarf (unreleased)
16. KW – It’s Time (Jimmy Edgar remix)
17. Machinedrum – She’s So Real (unreleased)
18. Body Language – Lose my Head (Jimmy Edgar remix)
19. Barker & Baumecker – No Body (Machinedrum remix)
20. Jimmy Edgar – You Took My Love (unreleased)
21. Machinedrum – Take Kuntrol (unreleased)
22. Jimmy Edgar – Higher (instrumental)
23. Machinedrum – Neujack (unreleased)
24. Jimmy Edgar – Sh Baby
25. Machinedrum – Swagmoi (unreleased)
26. Jimmy Edgar – Latin Sunrise Dub (unreleased)
27. Machinedrum – Hell No
28. Jimmy Edgar – Funktion of your Love (Machinedrum remix)
29. Morris Nightingale – Untitled 9 (unreleased)
30. JETS – Sin Luv With U

You might also want to check out this recent interview with Jimmy and Travis.

Machinedrum – Luster

You might have heard one or the other from Rob Booth’s upcoming Electronic Explorations compilation, but it’s Chicago’s Little White Earbuds blog that provides us with a first freebie.

The 61 track compilation will be out on July 1st for a ridiculously low price tag of only ₤5! It’s already available for pre-order and to make the waiting a bit easier, you can download the Machinedrum track today!

Hotflush: It’s Not A Sound

Very short, but nicely shot documentary on the Hotflush label. Among the interviewees are Sigha, George Fitzgerald, Machinedrum/Sepalcure, and Scuba himself.

The video was made by ISYS, who you might remember from the Boiler Room football tournament.

Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant (MachineDrum Remix)

This coming February will see two releases by Gang Colours on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label. First up is the single Fancy Restaurant with remixes by Ifan Dafydd, Deft and MachineDrum – listen to the latter below.

It will be out on 12-inch and digital on February 20, 2012. One week later on the 27th, it will be followed by the Gang Colours debut album “The Keychain Collection.”

Machinedrum – U Don’t Survive (SBTRKT edit)

2011 has been another exceptional year for electronic music and I guess I’d put Machinedrum and SBTRKT on my best-of list if I was doing any. But don’t worry list loving people, I’m sure you’ll find them on many others.

Instead, I’m sharing this unreleased edit that involves both artists: SBTRKT remixing a track from Machinedrum’s Room(s) album. Doesn’t say whether there’ll be a release, maybe not. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stream!

Machinedrum – Luster

A lovely b-side taken from Room(s), the album by Machinedrum released on Planet Mu last summer which was a favourite of mine this year.

Seems like there are no plans for the tune, wasn’t even a bonus track for Japan or something like that. Looks like we have to bear with this stream.

June 22, 2012 Apparently, the track will be part of the Electronic Explorations compilation and it’s now available for free download!

Sepalcure – Needle Exchange 080

With their much anticipated debut album out since Monday, it was only the question of who would get a mixtape by New York duo Sepalcure. Travis and Praveen went with selt-titled, with whom they also had a little chat.

As always, I suggest you get the download, tune in and read what Sepalcure have to say in this interview.

Their self-titled album is available now, you can pick copies on CD, LP and digital directly from the Hotflush Store – or the record dealer of your choice.

Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp

We gave you a taster of the new Sepalcure single Pencil Pimp some weeks back. It’s been released since then and now there’s an official music video directed by Thor Brenne under art direction of longtime Sepalcure cover designer Sougwen Chung.

Up next for the duo of Machinedrum and Braille is the release of the self-titled Sepalcure album on Hotflush Recordings. It will hit stores on LP, CD and digital on November 21, 2011.

Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp

Just as I finished my post on Machinedrum, this email from Hotflush came in, announcing one last single before the self-titled debut album from Sepalcure finally sees its release.

While the title track will also appear on that album, the flipside I’m Alright is exclusive to this single and available as free download. You can pick up your copy starting in less than two weeks on November 7th, only to be followed by the album on the 21st.

Backstage Pass: Machinedrum

As I was just sitting on my bed, browsing through some videos, I came across this nice interview with Machinedrum. He talks his reasons for moving to NYC, sample based hip-hop compared to making electronic music from scratch and his philophy of making music.

With Room(s) Machinedrum delivered one of my favourite albums this year. Having seen him play twice this year already, I must also urge you to check one his live-shows, whether it’s solo or as Sepalcure.

Machinedrum – GBYE

Travis Strewart aka Machinedrum directed the video for his track GBYE, which is taken from his new album Room(s) on Planet Mu. And I have to add it’s the album of the moment for me, so don’t sleep on this.

If you already got yourself a copy or Room(s), you are entitled to dpwnload Ecstasy Boom for free. This “collection of classic Jungle/Hardcore Rave tunes” contains edits of Roni Size, Tom & Jerry or Vibes & Wishdokta and is available for one week only!

Sepalcure – Love Pressure Remixed

To borrow an expression from the latest Rush Hour newsletter, Machinedrum has been “remarkably on-form” these days. New solo material out on LuckyMe, a must-have album on Planet Mu. And together with with Praveen Sharma (otherwise known as Braille) making music as Sepalure, who are about to release a new EP on Hotflush.

A1. Love Pressure (XI Remix)
A2. Love Pressure (FaltyDL Remix)
B1. Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
B2. Down (Daedelus Remix)
Digital Only: Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)

Personally, I love the remixes from FaltyDL and Jimmy Edgar, so I can’t wait til these drop on August 15, 2011. Love Pressure Remixed will be available on 12-inch and digital, the cover artwork looks like it’s once again the work of the amazing Sougwen Chung. And I guess this is probably the last release from Sepalcure before their debut album drops.

Machinedrum – TMPL

As his new album Room(s) on Planet Mu nears its release, Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum made a video for one of the iTunes exclusives.

You can call this track yours on July 25th, alongside the rest of the album. And it’s already available for pre-order on iTunes!