Warp20 NYC

Warp20 NYC took place over a year ago and you’ve probably seen this video elsewhere. However, only recently director Lorenzo Fonda uploaded this to his Vimeo page.

In this full documentary on the event, he filmed and interviewed involved artists Flying Lotus, Jamie Lidell, !!!, Hudson Mohawke, Clark, PVT and others. Click on the names to watch the individual parts only.

Flying Lotus at Warp20

Apart from the previously mentioned box-set, Warp Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a handful of cities around the globe. The first stop was made in the French capital back in May. Here is some official footage from the Flying Lotus gig at Cité de la Musique.

Four months later, another Warp20 party took place at Terminal 5 in New York City, here’s another video from the night.

For more footage, please visit Warp’s mini-website on Babelgum, where you also have the chance to buy tickets for the remaining events in London, Berlin and Tokyo.

Warp20 Box Set

Warp20 Box Set

Warp20 Box Set

For the last couple of months, everybody could vote for the all-time top 10 tracks from Warp Records. Now that the voting is over, Warp finally revealed the plans for their anniversary release, which is supposed to drop on September 25th.

The highlight is certainly the Warp20 Box Set, a deluxe special-edition that has to be the collector’s item of the year. It not only contains the double CD with all tracks voted into the top 10 (plus co-founder Steve Beckett’s top 10), but also another double CD with cover versions of Warp artists by Warp artists. On top of that comes a 10″ book showcasing the label’s rich design history, five 10″ records containing rarities, loops and previously unheard tracks. Oh, and there’s another CD by Osymyso made from sections, samples, and fragments of Warp music from the last 20 years.

Let’s sum it up again, just to be sure there’s no confusion:

-Warp20 (1989-2009) The Complete Catalogue
-Warp20 (Chosen) 2xCD
-Warp20 (Recreated) 2xCD
-Warp20 (Unheard) 3×10″
-Warp20 (Elemental) CD
-Warp20 (Infinite) 2×10″

If you’re interested, you better place a pre-order now, the box set should be much sought after and of course will be available in a (yet undisclosed) limited edition only. Although not explicitly mentioned on the Warp website, I take it the before-mentioned double CD will be available seperately. Same could apply to the book, but the rest is definitely exclusive to this box set.

Also, you can now download the first 20 Warp releases in lossless quality from Bleep, a Warp20 t-shirt is also available now.