Julien Dyne – Japan Promo Mix

With Julien Dyne‘s third album “December” coming out on Japanese label Wonderful Noise at the end of the month, the Auckland-based producers is also about to tour the land of the rising sun. On the occasion, he promotes his gigs with a 60-minutes mixtape featuring many track from the new record.

01. Julien Dyne – Fools
02. Julien Dyne – Tonight feat. Dalziel
03. Julien Dyne – Cron
04. Julien Dyne – Stained glass fresh frozen feat. Mara TK
05. Julien Dyne – Wood and Brick
06. Grooveman Spot – ???
07. Julien Dyne – Behind the forage
08. Floating Points – Marilyn
09. Can – Vitamin C
10. Sjob Movement – Love Affair
11. Kraftwerk – The Model
12. Julien Dyne – Slider
13. Ladi6 – Burnin’
14. Julien Dyne – December
15. Julien Dyne – Fog
16. Ladi6 – Hold tight
17. Julien Dyne – Dirtcrystal feat. Mara TK
18. Julien Dyne – Koln3

Check out the Wonderful Noise page on SoundCloud for the tour schedule.

Julien Dyne – Glimpse

Julien Dyne - Glimpse

Cover Artwork

Christmas is still a bit away, but here comes one reason to look forward to it. Japanese label Wonderful Noise sets the release for Julien Dyne‘s second album only a few days before fat old Santa comes crawling through your chimney.

To get yourself an impression, you can listen through 17 minutes of snippets by clicking the player below. I have to say, these sound most tasty and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full album!

01. Bent (intro)
02. Mask
03. Get Closer feat. She’ So Rad
04. Glisten Up
05. Thirts
06. Who Are You feat. Ladi 6 and Parks
07. Ernst
08. Rago
09. Creebin’ feat.Parks
10. Looseends
11. So Far feat.Mara TK
12. Toe
13. Koin3
14. Rubberneck
15. Inner Duplex 2
16. Candy Apple grey feat. Claire Duncan
17. Glim
18. Cheed
19. Slings (Outro)

Glimpse will be available in Japan starting December 21st, 2011. It looks like BBE is once again taking care for the rest of the world, they already released a first single off the album but don’t offer further infos on the new album. Wonderful Noise plans a CD-only release of Glimpse, with a vinyl EP following in February 2012.