Beat BBQ 2010 Free Tape

UpMyAlley and Melting Pot are giving away some previously unreleased beats from the artists involved in this year’s Beat BBQ.

Beat BBQ 2010 Free Tape

Download the entire thing here or get the single tracks from SoundCloud.

Pictures from the BBQ can be found over at Ahjaa.

Listen to Beatnicks Vol. 3

Still two days until UpMyAlley‘s new vinyl compilation hits the stores. Luckily, you can already listen to the entire EP on their SoundCloud page.

Once again we give you six outstanding tracks by both established and yet to be discovered buttonpushers Powell, O.Boogie, Desto, fLako & Berghem, Rez and Ki En Ra. All being pressed on our all beloved vinyl.

Pre-order Beatnicks Vol. 3 from Rush Hour or HHV, it should be available on June 4, 2010. Let me also remind you of this exclusive download from one of the included artist.

UpMyAlley presents Beatnicks Vol. 3

UpMyAlley presents Beatnicks Vol. 3

Record Sleeve

Cologne’s UpMyAlley continues their acclaimed Beatnicks series with a third installment this June. This time they gather international beatmakers O.Boogie (Netherlands), fLako (Chile), Berghem (Germany), Powell (France), Desto (Finland), Ki En Ra (Estonia) and Rez (United States) for a release on 12-inch and digital.

While I don’t have a tracklist for you yet, first previews are available on SoundCloud, more should follow in the next couple of days.

What I do have instead is this exclusive track from Rez. While not featured on the actual EP, the UpMyAlley guys were nice enough to give this away as free download.

Beatnicks Vol. 3 should go on sale in the first half of June, I will remind you of the release once it’s in stores. If you’re in or around Cologne this weekend, make sure to say hello at the Beat BBQ hosted by Melting Pot and UpMyAlley. There you will have the chance to grab one of 25 exclusively hand-printed vinyls!

Shuanise – Voice of Reason Remixes

Cover Artwork

Last autumn, Baggage for Sale by Shuanise was one of those tracks that had my head spinning for weeks. Following several collaborations and a 7-inch on Eglo Records, she now returns to UpMyAlley with two remixes of her Voice of Reason EP.

Both remixers are taking Shuanise’s soulful music into more electronic territories. The first remix comes from Finnish producer Desto, best known for his work as bleepy dubstep producer.

On the flip you’lll find a remix from UpMyAlley’s latest signing: Paris based beatmaker Powell, who is also responsible for the latest La Mixette.

The Voice of Reason Remixes will be out as digital-only release on April 30, get your copy from Juno Download.

Mixtape Monday #5

The Brainfeeder label always guarantees a great selection of music, their latest mixtape is called Brain Food and was put together by Alex B. If you like that I can already tell you want the FACT Podcast by Débruit as well.

Joscha Creutzfeld of UpMyAlley posted a mixtape made for RBMA Radio in 2007 on SoundCloud titled Lost and Found. This should make the waiting for the follow-up to his more recent Brrappness Mix a bit easier.

A very cool mix comes from Computer Jay, that is if you grew up in the eighties and you miss the sounds of your Atari 2600.

Citinite and LuckyMe are joining forces for a very special event in November, featuring Dâm-Funk, Rustie and Jimmy Edgar. To get you in the mood for that, check the mixtape they put together for The Fader.

House producer Mark E not only has a very beautiful looking website, you might also want to check out the mixes he has posted there, including the all new Merc Mix #1.

Lastly, here’s an older mix from Detroit legend Juan Atkins, which was recorded at the 12th anniversary party of Berlin’s equally legendary Tresor.

Shuanise – Baggage for Sale

Cologne’s UpMyAlley are about to release a new 12-inch from emerging artist Shuanise, who you might remember from her cover-version of Coltrane’s Naima. A first taster has been posted on the label’s SoundCloud page, leaving me most excited to hear more from her!

Watch out for Shuanise’s Voice Of Reason EP in a shop near you, the release-date is October 2, 2009.

In this interview, the London-based singer also mentions an upcoming release on Eglo Records to look out for. The above-mentioned Masudasante Naima can be downloaded for free.

Sept 27, 2009 Just found out, there is also this music-video available

Sept 29, 2009 A second track from the EP called Alailoye is now available for listening!

Oct 21, 2009 The Voices of Reason EP is now in stores

fLako – First Spaceshit On The Moon

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Germany’s UpMyAlley teamed up with Kwatro to give away this free download from Berlin based producer fLako. On this beat tape, you will find thirty of his own productions, most of them previously unheard. If you’re a fan of anything labelled new beat generation or electronic hip hop, this one is for you. Each track plays for 1-2 minutes only, but there’s some serious stuff to be discovered!

You can find more from fLako on UpMyAlley‘s SoundCloud page. Also, there are some videos on YouTube, that were recorded at a party run by Lithuania’s very own Mondayjazz.

via Ahjaa

Jan 09, 2010 Almost a year later, fLako has reworked this beattape by adding raps from Kit Knows. You can download it here!