Crate Diggers: The Gaslamp Killer

In the latest episode of Crate Diggers, Fuse TV visits The Gaslamp Killer at his Californian home. I’ve enjoyed many episodes before, but there’s something special about this one I can’t nail down. Maybe it’s the personal touch, maybe it’s just my sympathy for GLK. Or the music he showcases.

One O’clock interviews Gaslamp Killer

Nice video interview with The Gaslamp Killer, I especially liked the part when he talk about meeting Flying Lotus for the first time at an MF Doom show in LA.

He also talks about how he got the name Gaslamp Killer (you might’ve heard this before) and his love for hip hop music.

Scion A/V interviews The Gaslamp Killer

Scion A/V, who you might best known from their Blu Jemz compilation or their podcast series, have recently interviewed The Gaslamp Killer. He talks about where he comes from, how he got his name and what music influenced him.

Also have a look at the Scion channel on YouTube, you might be interested in interviews with Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh, Bullion, Kode9 & Spaceape, The Juan Maclean or Martyn.