Flying Lotus – Post Requisite

It has already been a long three years since Flying Lotus released his last album You’re Dead, but there have been several signs (new live dates, for instnace) that made me wonder if there’s new music coming at us soon. Most promising of all is the unveiling of this new music video, which ends with the word “Shudder” in bold red letters – possibly the album’s name.

So much for speculation, let this not keep you from enjoying this living collage directed by Winston Hacking.

You’re Dead in 77 Tweets

Flying Lotus told the story behind each track on his new album You’re Dead! on his Twitter feed:

Theme” was really what led to following through w the concept (1). Originally called “Jodorowsky” (2). Kamasi and me really built this one (3).

Tesla”. Was so much fun cuz it was when Herbie [Hancock] and me and Thunder started things up (4). This moment spawned the rest of it (5). This song was the spark of the album. Which is why I wanted it close to the front. Most of this album feels like it’s chronological (6). For the most part everything was recorded separately n my home. I’d work w musicians like samples (7).

Cold Dead” started from a iPhone voice memo. I sang the ideas and Thunder helped me bring it to life (8). All those operatic voices n this are me singing thru some toys (9).

Fkn Dead” was the hardest to make. Trying to find the balance of live drums and sampled drums (10). Me singing textures again on this. Brandon Coleman killed it (11). None of this album would be possible without Thundercat (12). He and I came up w the concept (13).

Never Catch Me“. Kendrick came thru and recorded to this song at the crib. Came alone. With a hoodie over his head. Ready to work (14). He wrote it on the spot and laid it down (15). I sang this part to him and he recorded it. He killed it (16). The second half of this song was called “Ramen Wars” (17). One of the most fun days ever (18). All these layer vocal ideas at the middle and end were inspired by Queen (19).

Dead Man’s Tetris”. This might be the oldest beat on the album (20). Hard for me to write to my own beats. This was the hardest (21). That’s Earl Sweatshirt saying shit n the background sometimes (22). Snoop’s part almost didn’t work so I had to rework the beat at his moment (23). He was really into the concept. He was like. “U know I made a song like this called murder was the case” ummm. Yea I heard of it (24). Joker cameo (25).

Turkey Dog Coma” is the most complex arrangement I’ve ever made (26). Another one made with me and Thunder. I sat next to him and we sang all these moments part for part (27). Miguel wrote some strings. Brendan Small does this Brian May like riff around this part (28). There’s so many recordings in this song (29). There was a point where this was the last song on the album (30).

Stirring” I made with a friend named Jeff Lynne he and I went to high school together and we reconnected and did this song (31). A friend of ours had passed away recently and it made me want to do something dedicated to him. Rip Nick Terry (32).

Coronus, The Terminator” is special to me for so many reasons. First song I made in my new home. First song I really went for the singing (33). Niki Randa always makes me sound good tho (34). Mac Miller came thru when we were workin on this beat. He wanted it for himself. Almost considered that (35). I literally wrote this song off top. About the Terminator (36). It’s playfully serious (37). The ending part is so coo (38).

Siren” song was originally intended for Pharrell. I imagine the pocket still (39). I love the way it worked out tho. Angel Arlene and Niki worked this one out really fast. I wrote the draft and it just blossomed (40). I have trouble opening up this session now. It’s corrupted. So. This is it (41). This part is Thunder’s fav part of the album (42).

Turtles” was the one that almost didn’t make it on the album (43). Such a big Morricone. Sample. I thought it would be more trouble to keep it than it was worth. I’m glad I did because I really do like it (44). People keep telling me they love turtles makes me die laughing. (45). I almost had Laura Darlington sing on this but I think there’s charm in the simplicity of it (46).

Ready Err Not” is my mischief song (47). There will be a video for it from one of my favorite animators of all time (48). There’s a version of this song with Chance the Rapper freestyling on it it was real dope too. I sometimes play it in my live show (49).

Eyes Above” was made in a funny situation (50). I made this beat with FKA Twigs and Niki Randa in studio (51). Kendrick has a verse on this song that can’t come out I guess (52). “Eyes Above” without Kendrick still breaks my heart (53).

Moment of Hesitation” was started with me and Kamasi. He’s a horn player but had him on the keys with Herbie too (54). Herbie just came thru and killed it (55). It was dope to introduce him to Dilla’s music/sample flips (56).

Descent Into Madness” was Thundercat’s song I hijacked (57). He started it and I begged him to let me finish this song. I had visions instantly (58).

The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep” Was gonna be on the Cap album (59). I tried to my best Dr Rockso impression (60). I never had a drug overdose by the way. Re: That Fader story (61). Vicodin is the new heroin (62). Austin. . . (63)

There’s a version of “Obligatory Cadence” with me singing about a dream I had once about a deity who took me into the clouds and showed me.. (64) a world without darkness (65). All my fam and friends were there. Watching me being taken into the sky. The deity shed it’s light on the earth. The light was almost silver (66). She told me that I’d never ever die (67).

The Beyond” is dedicated to an unborn child (68). A light (69). Fantastic Planet [La planète sauvage] inspired this song. Musically (70).

The Protest”. Is the most important statement of the record. It’s the spirits gathered. Remembering we never die (71) Our influence lives on forever. Our love lives on forever (72).

I knew that when I set out to make this record I’d lose some people with the concept but I didn’t do this shit to be crowd pleasing (73). What ever happens, I know I did what I set out to do (74). With minor heartbreaks (75). Truth be told going the ‘easy way’ is tempting sometimes but I was like fuck it I’m gonna make something only I can put together (76). A lil self indulgent? absolutely. Thats kinda the point. If you ask me. I had to tell my story! (77)

Kwes – Purplehands (patten Remix)

The producer behind one of my favourite albums this year, Warp-signed producer patten, contributed a track for the new remix EP by his label-mate Kwes. Clearly my favourite among the remixes, but another track worth checking is new Kwes track “Hives II” featuring Chicago rapper Jeremiah Jae, another member of the Warp family. Buy ilpix. on Bleep, iTunes and Amazon, stream on Spotify.

Update Embedded player not working? Try here!

Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

So it’s here, as everybody on the planet already knows the new Flying Lotus album You’re Dead! is out now on Warp Records. In the last couple of weeks, I was overcome by the same awkward feeling that returns whenever there’s news about an album by Los Angeles native producer Steve Ellison. It’s an unsettling mix of fear, doubt and skepticism. What if he might has lost it, sold out. The big marketing machinerey surrounding such an event certainly plays its little part in this, for I don’t really care about those leaked tracks. Especially when I know a Flying Lotus track is best enjoyed in the context of the full album it’s released on — which at this point is still weeks away.

Anyway, I’m glad to say that there’s nothing to fear or doubt, Mr. Ellison outpaced everything you had in your books, doing it in such ease. So this is his jazz record? It’s what a jam session with Thundercat, Herbie Hancock, and rappers Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and alter ego Captain Murphy sounds like? The Kendrick Lamar collaboration is a good example for those feelings I described in my intro, for I have to say I wasn’t exactly blown away when I heard it for the first time. But now it works so much better hearing it in the context of the full record. There are a lot favourites to choose from, yet interestingly for me it’s those little interludes with just him and Thundercat noodling on the bass, that I love the most. Well, „Coronus, The Terminator” has been a charmer before (by the why, who is singing on there?) and “The Protest” is an equal masterpiece.

You can buy your copy of „You’re Dead!” just about everywhere (Boomkat, iTunes, I said everywhere!) or stream it on Spotify. There’s an limited box set including the instrumental LP and I think you can only buy it on the Warp-associated Bleep store.

Oh, and let me recommend you this interview with in The Fader.

October 7, 2014 Read a track-by-track review by Flying Lotus himself!

patten – Winter strobing

Almost three months into the new year and I’ve found my first favourite of 2014. Released on Warp Records earlier this week, patten‘s debut on the label is titled “Estoile Naiant” and nothing short of amazing. The video above was directed by Jane Eastlight and already her second work for the producer. Get the record from Bleep or iTunes.

Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time

I’m glad to see Mount Kimbie return to form with their new video, departing from the dull CGI-excess that was the video for Made to Stray (though I’m usually a huge fan of Leif Podhajsky‘s work!) The new one takes us back to the ordinary life somewhere in English suburbia, filmed in beautiful black & white. “You Took Your Time” has been a personal favourite taken from Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, the duo’s second album released not too long ago on Warp.

Bibio – À tout à l’heure

We’re only a couple of days from the release the new Bibio album on Warp, so the label is getting its promo machine rolling. Above you can watch a first video directed by Bibio in collaboration with Russell Weekes. You can also download the track in exchange for your email address or pre-order the entire record here or there.

Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray

I’m not a great fan of this, not after those last couple of Mount Kimbie, beautiful and intimate videos directed by Tyrone Lebon. But I do love this song, which I missed writing about when posted on their SoundCloud. Mount Kimbie’s second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is only about a month a way, it’s their first one on Warp Records, and easily one of my most anticipated releases (alongside the Thundercat LP) of 2013.

Los Angeles: The Artwork

It has been four and a half years now since the Flying Lotus breakthrough album Los Angeles was released on Warp Records. Much has been written about the music, I don’t think I could possible say anything new about it, there is likely no beat left unturned. Instead, I want to speak about the record’s unfathomable cover art.

Why now? The world moved on and Flying Lotus himself released two albums since then. For once, the the cover artwork had me puzzled since I first held the record in my hand, I never stopped wondering about what I see. When I say the record, I actually mean the album and the three accompanying EPs. Secondly, I never owned a copy of that first EP until recently, so all those questions came back – what is this, what do I see there? Something insectoid, I always thought, probably a stag beetle (see Lucanidae), but then it had this metallic texture to spoke against that (and why make another Mezzanine?) It happened to me before, until this day I wonder whether that’s the suprasternal notch on the cover of 1983. Lotus, you cheeky bastard! I went so far, I opened the images in Photoshop, moved and turned them around, mirrored them, even inverted the colours, hoping that the complete image would reveal itself to me. What never came into my mind -in the age of internet- was simply googling for it!

If you want to keep a little mystery between yourself and the cover, do not continue reading, there are some spoilers starting after the images!

Los Angeles CD & LP © Build 
Los Angeles LP © Build 
Los Angeles LP © Build 
Los Angeles LP © Build 
Los Angeles EPs © Build 

The creative studio responsible for the artwork is East London’s Build, who you might know from the work for Will Saul’s Aus Music (and Simple Records) or the documentary Objectified. Our actual object of interest here is the sculpture used in the artwork, it was made by Zoe Coombes and David Boira of New York-based design studio Commonwealth. They first created a model in Maya, then created a chrome prototype which would then be photographed by Timothy Saccenti. Tim has made himself a name in the world of music with his portraits of Erykah Badu, Carl Craig and Pharrell among others.

Los Angeles Booklet © Timothy Saccenti 
Los Angeles Booklet © Timothy Saccenti 
Los Angeles Booklet © Timothy Saccenti 
Los Angeles Booklet © Timothy Saccenti 

It was intended to leave a certain mystery in the photographs, the viewer wasn’t meant to guess the size, the scale or the material of the sculpture. Whether it’s a massive structure or a microscopic image would be in the eye of the beholder. There is no statement made about the red pictures on the inside of the album. My first guess was a colour-inverted image, but it seems the object is simply covered in red paint, possibly resembling blood.

Things didn’t stop with the release of Los Angeles. Timothy Saccenti took his pictures to director Mark Szumski, with whom he would be working on what he calls a “trailer for a horror movie.” The result of that is Soft Gun Lily, which you can see below. The second video gives a little insight behind the scenes of the making of the cover artwork.

PS: It had to be towards the end of this article, that I came similiar post on The Cover Up from some years back. Murphy’s Law or something.

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

As if the unmasking of Captain Murphy hasn’t been enough Flying Lotus news for a day, Warp has unveiled the second video off Until The Quiet Comes. It was directed by David Lewandowski, who has previously worked with some bigger artists and did the opening titles for Tron Legacy, and stars actor Elijah Wood. Probably inspired by my namesake’s mutation in the movie Akira?

November 30, 2012 If you’re interested in how this was done, take a look behind the scenes. This also confirms that the video was inspired by Akira!

Gonjasufi – Nikels and Dimes

Talk about a new Gonjasufi record was making rounds for some time now and if I remember correctly Mark Pritchard tweeted producing tracks for it as well. Today Warp announced the forthcoming mini-album MU.ZZ.LE with a release date in January 2012, here’s first taste from it.

You can download the track in exchange for your email address. At this point I should also remind you of the free The Ninth Inning EP, which was released only last month.

Flying Lotus at Warp20

Apart from the previously mentioned box-set, Warp Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a handful of cities around the globe. The first stop was made in the French capital back in May. Here is some official footage from the Flying Lotus gig at Cité de la Musique.

Four months later, another Warp20 party took place at Terminal 5 in New York City, here’s another video from the night.

For more footage, please visit Warp’s mini-website on Babelgum, where you also have the chance to buy tickets for the remaining events in London, Berlin and Tokyo.

Flying Lotus Remix Album

Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork

Tokyo-based label Beat Records has repeatedly put out some of Warp Records biggest releases for the Japanese market. They will continue to do so by releasing a collection of all three L.A. EPs from Flying Lotus.01. Rickshaw
02. My Chippy
03. Paper Crane Gang
04. Interference
05. RobertaFlack (Martyn’s Heart Beat Mix)
06. Sleepy Dinosaur (Ras_G Mix)
07. Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)
08. Grapesicles (Samiyam Remix)
09. RobertaFlack (Mike Slott’s Reflunk)
10. Secrets (Soundmurderer Refix)
11. Melt! (Mono/poly Mix)
12. Infinitum (Exile Remix)
13. Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum(Quarta330 Remix)
14. Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)
15. Comet (Matthew David)
16. Testament (Breakage’s Bill’s Suit Mix)
17. Endless White
18. Auntie’s Harp (Rebekah Raff Remix)
19. Riot (Take Remix)
20. Infinitum (Dimlite’s Re-finitum)
21. Spin Cycles

While not all of the tracks are available on the vinyl, there’s nothing new on the CD (the Take remix of Riot is digital only). According to HMV Japan, the remix album is called FL/LA/CD and will be released on October 17. One for the die hard collectors and loyal CD buyers out there!

Hudson Mohawke – Butter Snips

Warp Records just posted further details to the upcoming album from Hudson Mohawke titled Butter, but most importantly they posted an MP3 sampler!

As mentioned before, you can already pre-order the Spreadable Edition, which includes a shirt, a sticker and comes in a sexy butter tub (yay!). It will be out October 12th and already gets massive support by Whitney Houston!

Flying Lotus – Infinitum

With the release L.A. EP 3×3 by Flying Lotus, Warp Records also presents a video for the track “Infinitum”. You can watch a clip the full-length video below.

It was directed by Daniel Garcia and is available in the iTunes bundle of the EP.

On top of that, Warp is giving away the track Auntie’s Lock (with the Lifelock Trio) for free!