XLR8R Podcast by Dâm-Funk

XLR8R Podcast by Dâm-Funk

It’s been a while since we last dedicated a single post to a mixtape, but a couple of minutes into the latest XLR8R podcast, I knew this is the one. It was put together by Pasadena funk ambassador Dâm-Funk and it’s dubbed “The Healing”. He also clarifies, that “no re-issues, mp3 files, nor CD’s were used in the creation of this mix.”01. Libra Jones & Nicole Morris – 1-800-Cocaine/I Made a U-Turn
02. Jeff Rowan – New Guy
03. Rick Bowles – Your Loss
04. Future World Orchestra – Tenderness
05. Moon B. – Untitled Interlude
06. Hans Lundin – V
07. Peter Schafer – No Human Touch
08. Happy the Man – Knee Bitten Nymphs in Limbo
09. Issei Noro – Transparency
10. Double Fantasy – Food for Fantasy
11. Dam-Funk – Indigo
12. Marcos Valle – Pior Que E
13. Sneaker – No More Lonely Days
14. Steve Marrs – Somebody Somewhere
15. Tanya Blount – Through the Rain
16. E.T. – Magic in the Air
17. Spinners – Games People Play
18. [Bonus Track] Golden & McCullers – Dreams (D-F Vocal Re-Freak)

You can download this mix in to flavors, just head over to the XLR8R and choose your preferred format!

Weekend Mixtapes

Several of these would’ve deserved a post of their own, but time wasn’t on my side this week.

One of the most exciting was clearly the new Four Tet mixtape Conference of the Birds, on which he plays two yet unreleased tracks. No tracklist, so happy spotting.

Second in the list is the new Lone mix. The occasion of this is the forthcoming album on R&S, but then any occasion is good as there aren’t too many Lone mixes around.

Anything from James Pants is worth taking a listen and so is this mix for oki-ni, “a collection of unique home recordings and rarities.”

I’ve already mentioned the new Sonic Router podcast on a side note, but being from Kelpe I don’t mind repeating myself here. Check it out!

And if you can take another hip hop flavored mix, why not give Jonwayne‘s XLR8R podcast a try?

John Tejada released a magnificent, yet somehow underrated album last year. He doesn’t play any of his new music on this Halo Cyan mix, but he plays some unreleased music from Appleblim, Al Tourette and Arkist – triple A!

I’m gonna sneak in James Murphy’s Boiler Room set without having listened myself, but now matter how famous he is, he’s always up for decent DJ mixes.

And lastly, here’s one I missed earlier. Back in March, LuckyMe‘s very own Eclair Fifi played some new tunes from the label on the Juno podcast.